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Part III:

     Broly, who is able to fly, made the first attack, charging the Hulk and slamming him into a nearby planet, nearly twice the size of the earth. Hulk lay still for a few moments, and then let out a groan. Broly fired off an energy blast which left a massive explosion as a result. The ash and dirt blasted up from the ground as Hulk leaped into the air, he clapped his hand together to propel himself towards the ground. Broly bent his knees and bolted into the sky. The green monster won the bout with a mighty forearm smash; he then grabbed hold of the sayian and guided him to the planet’s crest. Broly recovered from his disorientation moments later.
     However he was unable to stop himself from getting smashed into the ground. The Hulk smashed his arms down repeatedly like a gorilla, pounding the massive sayian deeper into the charred dirt. He then grabbed the sayian by the hair and launched him into a nearby rock formation. Broly lay limp for a few moments. The Hulk thinking himself the victor began to walk away. Then the rocks blasted out in a blinding flash. The legendary super sayian lifted into the sky, rocks of all sizes floating with him.
     The Hulk let out a roar and leaped for the sayian. Broly began to laugh and used his super speed to phase to the side as the Hulk bolted by harmlessly into the mountain. Broly lifted into the air, still laughing. Hulk came flying out of the mountain at mach speed. The sayian reacted quicker by phasing, but this time right for the green monster, catching him by the throat. He dashed towards the ground and spun around twice before releasing the mammoth into the planet’s crest.
     Hulk began to leap back up but Broly had fired off one of his planet shattering attacks. The energy ball was no larger than a soccer ball, but contained enough power to shatter an entire planet. The ball took the Hulk with it as it crashed into the planet. Before the explosion went off Broly had already moved at super speed into space. All that was left was a few pebbles floating around aimlessly.
     The Hulk let out a roar as he regenerated himself again. Broly chuckled and dashed for him. The green monster met his charge with a mighty punch, which sent the sayian flying backwards into a small planet, nearly splitting it in half. The planet exploded a moment later from a burst of energy from its center. Broly’s aura flashed and settled down around him. He dashed for the green beast and phased at the last instant to the Hulk’s left flank, connecting a mighty hook, the force of which sent the Hulk flying backwards. Hulk landed on a moon and pushed so hard off it that the little orb was reduced to dust.
     The two kept colliding, shattering planets and moons in their wake. Every moment the fight continued the Hulk got angrier and more powerful. Broly’s ki just kept rising, neither of them had a cap, eventually it got to a point where the Hulk was able to shatter a planet with his thunder clap in order to propel himself through space. They were literally destroying a third of that galaxy by accident.
     Hulk leapt off another planet, shattering that half of it and Broly just bolted at him. They met near a small planet with a moon. The shockwave completely wiped that planet out, killing a billion alien lives. If given enough time Broly could generate enough energy to destroy the universe, Hulk already had enough energy to power two universes, however he couldn’t channel that energy in a destructive manner like Broly could with his ki. Each of their collisions would send massive shock-waves that if any unfortunate planet got caught up in it was either destroyed or blown in half.
     It seemed that neither fighter was getting weaker, the more they fought the more power they gained. Broly was an unnatural force of nature, a horrid twist of fate that occurred maybe once every millennium and his powers rose at geometric rates. Any of the legendary super sayians before him had to stay in their ozaru form and eventually exploded from their power rising too fast, Broly however had pushed beyond this problem, his body grew with his rising ki and he had enough control to keep it in his normal form. His manipulated memory of Hulk enraged him so it jumped his ki at even faster rates. Hulk was getting angrier but he was also getting tired. He was created by accident, not out of legendary means, and while he technically had no cap; he had never pushed beyond his current limit. While his strength rose, his energy decreased, whereas Broly had the opposite effect happening to him. While Broly’s ki rose, all of his attributes and energy rose, including his stamina. In order to defeat Broly, one must deliver a quick, single, but powerful blow to take him out early before he gets too strong, since a long fight won’t have any effect because his ki never stops rising.
     Then it happened, millions of light-years from earth, Leader’s and Mephisto’s mental powers began to wear off and the memory of Hulk began to flash in his mind to its original target. The Hulk didn’t miss his opportunity as Broly began screaming, holding his head. The green monster gave a mighty thunderclap, which sent him flying at the sayian. He connected a mighty elbow into Broly’s throat. The massive sayian coughed a few times and Hulk then hooked his arm around Broly’s neck. He clapped his hands again while holding onto Broly. They bolted towards the nearest planet, a large one, nearly four times the size of Earth. Their collision caused a massive crack and rifts along its surface, the planet withstood it however. Broly rose and fell to his knees, holding his head in pain as the mental energy fought against his will.
     Hulk gave a mighty knee, sending the sayian flying backwards and then leapt after him, catching him by the throat. He smashed Broly down and spun around hurling him into the sky. Hulk gave a mighty push and jumped into the air. He caught the sayian high up and began a midair pound, slamming his fist into the behemoth many times before release. He then gave a mighty thunderclap which brought the sayian back from his ruminations.
     This time however Broly had no expression of amusement, no maniacal smile, just the purest look of hate and anger. He was done playing around, in that brief moment his Ki had jumped nearly three fold. He phased into the Hulk with a knee. He let out a roar and smashed the green monster into the ground, but before Hulk hit Broly phased beneath him with a powerful punch, connecting into the mammoth’s gut.
     Broly screamed again and a green energy beam blasted through the Hulk’s stomach, tearing him in half. The Hulk regenerated fairly quickly but Broly was on him with a right hook followed by a left. He turned with the left to deliver a right elbow, and then spun on the ball of his right foot slamming a left knee into the Hulk’s stomach. He bent low and sprang up with all the muscles in his legs, hips, and arm to deliver a powerful right uppercut. The shock-wave uprooted every tree and shattered every mountain in that area. Hulk was sent out of the planet’s atmosphere only to be sent back into it from Broly’s phasing overhead smash.
     The legendary super sayian sent a green energy blast into the Hulk, which destroyed the planet in a blinding flash. The Hulk of course regenerated a few moments later, but his weariness was clearly displayed on his face. Broly still found no amusement, something had set him off, he knew someone had altered his memory and was trying to control him as his father had, and that notion angered the behemoth more than anything. He stared into the green monsters eyes for a long moment and that look even seemed to make the Hulk feel a bit uneasy. He shook his head out and gave a mighty roar, but before he could finish Broly collided into him with a phasing knee.
     Hulk went bolting into the center of a nearby moon. Broly destroyed the sphere a moment later with a beam from his eyes. Hulk stared at the sayian then paused as Broly began to hold his head again in pain. He yelled in agony as he fought against Leader’s powers. Energy began blasting from the sayian’s body, shooting off in random directions. Hulk could see the display of wild power as what appeared to be a fireworks show all around him. He knew however that each one of the distant flashes was a planet being destroyed and a few billion lives lost.

