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Um, I've had this story rolling around my head for a year, or so, so I though I'd try this fan-fic section out. Bear with me, this is my first time. I'd like to post the story in sections, or as it comes to me.

Page 1:

Open on the Throne Room of Olympus. A battered and broken Zeus lies at the feet of his father, Kronos. Kronos smiles devilishly.

"You have made it too easy, son. I thought the King of Gods would put up a stronger fight. But maybe your mother was right. Maybe you are nothing but a weak, little child."

Kronos steps on Zeus's hand, cracking bone. Zeus screams out in agony. Kronos cackles. He kneels down and grabs Zeus's face.

"From the pits of Tartarus I have risen, growing stronger with each passing day so that I may break you, Zeus. Too long the gods of Olympus have lived in solidarity. The mortals have moved on. It is time for a new day. It is time for the mortals to remember the power of their masters."

Zeus struggles, drool runs down his chin. Kronos grabs Zeus by the sides of his head.

"It is over, son."

Shot of Olympus, crackling with lightning. Zeus's scream echoes throughout the universe. A single golden thunderbolt rockets down to Earth.

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Page 2:

Open on the city of Detroit. A twenty-something man is walking down the sidewalk. He is slightly hunched over. His hands are shoved into his over-sized sweatshirt. Despite the sizeof the shirt, the man's massive muscular frame is still apparent. He enters a small brick building with a large neon "MMA" sign. The interior of the building consists of a MMA cage, a large mat area, several punching bags, and a corner with four small lockers. A shirtless black man knocks a bag around, but stops when he hears the door open. He turns around to face the sweat-shirted figure.

"What up, Bry Guy?"

The man removes his hood, revealing a worn, tired face aged beyond his years. His raven black hair was matted by the hood. He cracks an uneven smile and replies,

"What it do, Damon? How's the card shaping up?"

Bryan swings his fists around,

"Am I up for the Co-Main Event?"

Damon grabs a towel and a squirt bottle and smiles back.

"Brotha, you damn well got that Co-Main Event!"

Bryan flexes and smiles.

"Three rounds with Mendez! I'm gonna crush him!"

Damon chuckles.

"Whoa, buddy! Don't get too cocky yet, you've only won two fights. We gotta get you sparrin' today!