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T -- Teen

Appropriate for readers 12 and over. May contain mild violence, language, and/or suggestive themes.

Iron Man: The Cluster Chronicles- Introduction

I want to tackle something new besides writing the mutant series, Freaks. So I thought of writing an Iron Man fan-fic series. This series won't feature Iron Man's main villains from the comics. However, the original characters like Tony Stark (of course) and other supporting characters will be included. There will also be a new Iron suit which hasn't appeared in comics. I want to make this a different series. For the antagonists, the villains will be a race of montrous beings called the Clusters who have come from another dimension. This series will be like a Power Rangers or Kamen Rider series where the transformed tokusatsu heroes battle vicious monsters.

Synopsis: In the past, a scientist and a friend of Howard Stark was working on a experiment. The experiment involves a ripple effect generator which can be used to open doorways to other dimensions. However, the experiment has gone haywaire and the portal opens wide. A monstrous being known as the Cluster King arrives from the portal and was about to kill the scientist. But the Cluster King has plans for the scientist and bring the other Clusters to our dimension. Throughout the years, the Clusters were hiding among humans and plans to conquer the world.

In the present, Tony Stark begins to learn about these beings after he saved a civilian from a Cluster. Tony wanted to know who these Clusters were. He learns about his father's friend who was involved in the ripple effect experiments. Tony Stark must stop the Clusters from harming innocent lives and possibly conquering the world as he knows it.

Note- This will be a novel/script series.

Episode Series Format- 50


Tony Stark/ Iron Man

A genius of advanced armor technology and mechanics. Tony Stark dons the Iron Man suit and fights to protect and save lives. When he learns about the Cluster threat, Tony has to monitor all their activities while working his day-to-day job and having business meetings.

James Rhodes/ War Machine

James Rhodes is Tony's best friend. After returning from South Africa, he joins with Tony Stark while learning about the Cluster threat. James dons the War Machine suit and fights along with Iron Man to combat the Cluster menace.

Pepper Potts/ Rescue

A secretary, an assistant, and lover of Tony Stark. She helps Tony and James whenever she's needed to combat the Cluster menace and while doing her work at Stark Industries. She also dons the Rescue suit but later decides not to wear it after her tragic accident.


Tony's butler and right-hand man. Jarvis helps out the household work while Tony is out working and saving the world.

Shizu Amagoshi/ Iron Guardian

Shizu is a young man and a robot inventor who came from Japan and started working for Stark Industries at age 21. However, he tried to replicate Tony's work of the original Iron Man suit but failed in numerous occasions. Then, Shizu had an idea of creating a new Iron suit without the use of the arc-reactor core. Shizu begins to create the Iron Guardian suit and later dons it. However, Tony suggested Shizu must train himself in using the suit so that he won't be killed in tough situations. Shizu is also the son of the scientist who created the ripple effect generator.

"The man behind the suit shouldn't just rely on his intelligence. It's what the armor counts."

From Tony Stark to Shizu Amagoshi

Nick Fury

The head of SHIELD and a friend/partner of Tony Stark. Fury also monitors the activities of the Clusters on Earth. He also informs Tony and the others about the current Cluster threats.

Cluster King

A powerful enemy and a Cluster who is currently ruling his home dimension. The Cluster King gathers his cohorts and send them to control every natural resources and technology on Earth.

Dark Iron Man

A mysterious character who has the same armor as Tony Stark's except black in color.


Clusters are monstrous beings who came from another dimension. This dimension is unknown whether it's alien or demon in nature. However, the dimension is ruled by the Cluster King. The Cluster King is also one of the most powerful Clusters of all the other Clusters. He sends his cohorts to silently take over the natural resources and technology for gaining more power. The Clusters can also assume human forms and have wide range of abilities beyong human measure.

Cluster Types

There are types of Clusters who may or may not consider themselves as the original Cluster race.


Clusters have been created through experiments and given powers similar to the original Clusters. However, the Bio-Clusters were created for one purpose which is to rule Earth even after the original Clusters may be defeated.


A Half-Cluster is part-human and part-Cluster. These half-breed beings may look human but have abilities similar to the original Clusters. However, their rage causes themselves to revert to a Cluster form temporarily.

Cluster Hunters

Cluster Hunters are monstrous cyborgs who were programmed to kill the Cluster traitors. Numerous reports have indicated that the Clusters wanted to have peace rather than taking over the world. There was also love which is considered a strict taboo between both humans and Clusters.

Cluster Clones

A Cluster Clone is created with the DNA of both human and Cluster. The Cluster Clones are deformed beings who were created to don the armor suits. Unlike the Half-Clusters whose rage transforms them into Cluster forms, the Clone Cluster's transformation doesn't occur.




Episode 1- The Sighting


Episode 2- Fight or Flight


Episode 3- Turbulence


Episode 4- The Monster Within


Episode 5- Rage


Episode 6- Spy Game


Episode 7- The Party


Episode 8- Imprisoned


Episode 9- Perfection


Episode 10- Within These Walls


Episode 11- War Tactics


Episode 12- Depths


Episode 13- Tick Tock


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@The Impersonator: Sounds like an interesting story. I can't wait to see what comes out of it. Good luck.
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Nick Fury and Tony Stark in the same story? Sign me up! Lol, looks great ^^

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Thank you! You could say that Fury and Stark will be in the same story. But he will be a separate partner rather than being close. Because Nick Fury is a very busy guy. :)


Thanks! This story idea just hit me while I was reading the Iron Man: Rapture mini. 
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Pretty sweet! Can't wait to read it!

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@The Impersonator: HOLY AWESOMENESS ON A CORN DOG! kidding, I'm in England. I don't think we have corn dogs... but seriously this is an awesome fic!
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LOL! Thanks! To be honest, I never ate a corn dog before. But I do eat hot dogs though. :) 


Thanks! I have decided to write it after Freaks Episode 70.  

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This sounds really cool. It sounds a lot like there's a lot of potential in this idea.

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I like the idea here, looking forward to checking out the first episode. Will comment as soon as I do.

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@protect_yourself: episode, issue, installment, chapter, all just meaning the next part, and you can see it if you follow the link posted.

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@ithinkitwasyou: Thanks. If you're trying to look for the episode. Just type in Iron Man: The Cluster Chronicles in the search engine. You'll find the rest of the episodes and the prologue. Read the prologue first and then episode 1. :)

@protect_yourself: Lol. No, this series acts like a TV show. For example, a Kamen Rider show has like 40-50 episodes. Or you could say there are just like chapters. :P

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@protect_yourself: Thanks! :)

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Welp! I guess I should have read this before reading the prologue, perhaps? Lol...

Naw, I like the mystery behind what is to come bahahahaha! ^-^

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@KisserNe: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

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Iron Man series updated with chapter links.

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Holy $#!+! I was going to just have a quick read but there's lik a libary of Iron Man stuff here, it'll take me aweek! Wow!

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@tomdickharry1984 said:

Holy $#!+! I was going to just have a quick read but there's lik a libary of Iron Man stuff here, it'll take me aweek! Wow!

Thanks. Hope you enjoy it. :)

Speaking of library, you can check out my blog post, Impersonator's Fan-Fic library. =P

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