    Galactus saw the flashes in the distance and began to move towards the anomaly. He soon realized that billions of lives were being destroyed as well as hundreds of planets. He could only wonder what was powerful enough to destroy that many planets in mere moments. He also noted that whatever it was it could even be a threat to him if not stopped.

    Hulk knew then that he could not take the beast out quickly and that attacking the sayian would only anger him and cause more people to die. He had to find another way to stop him, but with only the void of space around him he could only float there. Broly then began to calm as he regained control of his mind, realizing he had not only attacked the wrong enemy but he wasn’t even in the right universe. He looked to Hulk and mumbled, “I’m sorry.”
     Hulk cocked his head curiously.
     Galactus showed up a moment later to see what the commotion was all about. He noted the strange humanoid creature and the Hulk. After hearing the story he brought the Hulk back to earth and disappeared with the sayian in a flash of light. Hulk gave a salute to the sky having met his equal in combat. He knew the sayian was evil, but part of the sayian seemed sad, part of him seemed justified even, as if once he realized who and where he was, he couldn’t progress with his destruction or their battle. It seemed the massive sayian was still looking for something or someone.
     Hulk let out a deep breath and continued with his daily routine.


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Heres link to PArt I:
And heres Part II:

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Dude, how long did this take you?

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@ComicStooge: like an hour or two writing and editing. But in total with research and plotting like 4 hours or so.
 Thanks for reading tho,
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this was badass!
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Awesome yet again!

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you like to use 'nearby' a lot don't you?

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@thor5993: Thanks XD
@Warcry80: Thank you very much =)
@LT1085: heh, didn't notice that.

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@GT-Man: thanx 
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@Epic Battle Bard: this was awesome good job man!!
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@Dark Zoom: thank you very much =D
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**I'm still checking for responses on these Stories, so even if it says "Last Post 1 Week ago" or w/e, if you enjoyed it or have something to say, please say so, I am still checking these and will definitely respond when I'm on, thanks**

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epic! What an destructive battle :)
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@RadiantTheLight: =D
I figured these two wouldn't know the meaning of "taking it easy" heh. Thanks for the comments.
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Nice writing man. The hulk in your story seems much more powerful than the marvel one, but you had to to make the fight interesting.

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@Prince of Saiyans: haha, thanks =D
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I liked your story. Maybe, one day, it will be a crossover story. Wouldn't that be cool?!

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awesome story....awesome, awesome, awesome. still, I think hulk could have taken him. lol

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Lol Broly bitch please