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Jacob M. Jones Personal Journal:

October 8, 2010: 442nd Jump; Current Case: Search

Csand, my sister, I'm sorry I couldn't save you from a fate like this when we where young, but I refuse to let it happen to anyone else. Please help me, watch over me, guide me.

I found the house where the girl was taken. The paint is pealing and the wood is rotting down to the core. I heard gunshots, letting me know this is the right place. I remind myself again, this is not my universe the people I kill here will be there in the next jump and probably when I return home. I'm not actually killing anyone. It helps, but the blood on my hands still feels real and losens the grip on my pistols. My hands will taste more before nightfall if these... monsters, touched this girl.

I'm not crazy...

Am I?

Two large bikers paced back and forth, large chains wrapped around their shoulders and fists. Both seemed a little drunk and waddled back and forth worse then a toddler. Neither noticed the small shadow in a trench coat and fedora as it snuck up on them. He hopped up on the first's back and grabbed his chin, yanking down with all his strength. There was a sickening pop and the man began to crumble.

Jacob fixed his hat and crouched again ready to jump the second.

To late the other man turned to him. Seeing his fallen friend the man gave out a loud bellow and charged. Jacob rolled to the side and whipped out his revolver. He turned to aime but a chain wrapped around his wrist and yanked him from his feet. The gun came out of his hand to skid across the lawn.

Jacob frowned just before he was yanked into the man's open arms. The man's large muscles began to tighten around Jacobs spine and shoulders. He felt every inch of him crackle and pop. He would have screamed in pain if he weren't so pissed right now.

Jacob brought his head down hard on the other man's nose. The other man simply growled and hugged tighter as blood rushed from his broken nose and down his shirt. Jacob was seeing black circles around his eyes.


The man toppled, the top half of his head gone and spraying blood an bits of skull, releasing Jacob. Jacob spun to his feet quickly, looking around for whoever shot this man. Not finding one he ducked whiping away the bits of body and skin clinging to him.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't end you where you stand," a gruff voice called from the street.

Jacob turned to find a man in a black suit, a large white skull painted across his chest. The other man held a rather large gun currently aimed in the air. He could tell he and the other man would get along just fine.

"Because I'm looking for this little girl," Jacob said removing the picture he'd gotten at the bar, "Her mom sent me."

"Bring the picture to me," the other man demanded. Jacob walked over and handed it to the other man who said, "You the guy that killed the two thugs at the bar?"

Jacob looked at his shaking blood covered hands for a second, then to the man he'd strangled laying on the lawn, "Him too."

The other man had caught the shaking, "First time?"

"Yes," Jacob frowned up at the man, "I'm sorry, who are you?"

"You're not from around here, are you?" The man in black asked.

Jacob almost laughed, "You could say that. I'm not even from this universe."


"Yes," Jacob replied, "I'n my universe we never made it out of what you call the Great Depression."

The other man fixed him with a look, "Name's Castle." He looked at the house, "The girls not here she's been moved, and you've been set up."

"How do you know that?"

"Because it was a trap..."

"But they didn't know I was coming."

The other man's gaze turned back to him, "For me."

Jacob M. Jones Personal Journal:

October 8, 2010: 442nd Jump; Current Case: Search

Well this is a turn I didn't expect, there is some one on my side.

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Ok then

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Very nice. Is that supposed to be Punisher? I hate being left in the dark. Very vivid dude.

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Yes Jobi, that is the Punisher. I'm sorry I missed you question.