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Zane Brooks woke in his bunk to the sound of voices; familiar voice, the sounds of his team. They gathered their items, preparing for the hunt. Noah watched Nathan sitting on a large rock in the cave writing in his notebook. None of the team knew what he wrote; and didn't bother to ask. He was beginning to break, lose all hope to reach the surface once more. It was forbidden, to allow the one’s above to know that the Blades were real.

Noah watched and whittled another stake into a point then tossed it to Michael who loaded it into a multi-spike launcher, a Gatling gun type device he’d designed and made.

George opened a small chest, revealing three capsules. It was poison for the vampires; a toxic gas which weakens the immortal creatures. George shut the case and clipped it to his belt. Zane removed himself from his bunk, his bare feet landing on the ground below. The pebbles were rough on his feet as he stepped over to his equipment bag.

Zane slipped on a pair of boots, then a white t-shirt over his ripped body. Mark held a glowing blue stick which lit up the cave. The caves were dark with the only light they ever saw was from their blue torches. Actually for about twenty years most hadn’t even see the sun which had made their skin pale, even Zane’s natural dark skin tone was lightened.

Soon the team was ready: Noah, Zane, Mark, Michael, Nathan and George. They headed out of the cave, their weapons tightly gripped in their hands and eyes wide open to absorb all availale light from the eerie blue glow sticks. Nathan stayed in the back of the group with his high-tech infrared night vision goggles, Noah, Mark, Michael and George in the centre and Zane on point. The hunt began.

After a few hours on the trail, an unnatural shadow sped away in the distance. The team split up and sprinted after the creature, an agile vampire who darted off into the night. Zane vanished, cutting the vampire off. The vampire tried to run only to find itself surrounded. It turned back and Zane slammed his boot into the bloodsuckers ribs ribs.

The vampire hissed, Zane pressed his advantage and slashed him across the back, his blue blade humming in the night

"Ahhh!" The vampire shouted

Zane slamming another boot into the injured creature "Where's the hive?"

The vampire looked up at Zane, his eyes full of fury.

Zane held his hand out and George slapped a capsule into his hand, the vampire crouched fearfully.

“Where’s the hive?” Zane asked again

The vampire launched at Zane, who easily stepped aside and smashed the capsule into the vampires mouth, the chemicals working like acid tearing off his skin, burning through his jaw bone. Zane rammed his blade through the vampires back, out his chest and into the ground. A garbled, blood filled scream left the vampires lungs

The Hive

Collectively they all shuddered awake, the scream bringing them out of their slumber. The members of the Hive began dropping from the ceiling…

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@DickGrayson: It's a little disjointed. I like the Blades but it seems there are some half ideas. Just dropped you a PM

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