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Jacob M. Jones Personal Journal:

October 8, 2010: 442nd Jump; Current Case: Search

Still not home. It'll take a day before I can jump again.

I stopped in a bar where Claire's Dinner should be, ordered a round of whiskey -I don't know why; I hate whiskey. I sat there listening to the various conversations: His wife is cheating on him, She thinks she might be pregnant, Her father just died, she thinks I'm dressed weird. Nothing worth note. Not until she walked in.

She was 5' 5" black hair with eyes like like crystals. Claims her baby's gone missing. The girls about twelve, looks like her mamma from the picture she passed around. She says the girl hasn't come home in two days.

Two guys look uncomfortable; they leave before she gets to them. Looks like I just found my first two suspects.

I down the crap in the glass in front of me and walk out...

He walked out of the bar with a purpose, and into the night air. He rolled the wheel in the Webley Mk VI Revolver in his hand checking the count. All 6 good, he was going to need them all. He fixed his hat and walked down the steps to the bar following the two from the bar at a safe distance. He walks past them, knowing its the best way to listen in on a conversation.

"...told you man I dunno what we did with her," the first, a built white man, maybe boxer, with a balding crop of short brown hair. He caught a glimpse of the man's leather jacket: The Broken Stones. Not a boxer then, maybe one of those mobs that ride around on Motorcycles, what are they called: Biker Gangs.

The other man, a short man, not as built, same jacket, "Then you better start knowing, and quick."

They go for their bikes, can't let them leave. "Excuse me, sir?" he calls out getting to the bigger man and reaching for his shoulder.

The man turns but before he can say anything an open palm strikes his nose, then his ear. They big guy staggers back. While Jacob still has the element of surprise he whirls on the other man places the Revolver between the man's eyes and pulls the trigger. Chunks of brain and blood splatter the pavement as the bullet passes through and strikes the bike the man had reached for. Jacob turns back to the other man, who's managed to make it to his knees. He plants a powerful round house in the man's face, something pops and crackles beneath Jacob's foot.

Before the man can react again Jacob was on top of him, his trusted revolver to the man's skull, "What'd you do with the girl?"

The big man mumbles something, spitting out blood as he does so.

"I can't hear you when you mumble," Jacob snapped slamming the gun into the man's face. Normally Jacob had a partner, she'd kept Jacob in check, but his partner had died with the first jump, a mistake he hated. He needed his partner know, the other man probably wouldn't died if Csand was here.

"I can't remember, man!" the bigger man cried, "What are you psycho?"

The revolver clicked, "I'll give you ten seconds to remember."

"I don't know man!"


"I'm telling you man, I don't know!"


"Alright! Alright!" The bigger man cried.

Jacob eased up on the trigger but struck him across the nose, "Talk!"

Though he hated to admit it, the real reason Jacob was so violent was because of what had happened to his adoptive sister. This wasn't just a case, it was personal.

The bigger man sounded as if he was going to stop crying, "We took her back to the safe house, but, I- I never touched her man but- the others

"Where?" Jacob snapped, the bigger man started crying. Jacob shoved his head into the cement, "TALK!"

"The house by the bridge on 54th street," He blubbered, "That's all I know, Man." Jacob pressed the gun back between the man's eyes. "I told you all I know, Man! I told you all I know!"

"I know," Jacob said. The gun kicked back in his hand with a spray of red and a flash of light, and it was all over.

Jacob M. Jones Personal Journal:

October 8, 2010: 442nd Jump; Current Case: Search

Neither suspect made it through interrogation. Those two where a waist of space anyways, but I have a lead.

Note to self: Check out this "Dry Cleaners" maybe they can get the blood out?

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I'm still reading this,but it looks awesome.

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Thanks YJ

Also Thanks DPR I though I put you before Jonny but I guess not.

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