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He lies dead in his coffin. Then, a thunderous blow shook reality. Jason Todd had returned!!! Memory's fuzzy... Jason thought. He dug his way out of his grave. desparatley clawing to get free from this insanity. "How long was I out, Bruce?" asked Jason, not entirley grasping the fact that he had died. He clawed his way out, until finally he reached the surface. "I remember..." Jason's voice trailed off. "The Joker..." No, don't try to speak. He thought. The beating has left you in shock. Get a hold on yourself, Jason.  Try to remeber. Remeber it all...
The Joker brutally beat Jason. "It's almost over," The Joker said, cooly. "But the fun has only just begun for me! hahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHHEEHEHEHEHEHEEE!!!!!!" The beating continued. Jason tried frantically to find something to protect himslef with. Unfortunatley for him, he was to weak to lift anything.  
Over there. That man! He's beating the woman.
Jason ran to protect her. a flying sidekick should do it.....no pun intended. The memories are coming back to me like a freight train. stop. stop! STOP! A group of thugs noticed his moves. One shouted out "That's Robin, the Boy Wonder! Kill him! Jason screamed "YOU CAN'T KILL ME!....  
.....NOBODY CAN! Jason and Bruce were out stopping the Penguin. First, however, they had to deal with his goons. Robin juped into a spinning kick and hit a thug in the face. He morphed his form into a handstandand grab another thug by his legs, and brought him to the ground head first. He continued beating the man. As Bruce knocked out all the other thugs. One held a gun to Jason's head. He turned quickly and legsweeped the man....
...The man crashed to the ground. Jason realized they were in a dark alley, just like were Bruce's parent's were murdered. He grabbed the lid to a trashcan and threw it, it bounced of one thug and hit another . One thug left. "Just like throwing a batarang...."  
"...I love batarangs!" It hit and tore Penguin's umbrella "Blast you!" screamed Penguin. "That umbrella cost me a fortune. You'll pay for that!" Jason Jason flipped through the air and dove feet first into Penguin's stomach...  
I have him. I could easily kill him from here, couldn't I
? Unbeknowst to Jason, the man pulled a crowbar out from his jacket and hist Jason with it. He wiped the blood from his lips. I'll..make you...REGRET THAT!  I see it now. I died. This is payback. What I would've wanted to do...to Joker

Jason's imagination: 
Joker went for another swing of his crowbar. Jason caught it in mid- swing. He grabbed it from Jokers hand and beat him with it. He dropped the crowbar and slammed his head on the ground. He continued Beating him with his bare hands. Joker ran for his life. Jason threw at batarang at Joker's skull. Killing him.   

The killer was dead. a bullet through his skull Talia and the League had killed him.  

Bruce had just revealed his secret to Jason, and placed his hand on his shoulder. "All right, Jason. What do you want to learn?".... 

..."Everything." Talia had her hand in his shoulder. She smiled, wickedly. "All right, Jason. It's all up to you..."  

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I made this to be like a "Lost Days" arc with flashbacks to when Jason was Robin. Anyone have feedback?    

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@primepower53: *Like*
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You like it?
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