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Rated M for Mature

Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

Note- This is the eleventh story of an original and vampire anthology series.

Immortality: Tales of the Undead- Romeo and Juliet

“O, Juliet. Why must you die in your very own arms?”, Romeo said as he stood near the opened window, feeling the breeze of fresh air. He can smell her love and yet she hadn’t been found nowhere in sight. The dark, brown-haired Romeo recalled that time when he first met her. The time when they fell in love with each other. It felt like eternal love for both these lovers. But Romeo became truly eternal; a vampire with green eyes which made the other women almost fell in love with him. His appearance was too handsome like it touched the skies and made it brighter than ever. Juliet saw the light in his eyes, his handsome eyes. She had the taste in him and Romeo saw the sparks ignited between the two of them. They were meant to be with each other.

But now Juliet was no more. She killed herself, her body infected with the deadly poison. Romeo never knew that Juliet had the poison within her hands. If he only had the time to know such things then the beautiful, gorgeous Juliet would have been alive. He also recalled how Juliet mentioned that when a person dies, his or her soul would live in another lifetime. Romeo believed this to be true. He was human back in those times, knowing that he and Juliet would be together forever.

However, there was a problem that tries to snatch their eternal love away from them. Both of their families never liked each other. Due to that reason, the families forced their children not to meet time and again, together. Romeo had felt the burden in his heart that he wouldn’t see his true love again, evermore. Juliet had been locked away in her room for a very, very long time. Romeo cried out, “JULIET!” His father had heard his cries, forcing him to forget about her. But Romeo wouldn’t allow it. He dared not to let anyone force him to stop the woman he loved dearly. He raised his arms, and sometimes he hit his own father with a hard punch on the face. He told his father angrily, “No matter what you do or say to me, I still love Juliet!”

A few weeks back, Romeo ran towards the building where he used to meet Juliet up above. It was the first time at first sight. Romeo couldn’t stop thinking about her. He used to throw the rope which got hooked on the edge of the building platform. He went up, up, and finally reached towards his dear, beloved Juliet. The woman was surprised by his handsome looks. She didn’t know why or how she loved him. It was a familiar sensation that she had known Romeo before. Romeo smiled, staring at her face and touched her left side of the cheek. He introduced to himself and bowed down, kissing Juliet’s right palm of her soft hands.

“What is your name, beautiful one?” Romeo asked.

Juliet finds herself blushed when Romeo had asked that question. She didn’t know what to say in front of him. She took time to think and then finally said, “My name is Juliet.”

From that point on, Romeo and Juliet spend time together as any other couples would do in their private life. Romeo couldn’t hardly believe that he met such a beautiful woman, wouldn’t even let go of her arms. Sometimes, they used to have romantic $ex in a private room where their parents had no idea of what’s happening between them.

Romeo touched his own lips, felt the blow of kisses being brought by Juliet’s lips. His eyes closed, and he had the feeling that Juliet was coming closer to him. He put his arms around his strong body as if Juliet fell on his nest. But Juliet was still never there.

He looked outside the New York City, hoping one day he could find Juliet in this modern lifetime. He once believed Juliet’s reincarnation tale and now believes again, desperately waiting for her return. Or he would search for her. He flew across the vast highest buildings and then the stores, the malls. He had to stay on the top of these buildings, looking out for women down below, his green eyes focusing on these precious women or any one of them who might be Juliet. He knows that Juliet is somewhere, breathing, and living in this modern-day world.

“O Juliet, Where Art Thou?” Romeo asked, wondering where Juliet would be at this point of a lifetime. His brown hair let out like a woman’s hair growing back and coming down halfway through his black coat. The dark night was cold for the handsome Romeo. He also remembered how he became a vampire for the first time. After learning that Juliet had died from the horrible poison, Romeo decided to take half of the poison himself. He drank and drank until there wasn’t any drop left on the vial. He began to feel dizzy and dropped on the floor besides the dead Juliet. But a shadowy figure flashed through the stone walls and took Romeo’s dying body away from the dead Juliet. The dark figure let out his fangs which pierced into the soft skin of the handsome Romeo. A few seconds later, the poison drained away within Romeo’s body and Romeo woke up to find himself alone that he was still alive. He wondered how it happened and the shadowy figure was nowhere to be seen. Romeo felt a strange feeling to himself, asking, “What has happened to me? Why am I alive?”

