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Jacob Jameson took a pull on his cigar while staring at his computer monitor. A lousy Cell-Phone video captured on a skytrain roughly two days ago. A black figure butchered multiple masked men on the monitor, the criminals screamed in terror. And then, as the last on fell, a single question was asked. The vigilante replied, his voice...Cold....Evil...A chill slid down Jacob's spine and he closed his eyes as the video ended. Not only was there a vigilante on the loose, but a murdering vigilante. A sociopath. Or so, that was what Jacob perceived him as. This figure, this murderer, must have been working with the Spiders. That cult, the child eating cult. Jacob knew it, and this black spider...This....'Venom'...Had to be stopped....Had to be ended. Jacob knew what he had to do. His hatred for these vigilantes would fuel him, fuel him to make this vigilante's life, a living hell.

"Andy! Get the stark in here!"

He screamed. And almost instantly, a bearded man was in Jacob's office. He wore thick glasses and had hair down to his shoulders. A brown dress shirt and pants was what he wore, accented with a bright blue tie. The man had the fashion taste of a color blind monkey on LSD, but, he was loyal, and Jacob's lap dog.

"Y-Yes sir?"

Andy replied, he wouldn't admit it, but he was scared of his boss, and Jacob knew it, which is why he was somewhat gentle with the man.

"Screenshot a frame of this video with this 'Venom'. Put it on the front page of every copy of the paper, I want pictures, evidence of this guy. And call the police force, I'm the mayor, so I say what goes...I want a warrant out for this killers arrest."


Matthew Drake walked down a dark Manhattan street. People walked quickly, to get to their destinations, the street lights were bright, illuminating the darkness, illuminating his rain-soacked path on the sidewalk. His head was down, his heart was racing. People were bumping into him from either side. One after the other, after the other...After the other....Some yelled at him for not paying attention, most just scowled or continued walking, not giving a care in the world to the young man walking down the street. Then. He stopped. Soemthing caught his eye on the ground. A newspaper, the Daily Bugle. It was soaked with water. And on the front page, was an image of him, covered in blood on a skytrain......&%($.....

Then it happened. In the blink of an eye. An explosion from the shop beside him. He flew in the opposite direction, it must have been thirty feet, enough to hit the other sidewalk and slide along the pavement. His mind went dark. Everything went dark. That....Hurt....And the screaming, the moaning was all he could hear. His eyes were closed. But his ears were open. The cries from civilians. He opened his eyes, to the sound of a shrill cackle. He sat up, every muscle in his body aching, and then he saw it. Bodies, all across the street. Dead. Just like that, some were burning, others were just dead. And then he saw the two men, standing there with their backs to him. They were laughing while looking at the fire. Matthew...Didn't understand. He just stared as they laughed, what....What was going on. He coughed, and the laughing stopped. They both turned simultaneously, and then he caught on. Their faces, were green. Latex masks, and they were wearing purple and orange hats. Much like the original goblins. They instantly snarled, the masks moving with their expressions. They looked like rabbid dogs, and to tell you the truth. Matthew was scared, he didn't care if he had a symbiotic, psychotic alien within him. He was scared. But, if he wanted to save whoever was left in this wreckage. He would have to suck it up, and then, the Goblin sprinted at him, pulling out their knives. They were both about eight inches long, but Matthew, Matthew knew what he had to do. He screamed in pain as the black symbiote engulfed his body, the white spider appearing on his chest. The white eyes, his face looked just like the original Spider-Man's mask, but without the webs, and black. He leaped onto his feet, and the goblins stopped in their tracks. Their eyes widened.


One of the Goblin's screamed.

"Really? I'm, the homicidal freak?"

Venom replied. He was amazed that they would call him that, seeing as though they just killed...ALOT....Of people, and then one of them did it. They threw the knife with deadly precision, and it landed deeply within Venom's shoulder. It hurt, but the symbiote was strong. Matthew was strong. The knife just popped out and landed in Venom's hand. He threw it quickly, and it landed in one of the Goblin's foreheads. A disgusting sound could be heard as it slipped through skin and bone. As blood sprayed out the sides of the wound, all over his accomplice and the street. And then the goblin fell. His eyes wide open, but lacking life. The other Goblin, obviously unsure of what he was doing just stood there. Stunned. Venom simply walked over, he stared the Goblin in the eyes for a few moments. This murderer, this psycho, was terrified. He was hardly breathing. He was frozen, but Venom knew, that if he wanted answers, he'd force them. The symbiotic creature lifted his foot and forced it into the Goblin's right leg. It went brittle, and he fell, squeeling in pain.


It was just Venom talking now, and suddenly, Matthew, on the inside of the creature was hungry, hungry fr something, unconventional...Hungry for....Brains? He could suddenly smeel the sweat on the Goblin. Smell the blood coursing through his veins, smell his fear....And all it did was make him hungry, and this made Matthew...Scared...Scared, for what he had become alongside this monster, but he knew he had to push through, not only because the power was amazing. But for justice. For the justice of the people.


The goblin squeeled as venom stepped on his other leg, snapping it quickly. The goblin howled in pain as tears began to pour out of his eyes, washing off some of the latex. This goblin, was suddenly nothing but a crying little boy, screaming for help, but help wasn;t coming.


The Goblin began to scream, not only because he was in pain, but also because he knew what the Goblin's would do to him after this, and Venom knew too. So he returned the favor to the Goblin, for giving everything up. He raised his arm, and balled his hand into a fist. He brought it down on the Goblin's head. Making it nothing but paste on the sidewalk, and suddenly. The only sounds in the street, were the dripping of blood. The crackle of the fire, and the distant sound of sirens. Matthew stood up, himself, the symbiote was gone, but he was still covered in blood. He stared at the fire for a few long moments, and then, something emerged. The owner of the shop, a man who was nothing more than burnt muscle tissue, still on fire, sprinted out of the shop, screaming. He leaped at Matthew screaming for help and grabbed the young man firmly, the fire was untollerable, Matthew had no choice, he pushed his fist through the man and he fell to the ground, burning, dead. Matthew just stood there, his whole body in pain, minor burns on his skin, and his muscles aching, and then the large metal figure dropped behind him. He knew the sound, the 'cops'. Equipped with their armor. Matthew leaped into the air and began to engulf himself in the venom symbiote, the armored soldier lifted his arm and fired a standard bullet at Matthew, it implanted itself in Matthew's leg just before the Venom symbitoe encased the wound. He was shot, he was in pain, but he pushed through, he webbed onto a building and began to swing. It seemed like hours, but it was only minutes before he finally let go of the web. To much pain. He landed on a rooftop. No Iron Soldiers in sight, they stayed behind, it was only Matthew and Venom. Both in pain....Both screaming on the inside....Both together....Once again....


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@DamianWayne said:

it was only Matthew and Venom. Both in pain....Both screaming on the inside....Both together....Once again....

Very nice work, nice to have Venom back :)

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@DamianWayne: Last casual inquiry into Venom...any more??