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(Rated MA, all characters owned by Marvel, story is mine but Marvel can have it if they ask nice. This came from an concept by RazzaTazz, I just took it a tad further and inverted it a bit more. Sabertooth is good and a girl, Wolverine is bad and a girl. Good guys are now bad guys, guys are now girls. Total inversion!)


My name is Victoria Creed, and what I do ain’t pretty…lucky that I am. I’m a mutant, one of them scary people the government tries to warn you about. But don’t worry, I’m on your side…mostly.

My history is convulted, jumbled and parts of it actually made up, that I have trouble working out whats real or fake. In the end I just do what I’m good at which is fighting, drinking and taking a few hits. Which is how I ended up hanging around with Erika Lehnsherr, who is one of them good mutants the government DOESN’T tell you about, as opposed to Professor X and her gang of teenage mutants who make the news on a daily basis.

I’m here in Madripoor at the Princes Bar. It’s a dive, it’s a pit and it smells funny. Actually the smell is the woman coming up behind me, her footsteps heavy on the wooden floorboards.

“Long time no see Vicky”

My skin crawls as her voice crawls into my ears canals. That gruff, ‘world-owes-me’ tone added to her scent, makes me want to flip the table up and rip out her throat. I turn to see her standing there, in the worst disguise I ever saw.

“Are you a pirate now Logan?”

She chuckles and takes a drag on her cigar “This here proves," She points to the eye patch "That humans are stupid, ignorant filth. Been wearing this for weeks and nobody looks twice at me”

“That’s because you’re an ugly bitch wearing an eye patch!”

The open bar seems to sense trouble and people begin clearing out. For a bunch of low-life scum they’re not stupid. Lucky coz this is probably going to get messy.


Logan pops her adamantium claws out. I respond in kind, but mine don’t make any noise.

“Ready to dance Vicky?”

I stand up looking around the bar, she hasn’t clicked yet…good!

“Oh I’m ready, but you’re in for one hell of a shock”

The floor erupts and two carbonadium tendrils wrap up her arms and pull her like she’s on a Spanish Inquisition rack. She roars in pain as her non-metallic joints stretch.

“Tired of you showing up on my birthday trying to kill me” I state as I head over towards her “So I called an old friend of yours, who is now a friend of mine. Omega Red, I believe you’ve met the runt known as Wolverine”

“Da!” snarled Omega Red, her eyes as red as the old Soviet flag imprinted on her shoulder “I am to be killing you now”

“Y-you think you’re t-the only one with friends?” Wolverine chuckled as the roof exploded in a burst of red laser. A girl in blue and yellow wearing a red visor looked down from the giant hole she’d just created.

“Marvel Boy, clear the debris! Ice Girl, take the Russian. Everyone else, kill Sabretooth!”

Great! Just great!


(Now I may have inadvertantly stolen the X-Men off someone, this can easily be a stand alone story or they can use my idea or whatever)

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@batkevin74: Very cool, genders didnt have to be inverted as well, but that was a nice touch :)
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@RazzaTazz: The idea of a female world, the direct XX chromosone inversion world of ours kinda appealed and makes it a challenge and fun to write. I normally, predominantly write guys, now I have to write girls. #2 coming soon

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Very well done and very interesting.

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Interesting take, I do agree that Wolverine would make for a seriously ugly woman.

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@mrdecepticonleader: Thanks

@joshmightbe: Yeah I don't think he'd look like X-23, I envision something like this:

Even though that is a picture of Callisto, sort like this but with Wolverine hair :)

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@batkevin74: Very interesting story. I really like the gender switch, it's a nice touche.

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@batkevin74: Female Omega Red as well, very nice! Good story, nice reversal :)

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I loved this so much. Never even thought of gender bending it. You may set the trend Sir.

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@FalconPuuunch: Well if we're going to invert, I thought why not go the whole way

@4donkeyjohnson: Well he always had a girly top-knot so not much has really changed :)

@wildvine: I do love to set a trend, doesn't happen all that often for me. Feel free to follow or not, I'm easy...but not cheap!

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Awesome job man, now male Jean Grey FTW!

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