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A hundred years ago, life was normal, the human race was enetering the 21st century, with any time there were achievements and disasters, but on one faith ful day everything changed. At that one day a brigh flash covered the entire world, no one was hurt, but the flash had the effect of forcing every pregnant woman on earth to give birth to their child, it didnt matter how long you were pregnant, you would give birth to a healthy baby.

These Stonners as we were later called, were super powered children with abilities like super human strength, flight and so on, but humanity feared us greatly and forced us to live in walled of camps that soon became small cities wih their respective functions. As we grew in number we rebelled against our human opressors, they treated us like dirt, we were nothing but cogs in their machine, they killed anyone who spoke up against them and grew fiercly paranoid as time went by, in the we decided to rebel against them and win back our freedom from the insane humans.

This period was called the Dark Reign, all 13 zones used their respective skills and Stonners to fight against the opressive goverment, the entire Capital City was covered with vast mountains that were protected by turrets, sentry bots and even Stonners that served the Capital. Though the rebels were able to win some decisive victories, the war was lost as we fell to treachery and hidious mutants that the Capital released on our Zones.

As our homes and families were left defenseless, our numbers dwindled and we were forced to surrender, the bravest of our Zones, Zone 13 was completely wiped off the face of the planet, but that was only the beginning, each year the Capital held the annual Power Games, in these games, 1 male and female from each Zone are forced to fight to the death in holographic arenas filled with traps and monsters until only 1 person was left standing, this one person would gain immense power and wealth withing his/her respective Zone and and even in the Capital. My name is Tommy Watts and this is my story.....

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Okay so there's zombies in Louisiana-Georgia etc so the rest of the Image Genesis world is like this Hunger Games-esque scenario? A few grammatical errors (should be fateful day not faith ful day for example) but on the whole pretty good. The idea of of EVERY pregnant woman, no matter what stage, gave birth on the same day! The world's population just mega-spiked!

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@ekrolo: Wonderful!!! Image Genesis is taking off!!