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Long story short. I'm AweSam. Old account banned. I wrote the second part a while back, but I never got around to posting it. Like the first one, I rushed it and didn't even bother proof reading it. I feel that's what makes it so amusing.

Hulk Works at Walmart: Week Two

“Hello, sir. Can me help you?” Hulk asked.

*Audience claps and cheers.*

“Oh, hi. I was wondering which laptop you think I should get.” The costumer said.

Hulk observed the laptop with a bewildered face.

“Hulk think you should buy that one.” He points.

“The Acer...?” The customer asked.

“Yeah, Asser.”

*Audience laughs.*

“Um, okay, thanks.” The customer said as he walked away.

“Hulk!” The manager yelled.

“Can Hulk help Mr. Manjer?” Hulk asked.

“Yeah, you can. A customer said she's been waiting at the cash register for 10 minutes and no one showed up!”

“Hulk thought Sally work cash today.” Hulk said.

“No, she works the cash tomorrow!” The manager yelled.

Hulk walked over to the cash register, passing the aggravated female costumer.

“Thank you for patience, ma'am.” Hulk said.

“Well it's about damn time! I don't know why I still come to this place, it has the worst service! I've been waiting here for 10 damn minutes! I need to get home, people have to eat, you know!” She yelled.

“Hulk know. It alright, you no need eat anymore, you big enough.” Hulk said.

*Audience laughs.*

“WHAT?! I'm getting the hell out of this place! This is bullshit!” She yelled.

The manager immediately rushed over and asked, “is there a problem ma'am?”

“Yeah, this big, green, idiot called me fat!”

“Is this true, hulk?”

“Hulk no idiot. Me scientist.” Hulk said.

*Audience laughs.*

“What field, stupidology?” The customer asked.

*Audience: “Oohhhhhh.”*

“No, smash-your-faceology!” Hulk yelled.

“That's it!” The manager yelled. “Hulk, you're working stock.”

Hulk walked away, getting angrier as every second passed.

“Excuse me, where can I find the keyboards?” A nearby customer asked.

“KEYBOARD IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE!” Hulk yelled as he lifted monitor and smashed in on the floor.

“That's not a keyboard...” the customer said.

“Oh...” Hulk said.

“Hulk, did you break that monitor?!” The manager yelled.

“...Hulk no do it.”

*The audience claps.*

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I like the studio audience. Nice touch.

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@wildvine said:

I like the studio audience. Nice touch.

The whole time I was writing the first one, I kept envisioning it being a really bad sitcom with a studio audience.

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@BlackReaper: Sweet!

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Funny. I like the audience.

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@BlackReaper: I think it'd work better without the laugh track, but still very clever

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@BlackReaper: More please.