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When the Regime and Insurgency were formed, Psycho found himself as a man without a side. The Regime had lost any chances of gaining his trust when they killed Poison Ivy...That whore Hawker. All the same, he would never help Batman or so much as acknowledge Joker as anything more than a target, the Insurgency was out of the question. His only friend was Harley, and his friendless isolation had driven him into deeper violence and radical nature. At the moment, he was trying to make contact with Simian Vengeance, his assassin who he would use to unwillingly get revenge on Hawker...And humanity as he knew it.

"Boo!" shouted Harley jumping up from behind Psycho. Psycho, paranoid as usual, jumped back at the surprise. This caused Harley to laugh crazily. "Don't...do that again. We're renegades Harley, you and I against the wold. You could have been Superman, Batman or..." Psycho paused at the mention of the Joker. At the moment, Harley wasn't aware that he was alive. Psycho only found out after he sent his personal henchmen had been spying on the Insurgency. Finally, he had managed to establish a holographic connection with Simian Vengeance.

"Smith, do you read me?" asked Psycho. Simian Vengeance gave a thumbs up signal to Psycho. "Loud and clear...I've tracked Hawker and her allies deep in the rainforest. Can't say I'm a people person, but true hunters have a mutual understanding...Wish me luck." Psycho nodded in response, "You better pray that you're right, or you won't have to worry about fulfilling Grodd's destiny...You won't have a destiny..."

The holograph turned of as Psycho addressed Harley. "Harl, remember that reservoir we visited a few hours ago? The one we infected with that fungus?" Harley nodded, excitedly. "I'm telling you, we needed more fungus!" she retorted. "I swear, they're all gonna wake up with Athlete's foot or somethin." Psycho laughed humorlessly at Harley's comment. "We'll need a substantial amount of money if we're to truly find a refuge where we can be safe. Set up the cameras, time to address the public!"

Harley gave Psycho a mock salute as she pranced over to the cameras that Psycho had set up, focusing them on the notorious eco-terrorist. Psycho looked deeply into the camera, his piercing yellow eyes staring dead into the lens. "Good evening Gotham. More importantly, good evening Regime. Ivy is dead...But her rage lives on through me. I've tried to go the less radical route in the past, I've tried to be fair to the ones not directly responsible for your heinous crimes against Nature...But it seems you've forced my hand. I have poisoned the reservoirs containing Gotham's water supply with a deadly fungus. Over the course of several days, that fungus will literally begin to eat away at it's host. Except...If given the cure. I would be happy to turn in the cure, under certain circumstances. First, you will be paying no less than $2,000,000,000 to a specified account of mine. Second, you keep your damn land developers to yourself. If I see one more tree chopped down for a precious resort, you all die. You have about 48 hours to respond. Tick tock."

Harley turned off the camera as Psycho walked away to his own room. "Wake me up when Hawker and Vengeance get here." Psycho growled.

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Hawker VS Psycho?! Throw Sharpshot into the mix and I'll... shut up about Star Wars?

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Hawker VS Psycho?! Throw Sharpshot into the mix and I'll... shut up about Star Wars?

It's pretty much Psycho VS Hawker, Sharpshot, Doomhound, Joygirl and Killer Rabbit

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@spideyivydaredevilfan26: Did Hawker actually kill Poison Ivy? I'm confused. If she did I want to write about it. (Technically I can write it now but first I'd like to make sure my facts are in order)

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@tommythehitman: Huh Psycho may be fighting them but considering the line-up I have the feeling that it's the other team who are psychotic.

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@impurestcheese: I think either she did or she thought she did. be sure to include Simian Vengeance in that chapter two, I could really consider them becoming friends with that whole "hunters bond" thing.

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