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Rated M for Mature

Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

Note- This is the eighth story of an original and vampire anthology series.

Warning- This story contains explicit content. Do not read if you wish.

Immortality: Tales of the Undead- Dial V

A young and quite rebellious teenager sat down on his chair, carefully looking at the phone. He thought it would be a good idea to do it at this time of night since his parents went out for dinner. That he wanted to talk with a person on the phone.

A few months back, his girlfriend broke up with him because she felt that he wasn’t mature enough. Like all boys, he was one of the bad ones in school. Bullying the nerds, calling their names, and sometimes beat them up like those boxers would do. He was rebellious, alright. But not quite, he used to get in trouble with the other rebellious teenagers and had to fight them, hand-to-hand. He received some bruises, and yet his father always scolded him for causing the trouble whereas the mother didn’t say anything.

People call him "Tommy the Bad Boy" because he’s very bad. He never gets good grades in school, and didn’t care enough to listen in classes, or even to his teachers. Tommy had also come late in class and as a result, gets the detention he deserved. He didn’t have many friends, only a quite few and even some outside the school district.

For his bad behaviour, the most popular and beautiful girl in school left him. He felt angry about it and always wanted to have $ex with her. But the girl never allowed him to do it. Because it wasn’t the right time since pregnancy became possible. It happened to all the young girls at several schools. Even though, Tommy told her that he bought the condom for safe $ex. Still, not even a single, slightest pleasure came out of the girl’s feelings. However, she did love him at first sight. It was those times that the girl felt the need to have the strongest kid like Tommy. But his behavior became worst and the girl couldn’t even stand the sight of him. Tommy also used to hold her hand, tight; forcing her to come with him while she talked with her friends at lunch. Tommy was indeed, a true bad boy.

Tommy thought of all what had happened the past two months. Now, he wanted to talk with some random girl. His friend outside of school told him that there is a woman who gives her wildest pleasures to young boys from ages 18-25. He was 18 and supposed to graduate high school in the next several months. He thought about the idea of having a conversation with this woman. His friend saw the ad and claimed that one of his friends had a really good time with her.

Tommy can’t seem to ignore this fact. He even heard the news from the other rebellious teenagers. It was like heaven and the teenagers can’t even describe it. The other good part in all this is that the hotline is free. Tommy couldn't believe it to be true. But he always asked himself, “Why would a woman wanted to have free conversations with any guy?” Most times, these women ask for money from the guys. Unless, she knows that these rebellious punks, including Tommy didn't had the money to pay for the calls. But still, it didn't quite make any sense.

Tommy lifted the phone and slowly dials the letter V and a number, which he saw in the newspaper ad. He wondered what the letter V stand for. But then, he laughed to himself, thinking V must stand for a dirty word.

Once the dial was done, Tommy waited as he keeps hearing the ring tone on the other line. He looked at the clock and realized there is much time before his parents come back from dinner. The call got finally picked up by a female voice.

“Hello?” she said.

Tommy didn't say anything first. He never thought of calling some random girl which he never knew his entire life. But he needed a girl that much. Someone who can love him more than the previous girl he dated earlier. The only problem was that this woman can’t date with young guys outside the line. She only meant to have sexy conversations on the phone as indicated by the ad.

“Hello? Are you still there?” the woman asked again.

“Yes, I'm here,” Tommy finally answered. His right hand still held the phone a bit tightly. He seemed to be nervous, thinking of what a young, rebellious teenager would say to an unseen, sexy woman.

“I see you’re sounded young. What’s your name, kiddo?”

Tommy still didn't say a word after her question. The small sweat came off this face like he was caught in a wildfire. Just as Tommy had thought earlier, he had never done this before.

“My name is…Tommy,” the rebellious teenager answered slowly.

“You seemed to hesitate,” the unknown, sexy woman said. “What’s the matter?”

Tommy wanted to tell her of the past breakup but he felt it wasn't her concern or that she didn't care about it. He ignored that thought and went on with the conversation.

“Oh, it’s just that…it’s my first time,” Tommy said.

“I see. Well, you’re not the only one.”

Tommy wondered how many guys that this woman had spoken with. Who knows? Only if Tommy wished to ask such a question in front of the woman, so that he can find a little bit information about her.

“So…where do you like to start?” the woman said. “You can ask anything what you really wanted.”

Tommy didn't rise up from his chair. He was a bit excited of the fact that she wanted to do it with him, except it won’t be a physical sex.

