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Rated M for Mature

Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

Note- This is the ninth story of an original and vampire anthology series.

Immortality: Tales of the Undead- Unfinished Business

Vladimir Jenkins, a rich businessman and the CEO of Vlad Corp. sat on his seat, staring at the files of his employees. These employees worked hard to make his company a much broader and a better place. He thought of promoting an employee due to his or her best efforts. But he had a hard time figuring out who would become the ideal candidate. A promotion like no other human could achieve at the highest stake. Vladimir was human though, yet his ancestor turned out to be none other than a brutal killer of the Turkish era, Vlad The Impaler. But everyone thought Vlad was a vampire who craved human blood, drinking every drop of it and from their soft necks. He doesn’t want to accept the fact that he came from Vlad’s family bloodline. As a child, he was told by these stories, including his butler. The butler never wanted to tell this real-life story to anyone, not even the future CEO of Vlad Corp.

Vladimir expected something far above his recent achievements. He monitors every employee below the building, listening to their secret conversation with the other employees, working under tough pressures, having their own lunches. His eyes went back and forth, trying to see the human potential and how one of these employees could bring his company back to where it was.

However, the company turned out to become bigger than any other company. His great-grandfather had founded this company and worked along with his son and his grandson. Now, it’s Vladimir’s turn to bring the tables around. He felt comfortable, watching each and every step of the employees down below the very building where they don’t even know who watches them. But there was one person, standing beside him. This person was picked as a top business executive so that he could work for Vladimir Jenkins throughout his lifetime. He had the charisma of a slight, thin and young man. His face had a bit of pale skin. He had the white eyes similar as any other human being, except for his tiny black eye-lids. He looked scary as h*ll than anyone could think of. There hasn’t been a single employee who knew that a vampire was actually working for Vladimir Jenkins.

Julius was his name, which was taken out from a famous Roman Emperor in ancient Rome. He himself became a Roman citizen after he moved from Greece. Normally, people would think that Julius was in fact a Roman because he originally came from Rome. But it wasn’t true and Julius had to make people understand his true origins. He was human back then. Later, one night, the much silent Julius had been attacked by a strange creature that sucked his blood until it got dried out. That’s the moment when Julius became a vampire, which he hadn’t the slightest idea of why it happened. Maybe he thought it was his destiny. The creature wasn’t found though and it took many years for Julius to try and understand why he had become one of the damnedest creatures of all. Likewise, he learned the history of vampires and traveled to Transylvania where he learned the truth. Out of all the history experiences, one would think that a vampire can only enter the dark as much as any other vampire. The truth revealed itself right in front of Julius when he met another vampire. He asked the other vampire whether he can transform back into human. But the other vampire said there isn’t a possibility.

In the modern-day era, Julius had found out that the Vlad family bloodline stayed intact. He learned great details about their history, being told by the other vampire of Transylvania. He himself became a guardian for Vladimir Jenkins even though he wasn’t a vampire. There were myths being told that the Vlad bloodline consisted of a vampire family. But the reports indicated it wasn’t true. In fact, one of them had the strong urgency to drink human blood. This unusual situation has not been described properly by scientists or even doctors of the modern era. Julius believes that he can take care of the family bloodline because he was the only vampire being present among them. He also had no intentions to drink their blood. He became a true guardian, alright.

Vladimir still stared at the monitors and wonder if Julius can pick one candidate out of the hard-working bunch. But it became too hard for Julius to recognize their human potential. If Julius were human, would it matter? Not likely for the once and former Roman. He even watches alone, eye-to-eye on these employees when his boss, Vladimir was not around.

Vladimir rose up from his seat, and walked around the marble floor. He gave a heavy thought to himself about his employees. He looked at Julius whom he still looked straight-forward, standing like a true gentle businessman with his worn black suit and the white shirt inside of it. Although he looked like a butler, he had done many good things for Vladimir since childhood days. It became too good to be true, not even any other human being would believe.

“What do you think?” Vladimir asked.

Julius didn’t respond immediately as he looked at the monitor screens. His watchful eyes became too similar as the CEO of Vlad Corp. Julius always told himself that a human eye is not much faster than a vampire one. Julius had been watching their every single move, one of the vampire traits that no other vampire could have done. The other vampires only carelessly looked after the humans for blood. Julius felt that the other vampires should learn something from this trait because it hasn’t been used much since the beginning of the Dark Ages, a time of hour and darkness. Sometimes, the other vampires became jealous of Julius when he started working with the famous Vladimir.

“I honestly don’t know,” Julius answered.

Vladimir looked surprised and didn’t expect to hear from Julius this way. He walked in front of his desk, staring at the white, pale face of Julius.

“You don’t know? I can’t believe what you’ve just said.”

