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It was another afternoon, the usual time Matthew started his day. He crawled out of bed slowly, he cringed in pain as his arm's pain grew. The night before was hell. For the other guys, Goblins of course. They were growing in numbers, usually just wannabes. The bastards rammed him with a car. "Matthew... The goblins are nothing... We need to go for the prize. The Iron Sssscum." The symbiote's words echo's in Drake's mind as he looked out his window staring down at the people walking, driving, flying, through the city. "The Goblins were a start, I guess you are right..." A grin formed on Matthew's face. A black slime crawled out his fingernails, eyes, and ears. In a matter of seconds his body was covered, sporting a white spider emblem on his chest. "Venom strikes now. We strike now." He swung out his window, the thick black webbing holding his weight each time he sent it out.

"Any who disobey the Iron Army will crumble by our hand." A repulser blast charged in the Iron Soldier's hand as it was aimed at a Spider. "I'll die! And I'll die standing up to a stark like you!" The man shouted as two more Iron Soldiers closed in behind the man, with eyes glancing slightly, but no real attention given, that was until Venom Showed up.

The thick black webbing latched onto the Iron Soldier's repulser gauntlet and tugged it to aim at another soldier. The blast was released sending an Iron Soldier to the ground. Then another hard punch by a symbiote covered hand was delivered, smashing the crimson visor. The pieces of the visor found their way into the man inside's eyes. "Gah!" The Iron soldier screamed, then blasted out freely. Every blast hit nearby buildings, not much damage was done. A crowd began to gather after the Second Iron Soldier collapsed. The last soldier launched a hard metallic fist at Venom. Matthew swiftly caught the fist. "Iron Scum!" Venom's dark voice made into the Iron Soldier's helmet and into his ears. Venom swung his left hand at the helmet, he couldn't remember how many times. The helmet began to indent, the soldier inside feeling the hits.

"Pathetic!" Matthew growled as the soldier collapsed to his knees. His hands gripped around the helmet, then throwing it violently to the ground. The Soldier spat blood from his mouth onto the pavement. "LOOK AT YOU! HIDING UNDER THAT SUIT OF ARMOR!" After was kick to the unarmored temple. The Spider backed away into the crowd as everyone began to flea. Matthew looked at the blood on the black liquid covered knuckles. In a way he was disgusted... But that is how it had to be. Matthew looked around, expecting more Soldiers to come, but he was wrong, something quite different showed up.

"SLICE!" Four claws dug through the Venom's symbiote and reached Matthew's flesh. His angry head turned quickly to see a white symbiotic figure standing before him, launching an uppercut to Venom. His body crashed into an unsuccessful local shop. Matthew's rage pumped as he stared this other beast in the eye.

"I believe you are familiar with the term "Anarchy"." The foe stated with an evil laugh to be followed with. Drake narrowed his eyes and charged angrily. Fierce blows where delivered back and forth, but the enemy was too superior.

"Who are you!?" Venom asked sending a full fist at Anarchy.

"I am what you are." Anarchy replied countering the fist with a punch to the gut.

"You are one of us?" Matthew asked confused under his symbiote.

"In a way.... But far more advanced." The white fist came to Venom's nose, knocking his head back. After his vision was regained he was hit again. Harder each time. He felt like one of his victims. This creature was a symbiotic... Mysterious in Origin, even the The Venom symbiote was unfamiliar with it.

"Agent Tracy. You are finished. Come back. Now." Anarchy listened into his communicator.

"C'mon, let me finish this stark off!" John Tracy argued, he loved the suit. The power it gave him, just like how Matthew loved his. And it angered him, it angered him to know that he was outmatched. John collapsed to his knees and held his ears, with the symbiote letting out a vicious roar. It was in pain, and it was Venom's advantage. Matthew growled lowly before bringing a hard knee onto Tracy's forehead. Matthew placed both hands violently around Anarchy's throat and squeezed. The symbiote slowly un crawled from Tracy's face and Venom looked at him gasping for air. He wanted to kill him... Murder him in cold blood. John cried out with the little breath he had. "...Show the anarchy.." Venom let go and closed his fist sending the back of it across Tracy's jaw.

"Listen Knock-Off! I don't ever want to see you back here! I don't ever want to see your face! Or I will starking kill you!" Matthew shouted with fists clenched. The symbiote recovered over John's face as he quickly webbed off.


Hours passed and Matthew sat perched on the video billboard. "We should have killed him..."

"No. No we shouldn't have. We killed the others, we showed them no mercy. We are a monster."

"Embrace it. Don't try to change us!"

"YOU ARE THE MONSTER!" Matthew leaped off of the bill board, full of denial.

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Thanks to for finding the Photo. I think it could use some work, but I like it a bit.

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Cool chapter, tho its been stated that there are very few symbiotes left alive I could see Ferrum having some of the survivors in their employ.

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@DickGrayson: Very cool, I liked what was doing with Venom, nice to see he has a new home. And a new symbiote as well, it's like the 90's again :)

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@joshmightbe: In DamianWayne's Part 2 of Venom he introduced the character.

@batkevin74: Thanks!

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@DickGrayson: Oh I forgot about it

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@joshmightbe: It's fine. :)

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I love this.

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@thespideyguy: Thanks!