“I…,” Tommy paused for a moment. “I want to you remove your clothes.”

“All of it?” the woman asked.

“Yes,” Tommy said desperately.

On the other side, the woman first unbuttoned her red shirt with her soft fingers. She did it slowly as she talked to Tommy how much she wanted him. Like some lovers who reunited after their long journey. She then removed her black pants and pulled it down, showing her soft, and smooth legs. All that was left of her was wearing a white bra and the underwear. Tommy can hear the things what woman said to him, even when she mentioned by removing her clothes just to prove Tommy. How Tommy could know whether or not she removed it without seeing the whole picture. The woman had her own ways to seduce the young, rebellious Tommy. She asked if he really wanted her. Tommy said, “Yes, I wanted you.”

The woman carefully unstrapped her bra and threw it away on the floor. She touched her bre@$t$ round, and round until she stroked her n!**le. She also said these things right in front of Tommy. Tommy can’t help thinking that he really wanted to have physical $ex with her. But it wasn't possible at this point. He told the woman to hold the call. The woman agreed and waited for him. Tommy unzipped his jeans down and then his underwear. He then sat back on his chair and said to the woman, “I'm back. Continue.”

The woman smiled, thinking that Tommy wanted to m@$erb@te. She removed her underwear and tucked it away on the floor, along with the other clothing apparel. She touched her lower bottom, the openings of the cave. She led out a slight moan as she rubbed it slowly.

Tommy couldn't believe his ears as he kept hearing of what is happening on the other line. Right away, he held his thing and rubbed it slowly like trying to see if the water can come out of its tap. The woman described her past $exu@l conversations with the other guys and how they much appreciated their love for her. It was an everlasting thought. Tommy can feel the wild sensations coming out of the woman’s dark, $exy voice.

“I want it, Tommy,” said the woman. “I want your…”

“Just say it!” Tommy said again desperately. The woman laughed a bit and then gave a loud noise while she rubbed her cave opening. This sensation exploded against Tommy’s face, which made the liquid flowed through the pipe and finally came out.

“Ahhh!” Tommy led out a faint scream. He took the tissue paper from the box, wiped out the wet, splashed liquid from his pipe.

“Did it feel good?” the woman asked.

“Y…Yes,” Tommy said. He felt good, so good that he had never experienced this kind of sensation before. It almost felt real to him, like he was actually there, holding her arms, her gorgeous body. Even thought Tommy wanted to ask the woman what he wanted. He was happy, yet it wasn't enough for him. Tommy decided to end the call for the night. He saw the clock, knowing that his parents will be coming home soon.

“I had a blast. Thanks!” Tommy said.

“With pleasure,” the woman smiled. It was done, another $exu@l conversation with another guy. But there was an eerie feeling to all this event and Tommy had no idea what he faced against. He said goodbye to the woman and hanged up the phone.

The next day, Tommy switched on the TV from his room. He felt like he had a good dream last night. He planned to call her again when his parents are not around. He thought of ways in calling her again and experiences the same pleasure. During these sexy thoughts, Tommy noticed a news channel, which the reporter had talked about the current news. The reporter mentioned some recent deaths that came upon several young boys and men. They were found dead in their rooms after having a phone call. The forensics indicated that the blood dropped from their eye sockets. Nobody knew how it did happen and their parents, and family were horrified to hear the news.

Tommy couldn't get the feeling that the woman was responsible for these deaths. There was no way that she could kill these people without ever coming to visit them. There had to be another explanation.

“Whatever. It’s just bull$!t” Tommy said. He didn't care only except the woman whom he had a late night conversation with. As he was about to switch the next channel, he felt a liquid was dripping down from both of his eyes. He thought it was only the incoming tears caused by watching closer to the TV screen. But when he wiped off the liquid, he saw blood on his fingers. He became shocked to see what was happening just now. He screamed and screamed as the blood kept pouring down from his eyes like a pool of water. Tommy struggles to see clearly and later fell down on his bed, his eyes stared up the ceiling while the blood kept flowing and flowing and flowing…

On the other side of the phone line, the woman always wanted something from these men and boys. The one and only thing that could satisfy her rather than having phone $ex. She almost said it to these handsome males in every phone conversation of her entire life.

“I want it," the woman said to these youngsters earlier. I want your...blood.”

The End.

Next Story- Unfinished Business.

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