“I don’t lie, Vladimir. All these employees are the perfect candidates, yet they do share the same, fantastic abilities than any other human being.”

“You got to be kidding me!” Vladimir laughed a little. “This is not some joke, Julius. We only need one person who can bring this company back to shape.”

“How do you insist then?” Julius asked.

Vladimir didn’t say a word at the moment. He desperately wanted to make this company a wide open area for anyone to accept it. But the other company have beaten to their game by selling their best product in the world. Vladimir felt it’s time to do the same thing. But it has to be something different than what this company had been doing all these years.

“Hmmm. You tell me, Julius. You’re the one who has the big ideas.”

“I’m glad that I met you, Vladimir. But if it weren’t for you, the company would have been thrown into a trashcan.”

Vladimir thought that Julius made a big joke out of all this. Even as a kid, Julius made some silly jokes that the rest of the family had laughed at him. But did Julius become serious about it? He must be right about the company becoming almost to the point of bankruptcy. It became a horrible thought for Vladimir not to even accept it. He had to do something fast.

“What do you suggest, Julius? I’m counting on you. You’ve been at my side for all these years. Now, you don’t know who will become our another top executive of this company?”

Julius smiled a bit and walked off from Vladimir’s main desk. He stared at his own boss for a while. Those times became fun between the two. Sometimes, Julius had to play with Vladimir when he didn’t have any friends closer to him. It also became a satisfaction for Julius experiencing the joys of a human life.

“I think I do have a suggestion,” Julius gave off a slight smirk.

“What is it?” Vladimir asked as he still stared at the scary-looking eyes of Julius.

“We’ll have to make a vampire out of these candidates.”

“Another vampire?” Vladimir asked in a slight angry way. “You must be crazy.”

“Crazy indeed,” Julius said. But it’s the only way that our company will be raised from its possible ashes.”

Vladimir didn’t like the sound of it. Even if the company were be going down, there is no way turning back.

“Alright. But we need to carefully pick out the best employee. I’ll talk with him in private.”

It took a while for Julius and Vladimir to pick out the best one. They decided to call this person because he managed to send out every single detail to the other employee about the status of their product. The employees had a blond hair, looked like he was quite built like any other young man of his age. He came to the private office of Vladimir and Julius hid behind the closet doors.

The young, blond man sat down on a chair, facing across Vladimir from the desk. Vladimir became quite nervous of the fact this person would become another vampire working for him. He was single, yet his parents had died of a plane accident. However, this was not just the only reason why they had picked him. The blond-haired man had the courage to perform his work in the company and it brought positive results.

“How are you doing, young man?”

The blond-haired man gave a slight smile on the face. He didn’t know why he had to come here. It became much a surprise for the hard-working employee.

“I’m doing fine, sir,” the young man said in his confident voice.

“Do you know why you’re here?”

“Ummm…You mean the company?”

Vladimir laughed and thought he was too innocent to know what was really happening now.

“No. I meant why you came here.”

“Oh no, sir. I don’t know,” the blond-haired man smiled.

Vladimir stared at the closet, which made the blond-haired man look quite uneasy. He also stared at the closet, wondering what Vladimir is actually thinking at the moment.

“Sir? Is there something that I should know?" the employee asked in a bit curious way.

Before Vladimir can say anything further to the blond-haired employee, the doors of the closet fell opened, and Julius came out slowly. The employee opened his mouth a bit wide while staring at the unknown horror.

“OH MY GOD!” the employee screamed as he still sat on his seat, shivering.

“Calm down, young man,” Vladimir said. “This is for the best in improving our business.”

“Wh-Wh-What?” the employee trembled in fear.

“Your big boss is right,” Julius said with a quiet, evil grin. You have been promoted. “Congratulations!”

The employee finally got up from his seat but Julius managed to catch him off guard. The employee cried out, asking for help. But Vladimir’s main office had a sound-proof system, which no other employee could hear a single sound.


Vladimir can’t help seeing the scene that’s happening right before him. He never wanted this thing to happen but he felt it was necessary to fix his unfinished business. Julius held the employee’s both of his shoulders tightly as his fangs pounced on the left side of his neck.

“AHHHHHHHH!” the employee screamed again. His eyes began to close slowly and the blood dropped a bit on the marble floor. Julius carefully carried the unconscious employee into his white, pale arms and put him on a big, comfy couch. Julius stared at the young man, who slept under his dark spell. He then turned facing back towards his boss, his childhood friend.

“He will be alright, Vladimir,” Julius said. “Our new business has just been started.”

Vladimir had a horrible felling what this kind of new business would bring the company to everyone’s shoulders. But time will only tell when the young, blond man wakes up from his dead sleep.

The End.

Next Story- Merry V-Mas.

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