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In the beginning...

(closer to the end)

Author Note: An original story by me. I wrote this about a year ago listening to "Walk" by Pantera. (I think it enhances the story) But anyway it was supposed to be a much longer work, but I hit a wall with this piece so I've since stopped working on it. Enjoy and please comment... but mostly enjoy it gets... weird.

“You know what I don't like about your kind?” He stands victorious over his prey. Blood dried in her hair, the wounds she sustained healed. She wasn't easy to find or at all easy to capture, but when something needs doing in his eyes it shall be done. They worked with each other once, building a better tomorrow, keeping the world safe. And they did it, doing their part to create an uneasy utopia. The lines between friend and foe have blurred since then, but making the attempt to be at least humane was the least he could do for a former colleague.

“You guys always come back. I can slice you, dice you and blow you to fucking kingdom come and you keep coming back without even a scratch!”

“Is there even a reason for all this wondrous gratuitous violence?” She demanded, struggling against her bonds. She couldn't move, her limbs tied to an operating table; a single light beamed brightly down on her. “Romulus is going to find me if I don't make a report at the meeting! And that's bad news for you!”

He ignores the comment, shrugging off the threat. “Do you remember this place? I certainly do.”

She looks around; the room was dark and cold. She looked to a table surgical instruments and duct tape took space on a tray. “Who are you anyways?” She asked calmly to her captor.

The man stepped into the light. His hair was wild, his face painted yellow, his lips and eyes painted black, a dash of red spilled on the corner of his right eye and spilled downward. “It's been sometime sweet thing.”

“You!” Her breathing quickened, a chill crawled up her spine. She knew this man. He was the best of them... the worst of them. “You disappeared... we thought you died! How did...”

“You should know better than anyone else that when there is no body... no death. I did make it look convincing didn't I?”

“Romulus, thought someone close to us was behind the attacks!”

“Now you're giving him too much credit, I'm more than just close.” He ran his fingers through her hair, he licked his lips, a mad hunger in his eye. “I'm there sweet thing, I can taste him!”

“Why do this?” She cried out, not expecting an answer.

He walked around the table, putting on an apron. “Had a bad day, see... as an ol' clown told me once, it’s all it takes. One bad day can just kind of... scar you for life and you just have to do something utterly loony!”

“You used to stand for something; you used to believe in what we built!”

He jumped on top of the table, his body heavy and breathing harshly. “ I used to be blind just like you sweet thing. I used to think this dull husk of a world was better than the chaos and war that defined the past. Better than the uncertainty and savagery of the world we worked to save.”

“But Romulus opened my eyes and the result of the world we helped create drove me to action.”

“What happened, Jericho? Talk to me... we can work this out, Romulus can fix this.” She tried reasoning with him, tried appealing to his better nature... a man she knew, a good man.

He rolled off the table, pacing back and forth. “Your religious devotion to that man is most... disturbing. The problem can't hope to be the solution; the solution... lies in much bloodier action.”

She scoffed. “You can't defeat Romulus, you lack the ability! The only hope you've got is to turn yourself in!” She renewed her struggle against her bonds, her watched over her, and let her continue until she grew exhausted and ceased her struggle.

“I don't need to beat him, sweet thing. I just need to make him bleed!”

She cries out, hoping to be heard. “Sound proofed sweet thing. Even he can't hear you.”

“You don't have to do this! You can still redeem yourself!”

“Ah, yes... redemption. I've dismissed that pipe dream.” He pulled a pair of gloves out of his front pocket and made sure to snap them on next to her ear. “Sorry, almost forgot to rubber up.”

Her breathing got harder and she began to sniffle, she fought back tears and clung to hope for intervention. “Please... don't, Jeri...please!” Her voice cracked, tears streamed down her face.

He reached under the table. “Where did I put that thing?” He asked his tone gleeful. “He we are.” He was no longer in the light, but she could make out something in his hands, it had the appearance of being heavy.

His are went up and the object revved. He lifted the object over his head and walked into the light. His painted face stretched into a wicked toothy grin. “Let’s send him a message shall we!”

“What are you doing?” She screamed. She cried for him to stop, cried for Romulus. Laughter was all she got in return, laughter from the man she knew as Jericho... laughing at her cries. This was the beginning of the end.

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@Time_Phantom said:

“I don't need to beat him, sweet thing. I just need to make him bleed!”

Whoa! Nice bad guy!

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Thanks but in the story that "was" going to be written... he was one of the good ones. Lets just say he had a "bad day"

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@Time_Phantom: That's one hell of a bad day :)

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Very nice work