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"We have to tell Doom that we found one of the starking Bloodsuckers." George said with his mini gun gripped tightly in his palms. It was loaded with specialized bullets created by Doom's best scientists, Along with the swords. A blue energy, designed to stun the Vampire's healing abilities, giving the Blades enough time to finish the kill.

"I wouldn't." Zane said, poking at the pale body with the tip of his boot.

"Why wouldn't we?" Nathan added to the questioning.

"Because we are going to kill them all first. The Crimson Fangs have been lurking underground this entire time... They've been around long enough." Zane replied and removed his blue sword from the corpses spine.

"Strangely I agree." Noah said standing beside the team.

Michael and Mark stood side by side, then looking to each other. The twins both struggled to pick a side. "We kill them all." The team all looked to each other in agreement.

"Let's keep moving." Noah said looking further out into the darkness.

"Alright, you guys go on ahead, I'll catch up." The african american man stated and the team continued on.

Sometime Later

"We've been out here for hours, there is nothing in these damn tunnels!" Michael Complained.

"Shut the Stark up, if there wasn't anything down here, then who did Zane kill back there?" George replied, while Nathan dropped down another glow stick on the floor to mark their trail.

"Who knows, maybe he is just the only one? These things have been here for many years right? He could have easily been the last one." Michael continued.

"We can't be sure until we finish them all off." Noah stated and quickly drew his weapon and pointed it to the shadows. "Did you hear that?" He added.

"Hear what?" Mark said with a brow raised, not with the entire team scouting the area.

"Someone is here...." Noah replied and narrowed his eyes.

"They're gone!" George said looking back to see all of their glow sticks gone. Only one remaining... Zane crawled into the light, his eyes were bloodshot and his teeth were soon shown... His two fangs were shown.

"Zane?..." George said aiming his mini gun down to the ground as Noah opened fire.

"TRAITOR!" Noah shouted and Zane deflected the energy powered bullets with his cyan blade.

"It's Zane stop!" George said and Zane's eyes narrowed at Noah.

Zane sped out dodging bullets fired by Noah. The other team didn't know what to do at first, pure shock. The blue blade sliced through Noah's thigh and he screamed in pain as everyone opened fire at Zane while he made escape into the shadows. At this point the team is unaware of the situation that just happened, and completely surprised. "Go find him, and go Kill him!" Noah shouted, while Mark and Nathan nodded after and sprinted into the shadows.

"No! Stop!" George said then looked to Michael who sighed and went with them. Noah held his bleeding thigh and cringed in pain. "Pick a side George... My side, your new leader, or the Vampire who betrayed us!" Noah growled after he spoke.

"Doom, It's about Zane. He is one of those starking Bloodsuckers." Noah spoke into his communicator as George ran his fingers through his hair.

"Leave him. I have it under control." Doom replied and Noah ended the connection.

"Want me to tell the others?" George said not making eye contact.

"No." Noah replied coldly.

Further into the Tunnels

"Come out traitor!" Mark called out while stepping throughout the cave, while the other members of the team ventured elsewhere.

Zane stalked Mark, he was following Doom's orders. That was what this was all about. He had to do this, and hated it. It was Zane's secret. He is half Vampire, half Human, a Daywalker. Ever since the project started years ago, Zane had to do the same thing. He took a serum to cloak the Vampire side of him, then lead his team into battle against the Vampires. Then He kills them, brings them to to The Crimson Fang. He's been doing it for years, Carrying on the Legend, The legend of the Blades. Zane aimed his energy pistol to the back of Mark's head, his finger itched the trigger. Was he going to carry on the Legend, the Legend of murder.... The Legend just to strengthen the trust between The Crimson Fangs. No... It was time to take the fight to the Crimson Fangs, no more lies...


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I revived it.

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@DickGrayson: Samll edit, Doom has been dead for a while in Iron Age. We killed him off way back in the Thanos sanction and Carol Danvers is now ruling New Latveria

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@joshmightbe: Should this take place before Doom Dies then?

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@DickGrayson: If you'd like

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@joshmightbe: It is a Legend after all, Hehe. Would you like me to add that in to the (Badly Written) First installment of This Series?

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@DickGrayson: However you want to do it is fine by me

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@joshmightbe: Alright thanks.

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@DickGrayson: This could take place before Doom went ker-blammo!

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@batkevin74: It will, and this will end at Part 5, Ending this Legend! All Thanks to Zane! Who will reappear in the Future.... ;)