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New York City. 1 AM. EST.

Darkness covered New York, though the streets were illuminated by the jumbo- trons looking down at them. Advertisement of cheap breakable porducts shined around, making it impossible to avoid the corporate hounding. Sitting above the city, on top of a jumbo- tron playing a recording of Jacob Jameson's face, screaming into the lense.


Those were the only words that caught Matthew Drake and actually made him listen, he was listening to the voice within his head, slowly whispering into his ear.

"Matthew...We want the ssssame thing. Cleansssse the city of evil, cleansssse it of crime, of dictatorsssship. Kill the Iron Men!" the voice thundered through Matthew's head and he brought his hands up to his temples. It had been only 7 hours ago since he had been pumbled by an Iron Army soldier and left for death in the sewers of New York. He had been attached to this black gelatinous substance. Suddenly, thousands of memories had swirled through his mind. Memories that were not his own. Memories that belonged to this substance, this symbiote. It called itself Venom and now they were on.

Slowly, the black liquid dispersed from his skin and surrounded his body once again, splashing a large white spider across his chest and decorated white eyes. He had seen this sort of design before, in a photo, a photo of Spider-Man. The inspirational hero. Matthew felt it taking over but closed his eyes beneath the symbiote.

"No, no. If this is going to work we're going to be a team. You can't do this. We have to work together." He said slowly as the pain that was probing his mind began to disappear. "Much better" He said quietly before leaping off the jumbo-tron and flying through the air. He flipped through the air gracefully multiple times before landing on the pavement. He looked up to see two thugs beating a helpless man. They chuckled and sneered.

"It ain't Halloween kid, now Stark off!" One of the thugs said before planting another punch on the man's face."

"Sorry, not gonna happen." Matthew said. He leaped into the air and held out his right hand, firing a web into one of the thugs face. The thug staggered back and hit a wall, clawing at his face. The other thug pulled a switchblade from his pocket and sprinted at Matthew, the thug raised his hand and brought the blade down into Matthew's shoulder. MAtthew cringed as the thug pulled out the blade. In a matter of moments the wound healed and the thugs eyes widened in bewilderment.

"Da' stark are you, man!?" The thug screamed in fear. Matthew looked up behind his 'mask' he narrowed his eyes.

"....I'm Venom..." He replied before twisting quickly and pulling the knife from his hand, he threw the knife quickly, implanting it in the thugs foot. Venom turned and began to walk away into the darkness. Listening to the thug scream....

Top Secret military base. Location Unknown. 6:30 AM PST.

A large man lay strapped to a metal table, multiple large machine above him all with large needle like extensions. An army general enters the room and stands beside a short and fat doctor wearing a yellow bowtie and labcoat. The doctor looks to the general and smirks.

"Welcome, to the Anarchy initiative." he said with a smile. "After retrieving one of the last known samples of the alien race known as the symbiote we were able to make an exact clone. Though through modern day engineering and cell research we were able to make this clone faster, stronger and more durable. The man you see strapped to the table in front of us is Colonel. John Tracy. After choosing 10 of the best men our government could supply we put them through extensive testing and durability courses until only Colonel Tracy came out on top. He will be this lifeforms host, in which we will first use to hunt down all of the last of the alien species on earth and then use as a mutant killing machine. Let's begin." He said, flicing a switch. The large needle machine injected themselves into Tracy and a white liquid began to pump through multiple large tubes. Tracy screamed in pain as his body began to alter and shift. Finally after 30 seconds the pumping stopped. Tracy continued to scream until he fell limp, his pulse stopping. The doctor looked to the general and then to his associates, worried.Suddenly, a beep was heard and Tracy's skin seemed to disappear in a moment, leaving a white liquid like monster design in place of his body. Tracy ripped himself from the table and stood. He roared and the doctor grinned.

"Say hello to Anarchy." The doctor said.


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@DamianWayne: Jacob Jameson reminds me of the guy from V for Vendetta http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flBpsyFbEOs Love it! Like the idea that the symbiote retains the memories of all the previous wearers and Matthew has now several new 'memories'. Minor spelling mistake because pumbled isn't a word; pummeled is as is pounded :)

And the Anarchy Initiative? WTF? Looks good and mysterious. Well done

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I can see this Anarchy Initiative coming into conflict with Sinister who happens to have a few manufactured symbiotes stored in Annapolis such as David Hardy's new suit

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Is this a bad thing...?

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@DamianWayne: No, not at all! It just means that if Mr Sinister finds out about it or even Supreme Commander, they'll probably level the place and steal all their work because there's one thing that the top dogs hate; competition! Unless of course this is just another secret Mr Sinister project hidden from Stryfe...who knows :)

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@DamianWayne: Not story wise but its not great news for the character they send to attack Sinister. He's got an entire army of super powered monsters at his disposal

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@batkevin74: Or a Stryfe project he's hiding from Sinister. Sinister doesn't want mutants wiped out, he wants them in his labs

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Once again, amazing!

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Bumped to be with the other parts

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@DamianWayne: Bumped

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Any more Venom ??