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The Plot: The main villain would be Ben Parker aka the Uncle of Peter Parker. The other Spidermen from the Edge of Time and Shattered Dimensions will become under Ben Parker's Controls. Peter Parker joins the Avengers.

Hank McCory, Dr. Conners, Mr. Richards, Peter Parker, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. They trying to combined the Symbiotes with tech.

I'd need alot of Original Characters (Author Note: That's why I'd need your guys help. They need to have flaws). The Avengers will train the new recruits.

Then Peter Parker tries to help his Uncle Ben to come back to the good side but Peter Parker becomes one of the bad guys some how.

Avengers tries to stop the Spidermen that's under the control of Ben Parker. They also get under Ben Parker's control. All of the Crime Lords also tries to stop Ben Parker from taking over.

SIDE NOTE: I'll send this Fan Fiction to Activision.

Here's the characters that's part of Marvel Universe that has to be in the Fan Fiction some how:

  • Bruce Banner,
  • Deadpool,
  • Peter Parker,
  • Mary Jane Waston,
  • Tony Stark,
  • Dr. Connors,
  • Beast,
  • Gambit,
  • Captain America,
  • Thor,
  • Thing,
  • DareDevil,
  • Ghost Rider,
  • Wolverine,
  • Nightcrawler,
  • Mr. Sinister,
  • Blade,
  • Rogue,
  • Wasp,
  • Magneto,
  • Mystique,
  • Black Cat,
  • Cyclops,
  • Hawkeye,
  • Black Widow,
  • Sabertooth,
  • Iceman,
  • John Storm,
  • Sue Storm,
  • Dr. Strange,
  • Charles Xavier,
  • Storm,
  • Angel,
  • Lilandra Neramani,
  • Doc Ock,
  • Rhino,
  • Scorpion,
  • Shocker,
  • Owl,
  • Kingpin,
  • Prowler,
  • Green Goblin,
  • HobGoblin,
  • Venom,
  • Galactus,
  • Carnage,
  • Thanos,
  • Alpha Flight,
  • Loki,
  • Mandarin,
  • Dr. Doom,
  • Dormammu,
  • Sliver Samurai,
  • O'Mega,
  • Bulleye,
  • Tombstone,
  • Vanessa Fisk,
  • Ben Parker (MAIN VILLAIN),
  • Elektra,
  • Electro,
  • Kraven the Hunter,
  • Mysterio,
  • Hyro-man,
  • Sandman,
  • Apocalypse,
  • Spiral,
  • Nick Fury
  • Shield Agents. (OC Characters)
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i can try @Gruiel:

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@Gruiel: I'm not sure what you actually want?

Original character in the Marvel Universe: Kylee Qwan. 22yr old student at Empire University. Studying economics is bathed in chemicals and fire during an explosion when Spider-Man and The Lizard tear up the university. It triggers her mutant powers which send her 500ft into the air like a rocket, which becomes the basis of her name Skyrocket.

Powers: Flight (about Mach 2), excellent vision, can expel firework type explosions (similar to Jubilee & Boom Boom) from hands.

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Name: Daniel Grubb

Nickname: Dangerous Dancing Dan, Danvis, Danger, Dancing Dan, Daniel-o, Daniel Boone, Dan the Man, Danny, Daniel-san, Grubbworm, Grubbster, Big D, Little D, Peter Dan

Code Name: Dancing Spider

Homestate & Hometown: Hamilton, Ohio

Gender: Male

Height: 5'5"

Eye color: Hazel Brown

Hair color: Darkish brown.

Body type: The Skinniest Hero who can ever find.

Personal Issues: He'd thinks he's not a good lookin. He has some speach problem. He'd HATES Football Players due to his Middle School and High School bullies who had to be mostly Football players. He'd loves Trikking, Learn how to ballroom dancing and wants to learn how to dance the Irish Folk dance. But people say he's handsome.

Previous job: Laser Tag place.

Side note: This how he'd landed his place in the Shield by saving bunch of kids aka Nick Fury's kids.

Fighting style: Dancing Style, Fox style

Powers: Sly as a Fox, Wall Crawling, Shoots webs, Danger Senses aka Spider Senses. Strong as a Alpha Wolf and Quick as a Fox. Sword Master.

Weakness: He'd can be killed by a Radioactive Swords. He has to have his hands and feet to be cut off.

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How should we start this Fan Fiction?

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@Gruiel: You should write something. That sounds kinda rude and blunt, it's not meant to but YOU need to write and steer the project

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@batkevin74 said:

@Gruiel: You should write something. That sounds kinda rude and blunt, it's not meant to but YOU need to write and steer the project

I'd need help to get start that's all.

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** Dan Grubb perched on the side of the twenty storey apartment block and looked down.

"Oh god! That's a long way down" he shrieked before calming himself. He knew he had adhesion, but still it was a long way to go splat onto the pavement if he wasn't attached to a wall. He pulled his mask down and adjusted the fit. He felt awesome!

"Okay Hamilton Ohio, are you ready for the Dancing Spider!" he yelled into the night.

"...no" came the shouted reply from across the street.


There you go, hope it helps

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Here we go:

After the Honeymoon of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Waston. Peter found out that Mary Jane now can do want he does as spiderman. So Peter teaches her how to make a Web shooter and do swing on the web.

Few years later. They had baby girl named, Mayday Parker. One day Mayday wants to know about her Great Uncle Ben. Peter had memories of Uncle Ben but one stood out more. When he refused to stop a robber.

When Mayday Parker turn 12 years old. That's when a dark mysterious figure. The both Adult Parkers could tell the figure was a male but the figure had spider symbol on his masked. He is also wearing Prowler's outfit underneath the black cloak. He had glider that reminds Peter of Hobgoblin and Green Goblin. He'd has the Octobot. He also have a Doc Ock's metal arms on his back. He disappears from sight along with Mayday Parker.