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Zhang Chin II's Abandoned Facility, Ningxia China

John watched in amazement through his blue lenses. The machine had to work, the Process had to work. It all relied on him, just him. The machine stopped, and it opened up, in a coffin-like fashion. Smoke emerged from the machine, and the outline of a muscular figure dropped to his knees, with both eyes closed. Barker sprinted over the the man, the "Savior". The clone's features all matched his genetic templates' features, James Barnes' features. He matched his strength, according to the files John had received. The Savior's head rose quickly, with his eyelids opening. The confused clone of James Barnes calculated his move, his first move of a new life. A blaster pistol was seen in Barker's coat, and this man knew it was a weapon, he knew not of his genetic template, but he had all of the training skills that James had. Hell, perhaps even better.

His left hand reached into his coat, grabbing the blaster, while swinging his right fist across John's right cheek, causing him to be pushed some feat away. Barker wiped blood from his lip, looking back at his accomplishment to see him holding the blaster at an aligned point to John's head.

"Don't! Please, I am your creator! " John spoke with hands up, while on the ground, his eyes closed, and glasses on the floor beside him.

Project savior lowered his blaster, then dropping it onto the ground. "Who are you?!" He asked in confusion, his mind functioning perfectly.

"John Barker, former worker at Zhang Chin III's lab." John stated simply, then standing. " I suggest you clean yourself up, but first, I need to run some tests, come with me." He added, stepping into another room, moving a curtain out of the way. Revealed was an advanced hospital bed, with flashing blue lights on a computer connected to it. Savior seated himself on the table/machine, his eyes narrowed as he spoke.

"What kind of Tests?"

"Blood tests, X-Rays, just a procedure to see if the operation turned out correctly." John spoke, with excitement in his voice.

"Operation?" Savior replied, with the same expression. A machine wheeled over to the bed, shooting out an X-Ray screen, and began scanning his body.

"Hmm..." John spoke, watching the analysis. The machine moved to the other side of the unclothed body, and scanned the right side of the clone. Shortly the machine shut off, and The project removed himself from the Hospital Bed, and removed the needles injected in his veins. "Operation Savior, You. A plan was forged nine years ago to accomplish this, but I had to branch out, complete it before it was taken further."

"What am I supposed to save you from?..." He spoke, staring into John's eyes.

"A one hundred percent match..." He spoke quietly to himself, then replied. "The Iron Army." Barker quickly added. "Come with me, and you will know all you need to know."

The two stepped into the next room, and barker picked up a chest, with a high tech. code as a lock. The chest opened, revealing three articles of clothing, which where mostly casual clothing, Two plasma pistols, three disputers, with enough energy to disable three Iron Soldier's armor each, and last, a suit. A special Suit.

The Union Jack Suit, with a built in earpiece to communicate back with Barker at base.

"Put it on." John spoke, handing him the chest of items.

Savior left to change into the suit, his mind fixated on his task, and still was unsure of what it was, but he knew, that no man, nor thing would go through all of this trouble for one guy, and not have a special use for him.

Barker typed on a touch-screen computer, uploading a newly created file, titled. "WINTER SOLDIER". John quickly added in the data received about the analysis, and downloaded it to a small hard drive in his coat.


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This I like, saw Iron Age Winter soldier and I was like "Must read!"

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@Time_Phantom: I am glad the spot was open.

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@DickGrayson: Nice work! James 'Bucky' Barnes DNA wearing the Union Jack suit. Great work. Spelling mistake it's creator not creater. Other than that great

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Even better than the first one. I have to comment on these when I first read them.

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Casual bump

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Part of me was hoping that he WAS a bad guy! Good work and you've made him into Union Jakc, nice blending on several heroes into one @DickGrayson