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Rated MA, still owned by Marvel. Continued from: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/inversion-verse-sabretooth-issue-1/755707/#6


Trust that sneaky runt to steal my idea! Now not only do I have to deal with Wolverine but her X-Bitches as well! Psychopathic teenagers trained by a psychic bent on a dream that more resembles a nightmare than anything sensible! Cyclops’ eye blast knocks me back across the bar, luckily its more concussive than an actual laser beam, not that it makes much difference; it still hurts like being hit by a small truck!

“My hypothesis is you’re outgunned and outclassed Ms Creed” quipped Beast as she landed on my chest with her giant feet and all 400 pounds of blue hairy muscle, my chest nearly cracks under her weight.

“You talk too much!” I rake my claws up her calves, splitting them open and she howls like the animal she is. I get about two seconds before Angel flies in to try and slam me into the wall. I leap onto her and using her own speed and my weight cause us BOTH to crash through the wall and out into the alley. Red’s going to have to fight her own fight.

I grab Angel by her blonde hair and smash her right in the mouth before I rip my claw across her wing “You’re now grounded!”

<Sniff sniff> Ionised partic…WHAM! Another optic blast clips me in the back, I’m going to blind that bitch one day! But she’s like most bad guys, they lack the killer instinct. It’s something I have trouble in check, but against these idiots I don’t bother. I dive roll and slice open Cyclops’ stomach. She yelps and tries to keep her insides inside. I go to finish her when, well nothing stops me.

“Get away from her!” screamed Marvel Boy popping a tk shield around her which stops me doing something terrible. I snarl and turn my attention to him.

“You’re a pretty boy!” I note as I charge at him "I can see why all the girls like you"

He panics and bats me away with his telekinesis, which is what I needed, space from these dangerous teenagers. I land on the top of the bar and quickly take stock. Angel: out! Beast: out! Cyclops: down but not out. Marvel Boy: panicked. Wolverine: don’t know.


I duck, her adamantium claws shaving an inch off my hair. If she wasn’t such a show pony, she could’ve gutted me. But she loves that sound!

“Getting slow in your old age”

“Look who’s talking!” she growls as she tags me across the shoulder. My healing factor will heal it, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. I give her a nasty scratch across the chin in return.

“If you idiots knew what you were doing, you could be dangerous!” I tell Wolverine as we tears strips off each other, like wild dogs fighting meat slicers.

“I said almost the same thing to Birdy a few hours ago” laughs Wolverine digging her claws into my gut.

I look deep into her eyes…she’s not lying. Every damn birthday this bitch pops up to make my day hell! Every time I think I’ve got one up on her, she flips it back on me! At least twenty years she’s been doing this to me!

“GRRRRARRRGGGGH!” I sink my teeth into her neck and tear off a sizeable chunk and spit it onto the ground “If you’ve hurt him…”

“I didn’t hurt him,” coughed Wolverine “I killed him!”

I growl a low primal scream and leap at her. My vision goes red and everything starts to blur as I’m just claws and teeth and screams. I snap back when I hear one of the most annoying sounds around.


“Get us outta here elf!” groans Wolverine as Nightcrawler teleports in to rescue her. She's hurt. She'll recover but she's hurt.

“Jawohl fraulien!” says the blue skinned mutant who grabs her hand and again BAMF! They’re gone! I hate that pointy eared blue rat! I throw back my head and howl. Every single damn birthday!

“Are you okay comrade?”

I look down the hole in the roof to see Omega Red standing over the body of a badly beaten Ice Girl.

“A lot better now you caught one of them” I reply as I just back into the bar.

“It is least I can do” she smiles “This up teaming is good da!”

“Team up.” I correct “But yeah” I look down at the unconscious frozen mutant girl and pick her up, throwing her over my shoulder “Let’s have a chat with Roberta.”


which comes from here http://forums.comicbookresources.com/showthread.php?377851-X-Men-Gender-Swap/page13

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Get back to you once I have read it. At college now xD

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@Pyrogram: No worries man, college first, fan-fic later!

Found a female Wolvie pic!

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@batkevin74: Good stuff, I have to write one of these soon

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@RazzaTazz: Yes, yes you will! :)

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@batkevin74:Nicely done

Does there need to be a "an" here?

a nightmare than anything sensible! Cyclops’ eye blast knocks me back across the bar, luckily its more concussive than an actual laser beam, not that it makes much difference; it still hurts like being hit by a small truck!

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@mrdecepticonleader: Yes, yes there does :) Shall fix that up, nice spotting

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I know its Nocturn but I couldn't find Girl Noghtcrawler

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Da, this very is good

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@joshmightbe: Thanks, I couldn't for the life of me the other day think of her name! Knew she was Nightcrawler & Scarlet Witch's daughter from an alternate earth, she was in the Exiles, but what her bloody name was; totally blank! Thanks

@wildvine: Thanks