Romeo had been obsessed with these kinds of questions and yet he didn’t know the shadowy figure turned out to be a vampire. But he would later find that the legend of the vampires to be true by reading their history books. The shadowy figure wanted to tell him the reason why he had to be saved rather than committing suicide for the sake of Juliet’s love. But he felt the reason was unnecessary as he disappeared, never to be seen again by anyone, including Romeo.

Romeo never knew he would become a creature of the night. His eyes had turned green and tried to stay away from his father. Because his father would think that his own son became a monster. Romeo also witnessed the burial of his dead, beloved Juliet. “O Juliet,” Romeo said in his soft voice. He wanted to scream, cry out her name, but can’t go outside when the crowds of people gathered together, including Juliet’s father under the watchful eyes of the bright, yellow sun. Romeo learned of his weakness that he couldn’t enter the daytime or stand near the light or even sitting besides the warmest fire. He had to stay in the dark, into the very deep stone catacombs where Juliet killed herself with a deadly poison.

Romeo had buried himself inside the stone box and slept throughout the centuries. He woke one day to find the world had changed. He recalled Juliet’s words of reincarnation. “O Romeo, we will someday find peace together in another lifetime,” Juliet used to say. But Romeo didn’t know what to believe, yet he believed in her confident words. He truly loved her, wanting to be with her forever.

The handsome Romeo stared at the night sky, still searching for his long-time lover. He flew again only to be noticed by some people and they thought the flying person seemed like a ghost. During daytime, Romeo had to stay under the dark sewers, filled with gnawing rats, stinking water, and littered pieces of white paper. Romeo couldn’t stand the sight and the horrid smell of the underground sewer. He climbed up the ladder and slowly opened the steel plate where the light was still there. He only wished to enter the daylight so that he could find the reincarnated Juliet the better. When the sun vanished from the sky, Romeo came out of the sewers much faster. Romeo ran and then sometimes flew faster, faster and finally shouted, " O JULIET! WHERE ARE YOU, MY DEAR LOVER!"

Some of the people stared at him and this wasn’t the time for noticing the supernatural. He walked slowly, pretending that he never shouted as if he had shouted in the public streets. He felt alone as the rain begins to drop down in every single of his dark, brown hair. He can feel the droplets of water flowing against his changed body, the body of a vampire.

Then out of the blue, the bus just passed away from his green-eyes and he saw a beautiful woman, the similar looks of the dear, beloved Juliet. She had worn the white skirt, her legs were shown as she walked and stopped near the bus stop. She had a white bag, matching the true and exact colors of her white skirt, yet she didn’t have an umbrella to cover her black hair. She held the phone with her right hand, touching closely by her right ear. Romeo’s green eyes went so wide that he wanted to reach out for her arms. But a thought came to his head when Juliet had once said to him.

“Feel me and find me. Kiss me again in another lifetime and then you will know it is me,” Juliet used to say.

Juliet was right about her true facts of the reincarnation theory. Romeo didn’t move and carefully watched the pretty lady, waiting and waiting for the incoming bus. When the bus finally arrived to the bus stop, the supposedly and reincarnated Juliet stepped into the bus while Romeo stood in the wet road, watching the vehicle go. Without anyone in his sight, Romeo flew like the wind and blow himself further, further away, thinking and asking, “Is that you, Juliet? Must you be the one?” Romeo continued further ahead and had to find out soon enough. He reached on the top of the bus and knelt down. He can hear the heartbeats coming from Juliet. The handsome Romeo just entered her soul and knew that this woman was his truly beloved Juliet.

Julie was sitting on her seat, reading a fashion magazine. As a fashion designer, she had to adjust certain styles to her clothing line and make random model looks beautiful than ever. She was confident that she would one day, become a show-stopper. Every fashion designer desired to reach to the top and make themselves better in the competition.

When the bus stopped, Julie stepped out of the bus. She took out the keys from her white handbag, and unlocked the doors inside her apartment building. She had quite the luxury which suited to her tastes. This made the handsome Romeo, surprised that Juliet had become a known celebrity. He had seen her before.

