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A myth echoed in New Latveria, the myth of vampires. Watching you in the shadows, waiting for the time to attack, to feed. To them it was all a myth, a legend. This was No Myth, this was real. These Vampires named themselves "The Crimson Fangs", they followed the leader of their hive Dracula. The group formed in New York City, years ago, but then... Their Hive was attacked, attacked by the Iron Army. They raided the hive, forcing them away, far away. Ever sense that day no one had seen, nor heard for them, and hive is unlocated. No one knows this is no myth, except for Doom, Doom and The Blades, which brings us to the beginning of another Legend. The Legend Of The Blades.

Under Ground facility New Latveria approved by Dr. Doom

Zane Brooks swung his Katana, with a blue energy blade down at Noah Johnson. Noah quickly raised his weapon, blocking the attack. The two where rivals, destined to battle for the title of commander of the clan. Noah leaped forwards preparing to deliver a slice, his mind concentrated on defeating Zane, his training opponent. The three others watched laughing, betting on either of the two. Zane ducked low underneath the blade, then leg sweeped Noah to the floor. He quickly stood over Noah holding his weapon at his neck. George, the strongest on the team laughed as the others handed over their money.

"Haha, all mine Starkers!"

"Shut up..." Micheal replied with a depressed look, while handing over the money.

The other, Nathan simply handed over the money, writing down the two competing's tactics in a journal.

. "Cheep Shot..." Noah spoke on the ground, as Zane walked over his body, not bothering to help him up.

"Any news on the traveling pack?" A tall coated man by the name of mark spoke entering the cave, with his blasters all equipped. "I didn't see anything, it was just the echoes of my footsteps out there." He said looking back at the entrance of the cave.

"I say we get some rest and all go after 'em tomorrow." Said George counting his money.

"Agreed." said Micheal, then Zane Afterwards.

"Sound Like a plan." Said Noah simply.

"Alright." Micheal then said, with Mark Nodding.

Nathan said nothing, he was more of a quiet man, actually youngest on the team, in his twenty's. The other guys have been down there each for ten years at least.

Crimson Fangs Hive

The many creatures slept in their shadowed cave beneath the surface, deep beneath the surface. They needed to feed, they have slept for forty years in that cave, not having a drop of blood to taste. The eyes of one of these Vampires opened, and he dropped from the ceiling, landing down, tall and straight, his red eyes glowing in the shadows, his cloak touching the ground, and his fangs dripping slobber.

"It is time..."

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@DickGrayson: Nicely done! Hooked from the get go, especially this line @DickGrayson said:

"Haha, all mine Starkers!"

Now Dracula is just his name, because had Dracula in Morbius...actually it could be the same guy! Anyways hopefully it's a son of Dracula or new person who decided that Dracula is a cool name :) Looking forward to more

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I like it, and the back story could easily fit in with my back story of Morbius being turned into a true Vampire by Dracula. My idea was that Morbius would do a job for Drac that would piss off Stryfe. Maybe this job could lead to the extermination of the Vampires you mentioned

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And I just realized, I just about always but either "nice" or "amazing". Has anyone else noticed that?

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This is really cool, will be following.

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@Time_Phantom: Thanks, and I am planning on the blades exterminating them, also I haven't revealed Zane's last name, Zane Brooks. And Sure we can work something out with Dracula. Thanks for the idea

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