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( The Incredible Hulk 'God of War') Trickster God Loki has teamed up with Greek god of war Ares , the devil himsel Mephisto and a massive collection of evil gods ,demons and powerful villains. Their mission is to destroy or capture the Earths heroes and even worse rid the heavens of the Gods. The first team to fall was the Fantastic Four as they were ambushed during a mission to space by Thanos and a small army of Skrulls. Thanes spared their lives knowing that they would be better kept as slaves and with their great powers he may one day be able to use that power in his own defense if his partners ever choose to remove him. Reed would become Thanos's head scientist while the others were unlucky and mostly used for the mad titans amusement. When found out Doom would have none of it and attempted to save Reed for his own but was soon over matched by Thanos combined with the demon Mephisto's forces but being the genius that Dr.Doom is he had a backup plan. At the moment of his defeat a message and video was broadcast world wide. Being that Doom was leader of his own country any attack of this nature would instantly be taken as a serious threat and the United Nations took swift action in calling up ever available super power 'heroes and villains alike' and with that a thin line was set in stone . You are either with us or against us! Was all that needed to be said and thus costly decisions were quickly made. Mortal enemies were soon to be stuck having to work together and best friends even sometimes lovers would soon cross to opposite sides as they seek the best chance of survival .

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@Enosisik: Ummm this doesn't really make sense dude. 1) Hulk isn't in it, even though its titled Incredible Hulk

2) It's full of typos and it's a big slab of text

3) ??????????

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Bruce Banner awakes buried deep in an ancient Egyptian tomb after the Hulk finished battling a giant sand worm the night before. Banner had no knowledge of the war that was about to break out in the world around him and the Hulk wouldn't care even if he did understand the situation. As always he just wants to be left alone. Banner begins his long climb through the rubble of the tomb. After six hours of crawling in the scorching heat of the tomb he finally reached the entrance which was now blocked by a 20 ton stone . Banner would have no choice but to turn into the strongest one there is, The Incredible Hulk. Hulk lifted and pushed the stone away as if it were a pebble in the palm of a god. As Hulk exited the tomb he would not even notice the rumble beneath him. An Earthquake of massive scales is normally nothing more than a slight tickle to the bottom of the Hulk's massive feet but in deep sand the tremors go completely unnoticed .. Hulk begins his journey home with giant leaps that cover miles with each bound but on his third jump the sky fills with lightning as far as the eye can see and Hulk was shot down by a single bolt. Hulk hits the ground with a enraged and with only one thing on his mind. HULK WILL SMASH PUNY THOR!!!

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http://www.comicvine.com/myvine/batkevin74/.... I'm typing on an iPod and the browser doesn't let me indent and the auto spell isn't being very helpful. That was only the first page .. I'm not trying to write a pro story I'm doing it for fun. Also I'm not writing it in comicbook form with all of the dialog I'm just writing the story outline.