“How did I not notice the true Juliet in her?” Romeo thought. He was floating, staring at her, her body so broad and thin much likes that of her beloved Juliet. Without hesitation, Romeo slowly swifted near the window, slid the doors open and went inside. Julie was about to remove her clothes and having shower when Romeo had appeared behind her. The sudden appearance overcame Julie shockingly that she almost screamed. But Romeo held her arms and locked his lips into hers. Julie felt the kiss, realizing that she knew this handsome intruder. She couldn’t let go off of him as she still kissed along with Romeo for a while. It was a humble reunion and Julie had become Romeo’s Juliet again. Romeo unlocked the kiss, staring at Julie’s beautiful face, his fingers stroking her black hair. “O Juliet. I have come for you,” Romeo said.

“O Romeo. I knew you would,” the reincarnated Juliet said. But she felt something different from her long-time love. She stared at his green-eyes and noticed that her handsome Romeo had changed.

“O Romeo. What has become of you?”

Romeo knew she would ask such a question. He didn’t know where to begin. He held her hands and kissed on the palms.

“Do not to be frightened, my love. I am the same as before.”

“Are you the same?” Juliet asked.

Romeo explained everything what happened to him. He saw that Juliet killed herself and had been asking why she did it.

“Why did you hide it from me, O Juliet? I never knew you would do such a horrible thing.”

Juliet confessed that her father didn’t allow her to see Romeo again. She has also been told to marry one of the finest, rich young men in that time.

“O Romeo. You must understand of what I did. I felt there was no choice. I thought I couldn’t see you again.”

But Romeo forgave her and hugged her against his broad body and right shoulder. He can feel the depth of her heart, mind, and soul and they are finally together. But Juliet felt this person wasn’t the same old Romeo as she met and knew before. She wanted to ignore that thought but she couldn’t, even though she felt sorry for him that he had turned into a vampire without reason. It must be that Romeo hadn’t believed in reincarnation yet. Juliet also felt his heartbeat, making her realize that his heart was also different than before.

“I had never expected this,” Juliet thought. She thought Romeo would become reincarnated into a different person, not the same, old body, yet it was changed by some other vampire.

But that past thought went out of her mind and she slept with Romeo throughout the night, forgetting her fashionable world. They removed their clothes away and had the same romantic $ex over and over again as usual as before. Juliet asked Romeo to bite her neck and turn her into a vampire. He insisted to do so because he thought this was necessary so that Romeo would not be a vampire only in front of a reincarnated human. Romeo unleashed his fangs and pressed her neck gently as Juliet led out a slight moan underneath her throat. A few hours later, Juliet’s naked body turned white as she woke up and have sex with Romeo again in the undead night. They also had spent the other nights together when they couldn’t enter the daylight. Finally the next night, they went up the rooftops of her apartment building. They stared at the stars together.

“Juliet, I want to ask you something,” Romeo said.

“What is it, Romeo?” Juliet asked curiously.

“Am I the same as before? I know what you’re thinking.”

Juliet almost said nothing out of her beautiful lips while staring his handsome face.

“O Romeo. I…”

“Do not say anymore. But you are right about your reincarnation theory. You have become a different woman in a different life. And here I am, trapped inside this pale, white body as same as you except with a different face and whom I was made by another creature like me.”

“What do you want me to say, O Romeo?”

Romeo hesitated for the moment and thought it would be the right thing to do. He had the soul of a human that was his. He knows there is a human part of him, wanting to reach out for the sun and yet he couldn’t able to do it now. He decided to do something about it, facing towards Juliet’s worried eyes.

“Juliet…Let us enter another lifetime. I want to become a whole new person just like you had become. Will…you still be with me?

Juliet’s tears suddenly came out of her eyes, realizing that there is a possible way that Romeo can enter another lifetime even when he became a vampire. As a former human, he was almost to the brink of death and his soul didn’t escape from his body. Juliet nodded and let Romeo lie down on her lap while they stared at the stars again. It took a long time for them to stay at the top of the apartment building until their eyes closed, drifting away in a deep sleep. The long hours have passed and the sun had begun to rise over the farthest horizon that anyone could see within New York City. Juliet opened her eyes while Romeo still slept deeply on her soft lap. She looked at the rising sun and then said a few last, same words.

“O Romeo, we will someday find peace together in another lifetime.”

The End.

Next Story- Savage Love.

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