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Matthew Drake sat at the check out of 'Price Mania'. A blue dress shirt buttoned up around his average frame and a white apron covering his abdomen. He held yesterday's edition of the 'Daily Bugle' within his grasp. The sound of rain smashing against the tin roof top of the trash work place almost drowned out the sound of Jacob Jameson screaming at the city through a huge screen. A scream echoed from outside, the scream barreled into Matthew's ear drum, causing him to cringe. He dropped the magazine and sighed. He walked slowly to the door and opened it, taking a few steps out into the rain he turned his attention to a nearby alley, only to hear a screeching laugh and the scream of a woman.

"It's time..." he muttered walking towards the sound.

'Yessss....Let usssss sssave.' hissed the voice within his head. 'together....' Matthew turned the alley corner and saw a woman on the ground, crawling through a puddle towards a purse on the ground. She screamed for her attackers to stop. Matthew scanned the situation and saw multiple men in leather and jean jackets. Wearing casual clothes, the only difference, were the bright green faces, pointy ears. The goblins. They were wanted throughout the city, The Spiders prime enemies. One of the goblins looked up to Matthew, and grinned. a sick and evil grin, the type of grin that made people have nightmares.

"Well boys! Looky here! What's your name kid!?" Screamed one of the goblins, walking out from behind the other six, the goblin wore a black jean jacket, jeans and....A hideous face, he was obviously the leader. Considering the hat. A purple hat, symbolizing he was high up. The goblin held a switchblade in his hand. "Now, kid, ya don't have to be a hero. You can turn around and go home." Exclaimed the goblin.

Matthew darted his eyes between the thugs and snarled, before speaking.

"No, I can't do that." He said, balling his hands into fists. The black symbiotic substance emerged from his body, covering all of his skin. The large white spider sprawled across his chest and a larger one on his back. Huge white eyes on his head.

"The %*($!?" Screamed one of the goblins behind the leader. Three of them ran out from behind the leader, lifting large pipes and bars over their heads. Matthew, now Venom leaped into the air and landed behind the three, he lifted his hand over his shoulder and pulled one of the bars from one of the goblins, he twisted quickly an sent the bar into the Goblin's knee, snapping it. The goblin let out a howl and fell to the ground. Venom threw the pipe through the goblin's chest, pinning him to the ground. Two left going after him. One of them smashed his lead pipe over Venom's head, causing him to stagger. Venom turned once again and threw hsi hand out in front of him, placing his hand around the goblins throat. He squeezed until a crack could be heard, the goblin fell to his knees and Venom turned. to look at the last four of the goblins, standing before the girl on the ground.

"What the hell are you...?" Asked the leader of the group, bewildered.

"Your worst nightmare." Replied Venom, backhanding the last of the three who attacked him. The goblin immediately fell to the ground. Limp. "Always wanted to say that." Venom said, chuckling slowly. A goblin sprinted towards venom, lifting his arm to reveal a colt. The goblin pulled the trigger three times, the three bullets slipped into Venom's head, sending him to the ground. Matthew sat on the inside of the symbiote, a burning sensation buzzing through his head. Matthew screamed in the abyss in which he sat, black surrounding him. This is the pain he felt. Matthew cringed as light began to surround him, he blinked and he suddenly saw the alley. The symbiote recovering he slowly stood up. The bullets slipped out of his head and fell to the ground. Venom grabbed the gun from the goblin and sighed slowly, staring at him. The goblin whimpered as Venom pistol whipped him, knocking him out. the last goblin, other than the leader turned and sprinted out of the alley, pulling off the mask and throwing it onto the street as he disappeared into the night. The leader of the group dropped his knife and reached into his pocket, pulling out a small pumpkin.

"What are you doing?" asked Venom slowly. Confused. The leader squeezed the pumpkin and it lit up. Venom cocked his head slowly as the leader of the group threw the pumpkin at him. Venom caught the pumpkin easily and examined it. "Shit...." He said. As the pumpkin exploded in his hand, thus making him fly back into the wall of the alley. The girl screamed as Venom sat on the ground. Matthew began to see the darkness, again. Pain surged through his body. He stood up and screamed before running towards the goblin and uppercutting him. Caving in his skull.

Venom stood among the bodies. the symbiote retracted slowly, revealing Matthew. His sandy blonde hair covering his eyes. He brushed it out of the way and looked up to the rain then walked towards the girl. She whimpered as he came closer. Matthew pulled off his apron and un buttoned his shirt. He pulled it off and rested it over top of her before turning and beginning to walk away.

"thank you!" Said the young girl. About 20, her firey red hair sopping wet. Matthew disappeared into 'Price Mania' and sat back down lifting uo his magazine and reading it.


A man, sopping wet sprinted intot he office of Jacob Jameson. Mayor and editor and chief of the Daily bugle. Descendant of J. Jonah Jameson.

"JACOB! It's some kinda new Spider! He's black! And he kills! I was walking home and I saw the damn guy kill a bunch a' Goblins! Like Ragdolls!" Jacob Jameson's cigar dropped from his mouth and he stood. Walking to the huge panoramic window of his office.

"Well, Spider, I think this is the beginning of a great rivalry...."


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Nice, might want to edti the swaering but good work

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No disrespect, but I said 'Hell' and 'shit'. Hardly swear words.

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@DamianWayne said:

No disrespect, but I said 'Hell' and 'shit'. Hardly swear words.

Sh*t will get you in trouble with the mods.

Hell won't.

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Hell won't but just ion case a mod comes along, because its a fan-fic rule. Also even in DC & Marvl main stream they swear like $#!+ or %

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@DamianWayne: Good work! I like Matthew and the symbiote combo, it's like a rookie & veteran cop partnership sort of {Venom has done this before, Matthew kinda new but very willing to step up}

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It's good @DamianWayne looking forwrd to more

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I missed this one, great job

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@DamianWayne: Bump-a-thon!

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@InnerVenom123 said:

@DamianWayne said:

No disrespect, but I said 'Hell' and 'shit'. Hardly swear words.

Sh*t will get you in trouble with the mods.

Hell won't.

It makes it more realistic.

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@DamianWayne: Any more?