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6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Matthew Drake brought his hand down on the button which was situated on the top of a large clock. A buzzer echoed through his mind as a small yellow slip popped out from an opening in front of the clock. Matthew picked up the slip and shoved it in his pocket walking towards the door. His white dress shirt having only one button un- done and his jeans squeezing against his skin. He pulled the brown leather jacket from his back and opened the door to the factory, holding the jacket over his head he stepped out onto the curb. Rain pelted down on the city below as if the angels above were staring down and spitting in disgust. Spitting in disgust at what has happened to this world. Though Matthew doubted that was what this rain was, the angels stopped watching this city a long time ago. He lived in the ultimate pig grovel. He lived in New York city.

Matthew sprinted through the streets. The neon signs upon the buildings illuminating the walkway, advertisements on jumbo-trons at every turn. The city was a media pit. The people walked on the curb, staring down at their mobile devices while stepping into him and almost knocking him over. The people and the city were engrossed in the modern day technology. No one caring about thy neighbor.

A scream echoed through the street from up ahead. Matthew raised his head, trying to sift his vision through the rain until he finally spotted what he was looking for, a woman sat on her knees looking up at the brightly colored armored figure staring down at her. Water, drenched the woman as blood dripped from her nose profusely. Matthew's nostrils flared, he had enough. He lived, day in and day out, with nothing to show for it. He was a simple guy, raised by a hardworking father and an honest mother. He had witnessed his fellow man become a slave not only to technology, but a slave to their country. No more freedom as the history books taught. None of that, this was a dictatorship. And the Iron Army was the dictator.

Matthew slipped his jacket back on and sprinted through the crowds of people before lunging onto the armored figure. Oddly enough striking the figure onto the ground, Matthew screamed in anger and attempted to hold the man, or machine down. He noticed the woman had already fled and people were finally pulling their gaze from their handheld devices and staring at what was happening. The eyes of the Iron soldier shifted to that of a crimson red and the soldier sent it's large metal hand into Matthew's ribcage, forcing blood from Matthew's mouth. Matthew screamed in pain as the soldier threw his body onto the pavement beside him and stood, looming over him....The soldier was just beginning.

Meanwhile in the sewers of New York City.

The black, almost liquid like substance dragged itself along the dark, cracked cobblestone. Collecting various forms of bacteria and disease yet quickly killing them within itself. Dust fell from the 'roof' of the sewer canal as a large thump could be heard from the upperworld. Venom hardly ever travelled to the upperworld anymore. Not since the ultimate death of the heroes. Venom had been wanted for the past 50 to 60 years. Hunted, yet never apprehended.

Back in the upperworld.

Matthew let out another yelp as a sickening amount of blood dripped from his mouth. Tears dropped from his eyes as the large metal hand cracked into the back of his skull. forcing his body onto the cold, wet, pavement. Water poured down on top of him and the iron soldier still loomed over him. A huge crowd surrounding him before the soldier spoke in a robotic voice


Matthew attempted to pull himself away, clawing through the pain and aching in which his body was submitted too. The large metal fist hit his back and he felt the crumbling of surface as he fell through the ground and landed in a canal of murky water. Excrement, garbage, and unknown substances floated trough the water, submerging Matthew's body as he began to float with the items. He was in to much pain to fight it, he slowly lifted his head to look through the hole in the roof. He saw the soldier flying into the sky and the crowd clearing. None of them caring for their fellow man.

Approximately twenty minutes had passed as Matthew opened his eyes, he sat on the pavement beside the disgusting canal, he had been retrieved. He slowly sat up, he had broken a few ribs, he was sure of it. He screamed in pain and cringed before leaning against the wall and closing his eyes, tight. Fighting back the tears that were welling up in his eyes. He opened them slowly.

"I guess one man can't make a difference." He said slowly, in a low monotone voice. He sighed slowly and closed his eyes once again, this was his death, he couldn't move and no one would attempt to find him. He was done. He sat there, beneath the 'big apple' in silence before he heard a 'crinkling' sound. He turned his head to see a black, gelatinous substance sitting on the cobblestone beside him. He attempted to slide himself away but failed as the substance crawled onto his finger and began to cover his hand. "WHAT THE HELL!?" He screamed, not caring about the pain from the beating, only concentrating on the pain that this substance was inflicting. It began to crawl up his arm, creating a piercing feeling, yet he was comforted.

'Matthew.....Relax...I am a friend, we can be one, we can change the world, we want the ssssame thing.' Hissed a sick yet almost loving voice in his mind as the substance completely covered his body. A black suit left in it's place, a huge white spider covering his chest. He stood up, pain free and smirked slowly, while examining himself.

"...Killer...." He said.


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@DamianWayne: I absolutely loved it!

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Thank you! Didn't quite know if anyone would like it or not!

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@DamianWayne said:

Thank you! Didn't quite know if anyone would like it or not!

I did.

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@DamianWayne: Nice work man, really good. I like how he's just one guy who's had enough and bites off more than he can chew in fighting an Iron Soldier.

Two minor grammatical/spelling things: Second sentence needs a capital A for A buzzer. Bust fell from the roof? I think you mean dust. Other than that it's really good.

I'd love to see Venom and Daredevil by cross paths in NYC

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Thanks man. And I don't know about 'dat. I'm planning on having Venom turn into a sort anti-hero kinda thing.

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@DamianWayne: Oh I just meant they both live in NYC, their paths may cross is all

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Nice! I always though Iron Amry guys were black for some reason though...oh well. Great story, lov that Venom can talk too thats creepy $#!t

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Someone was asking about Iron Age Venom...viola!

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Didn't have to "@" my second account. I just use it to spy... I mean, talk to you guys *shifts eyes left and right*

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Very nice work @DamianWayne

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@DamianWayne: Casual bump to put all 5 of yours together :)

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Any more Venom @DamianWayne?

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@DickGrayson: excellent attention to detail, like how the pain matt felt came of quite realistically . time to read the rest.

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@AkumaXGouken: Haha, I believe you meant to Tag Damian Wayne.