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(Continued from after Part 4.)

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New York, Goblin Hideout

"This "Venom" must be sucked out of our system. And you are the man for the job." A man declared, standing in the dark shadows. His silhouette was large and bulky in figure.

"I can handle it..." The cloaked figure said, then followed with a crow.

"THE HOBGOBLIN WILL NOT FAIL YOU!" The Once casual Goblin member bursted out for his master to hear.

"Good..." The leader of the Goblins said with a satisfied grin on his face as his Bishop flew off, and his Pawns were scattered all around New York, and the rest of the world.


Matthew finally arrived on the roof of his Apartment. The Symbiote uncovered from his body, revealing a torn buttoned up white T-Shirt, ripped jeans, and a Shaggy haired head, with a black left eye and busted lip. He collapsed onto his bed, staring blankly at the ceiling. The Symbiote was talking to him... And he hated it. The voices haunted his mind all night, and there was no way to get them out of his head.

"You are a murderer..."

"Those soldiers could have had families!"

"They were just following orders!"

Matthew screamed at the top of his lungs it pure madness, He threw himself up and grabbed a hold of the head board of his queen size bed and snapped the neatly carved wood. The piece of the head bored launched it's way at a holo screen, and interfered the projector that displayed the screen. Tears began to stream down his face in sadness, and depression. "SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" He screamed but continued hearing the voices... It was inside of him, it was in his blood. There was no getting away from it, even if he wanted to. But he didn't.

"We have to work together... This isn't going to work!"

"No need to lie to yoursself... isss there?"

"You're right." Matthew argued aloud.

"I'm done." He added and looked out his window with the tears drying on his cheeks

The next Day

He thought he had been asleep, well in a way he was, but Venom was surely awake, all night. Blood dripped from his hands as the sun rose and Dead Goblin thugs laid on the ground, brutally murdered. Their chests torn open, hearts gone, snapped necks. Matthew nearly hurled. What he wanted was to be a hero, a symbol for those who wanted to stop this terrible era they lived in. But it couldn't happen, now like this.

"What did you do?..." Matthew said and examined the bodies more thoroughly. It fascinated him in a way, and yet sickened him. Matthew looked up to see his location, an old abandoned warehouse. He was lured here. The symbiote began to realize it too. The Goblin's were attracting a lot of attention by leading Venom here... It was all strange.


The roaring sound of a glider startled Matthew at first, but then clenched his fists. At first his tactics were going to be driven by hate and rage, but he saw more than that. It is the ability to hold back that would give him the upper hand. Matthew narrowed his eyes at the gliding Goblin hovering before him, and then reaching into a bag on his side.

"I've been looking for you, Venom."

"Well, good job, You found me." Venom replied with a growl.

"Indeed I did..." Hobgoblin said quietly with a pause, then unleashed three orange pumpkin bombs down at Venom.

Matthew swiftly dodged the first while leaping out at Hobgoblin. His head barely ducked under the second. At this moment there was one fire behind him caused by the first bomb, the second ejected two sharp blades which stuck straight into the ground. And what about the third? This is what caused Venom to question the most, but it wouldn't be long until he found out. The Symbiote allowed Matthew full control in fear, which was too Matthew's surprise. What was this about? Why was the Symbiote afraid? And it surely wasn't at full power. The next pelted him in the arm, but only knocked him off his balance, and knocked him to the ground. He began to rise as he heard a loud noise, a noise that made him cringe and scream in pain. The Pumpkin styled device unleashed a loud sonic ring throughout the room.

Matthew stopped in his efforts to stand and stood on his knees as the Symbiote crawled back into his skin in fear, the tendrils going wild, and pain growing. Matthew's vision was blurring and he was ready to collapse. His eyes focused for a moment and locked with Hobgoblin's.

"This was a lot easier then I thought..." Hobgoblin said, following with a chaotic laugh.

Matthew felt the tip of Hobgoblin's boot press against his already broken nose violently. He collapsed in front of Hobgoblin, and everything went back.

Later at the Goblin Hideout

"It is done." Hobgoblin announced and threw Matthew's body at the Mysterious leader's feet. His silhouette didn't change, still the bulky body figure, and kept the same grin.

"What? Where am I?" Matthew said with his vision clearing, and eyes wondering up to see a large Figure. His feet were shoeless, and green with claws. The scales of the figures hand brushed against Matthew's forearm. There was no energy in him to fight back, not in this state. Soon he was lifted from the ground by this green beast, and was thrown back to the floor.

"This pathetic pile of garbage is the root to our problem?" The figure stepped out of the shadows finally, revealing his Goblin features. "Time to cut the root." The voice was deep and frightening, but it didn't stay in Matthew's mind as much as his Symbiote's words did. It felt like Matthew continued to be beaten down by everyone he faced, especially the other symbiote he discovered the day before. "Allow me to introduce myself." The Green beast said when lifting Matthew once more, but this time by the collar of his stained, and torn shirt.

"I am the Goblin King. I am your greatest threat. I am the solution to every punk like you who attempts to play Hero. These green scales will be the last you'll ever see, My razor sharp teeth will be the last you ever see, My emerald eyes will be the last you ever see!" The Goblin King shouted and slammed his fist into Matthew's gut. "My fist will be the last thing you ever feel!" He swung it a second time but this time to Matthew's jaw. He was barely hanging onto life, but he didn't know why. The chances of getting out of this alive were 1 to 100. "S-stark you..."

"GAH!" Another blow was delivered and knocked Matthew across the hideout.

"Get this pathetic pile of trash out of my way! Take the beast inside of him! We could use it for the Formula!" The Goblin king yelled in pure rage and walked back into the shadows, but vanished into them. Hobgoblin sat, and watched it all happen. Nothing made him more happy then to see he pleased his King. He dragged Matthew's broken body to the underground, where the other Goblins were waiting.

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The Goblin King's "Formula" Will be explained more in Venom #7.

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@DickGrayson: Cool, if you have any questions about what has already been brought up about the Goblins feel free to ask. And its about time we got around to elaborating on the Goblins' inner working since for the most part they've been in the background throughout many of the story arcs.

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@joshmightbe: I'll send you a PM.

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@DickGrayson: Okay it's a bit disjointed...like why the symbiote sets up Matthew to fight the Hobgoblin? It's a bit weird is all.

Same weird odd capitalisation when not needed eg @DickGrayson said:

"This pathetic Pile of Garbage is the root to our problem?" The figure stepped out of the shadows finally, revealing his Goblin features.

I like it, but I think it needs a tidy up/minor edit/tweak and you'll be great!

Looking forward to seeing how this all ties in with Derek Borons and Lethal Legion

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@batkevin74: I finished the edit. I am trying to explain more on the unclear portions of the story. But what happened was that the Venom Symbiote (Not very intelligent) was being lured by the Goblin's, to the Hobgoblin, or the Bishop.