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      Part 1:
     Leader fidgeted uneasy in the cave. The sun was setting and still Mercy was nowhere to be seen. Then like a shadow she appeared behind him. He turned on her sharply and jumped from the shock, his large cranium seemed as though it was pulsating. After a moment he hissed, “What took you so long!
     “I was distracted along the way, a poor family needed some,” she smirked and after a moment concluded, “…mercy.”
     He shuttered at the thought, nearly regretting this whole arrangement, but pushed that idea from his mind. He then said, “Well shall we begin?”
     “I have already made contact with Brian Banner in the next life.”
     “What must I do?”
     “I will help you project an astral image of yourself to travel with mine to the Hell realm.”
     “Then let’s begin.”
     Mercy began to sync her mind with Leader’s. After a few moments they were off, their astral projections moving through space and time, landing in Hell. There they saw the specter of Brian Banner, the Hulk’s father. He nodded his head at them and approached the duo. Mercy smirked and asked, “What have you discovered so far.”
     “Well nothing concrete, but there are whispers of a neutral Hell.”
     The Leader and Mercy glanced at each other confused, and then motioned for him to continue.
     “There are other universes you see, and each has their own Hell or Hells in some cases.” He paused and then went on, “They say there is a neutral Hell, between the evil dead of all the universes, only when something is so powerful it breaks free of its own Hell is it sent here.”
     Leader grinned at the thought. Mercy asked, “Just whispers though?"
     “I wouldn’t know; you’d have to make contact with Mephisto here to get an true answer.”
     The little, large-skull, green man scoffed at the notion.
     Mercy replied calmly, “I will take it from here Leader; you just wait for my return with our warrior.”
     Leader only nodded his response and a moment later his image faded away. Mercy motioned for Brian to lead her to Mephisto. After a short while they appeared before the powerful Demon. He looked at them confused and infuriated. Mercy spoke first, “We require your help Mephisto to destroy the Hulk.”
     The demon seemed to calm dramatically at that. He said, “Explain.”
     After Mercy and Brian explained the whole story the demon said, “Well there is such a plane, but before we do this you have to be sure, you don’t know what you could be unleashing on your world.”
     “Leader will be in total control of the creature, he is very persuasive.”
     Mephisto nodded and created an astral image of himself. With his demonic powers he opened a portal in the room where the trio walked through. On the other side they could see a world of darkness, the black stones dully illuminated from the bursts of lava and fire happening all around. Mephisto took a moment to scan the realm mentally.

     Leader waited impatiently, staring at the body of Mercy. She seemed in a deep meditation. He wondered what being of power they would be bringing.   He hoped for a creature of some intelligence, one where he could learn things from, but not too smart for he needed to make sure his mind control abilities would hold. He walked for the opening of the forest cave, his humanoids on scouting duty around the entrance. He then turned back for Mercy and sat down. He wondered how much longer he would need to wait.

     Mephisto lead them on their way. He said, “There is one big being down here reeking havoc on anything in sight. It is known as a Sayian.”
     Mercy asked, “Sayian?”
     “In its universe it is a species of warriors who look like humans. They have a natural sixth sense to fight and battle well.”
     “So a natural fighter.”
     “Not just that, you see the beings of this universe possess a certain power which comes from within them. It is their life-force as well as their means to attack and such.”
     “As this energy increases, all their attributes and power increase as well.”
     “So this thing's power is limitless as long as its life-force keeps increasing?”
     “In a sense, yes, the Sayians possess a certain ability called a Zenkai that whenever they recover from battle their power jumps dramatically, which is what allowed them over time to become the ultimate powers in their universe.”
     “I see, so this creature is amongst the most powerful in its universe.”
     “Well there are other details to this universe as well.”
     “Such as?”
     “A legend.”
     “Go on,” she bade as they made their way.
     Mephisto explained about the legend of the Super Sayian. He also explained about the universe being a bit more and the strange seven orbs known as the Dragonballs. They came to a stop upon sight of the large humanoid. He bulged with muscles, even larger than Hulk normally was. The Sayian’s hair was golden-yellow and spiked out wildly all over. His eyes were all white and his expression was a wicked grinned. The large alien turned towards the approaching trio and phased for them, connecting a right with Mercy sending her flying backwards. Mephisto quickly used his powers to send waves of calmness through the brute and communicating with him mentally.
     Broly calmed at the offer of renewed life and escape from Hell. Mephisto quickly searched the Sayians mind and memories to learn of his life. He came across images of the being’s Bio-form, which gave him the ability of hyper-healing and regeneration. He came across a memory of childhood, where the Sayian’s anger jumped. An infant sayian next to him in the infirmary continually crying. The name Kakorrot repeatedly began to yell in his head.
     Mephisto saw the battles the Sayian had undergone and his limitless power. He began to manipulate the memory as he done many times in the past, changing only the image of the sayian to the image of the Hulk. After many moments he was able to manipulate the brute into thinking Hulk was this Kakorrot. He then turned to Mercy and said, “I will enter this universe and gather the seven dragonballs to wish this creature back to life.”

     After a few months in the other universe, Mephisto made his wish and Broly was alive again, however Mephisto made the wish so he would keep cells of his Bio-form allowing him the power of regeneration. The powerful demon took the brute back to the land of the living in his universe where Mercy and Leader were patiently waiting. Broly was in his base form; much smaller than the form Mercy had seen thanks to the calming impulses Mephisto was constantly sending through him. As soon as the Sayian stepped through the portal, Leader began his mind control technique, forcing the brute under his will.
     He looked at the blank-faced sayian unimpressed and scoffed, “Perhaps we should expose him to some gamma radiation to be safe.”
     Mercy explained, “In his universe he destroyed an entire galaxy, I don’t think gamma is required.”
     “Well he’s so pathetic looking.”
     “Look, he has the ability to regenerate and his own sayian cells allow him to jump in power from healing, so throughout the fight he will be constantly regenerating or better healing so his power will be jumping constantly.”
     Leader shrugged unimpressed. He reluctantly took the brute with him as they made their way for the location of Bruce Banner. Neither of them knew that Broly’s power didn’t rise dramatically in former battles because of the Sayian Zenkai, it rose because once unleashed he had no limits--the Zenkai did play a factor in his current base power however like all Sayians after each battle. His ki would constantly and continually rise without a cap each passing second once unleashed. They were within view of him in only a few hours. Mercy appeared and Bruce instantly began to change. His eyes turned green as did his skin. His muscles began to bulge and grow, tearing his shirt apart. His shoes busted open to reveal his huge feet.
     A flash of anger shot through the brute as he looked upon the Hulk. He growled, “Kakorrot!”
     Leader looked up at the sayian curiously; he felt the alien fighting against his control. The sayian growled loudly and a flaming energy aura flashed around him flowing up. He dashed from Leader and crashed into Hulk with a knee, knocking the unsuspecting brute a few steps back. Hulk spun about with a clap which sent the sayian flying backwards. Broly screamed, “Kakorrot!”
He was breaking Leaders control as his rage and power rose. His hair spiked out wildly and turned a yellowish-green hue. His muscles contracted and bulged, his bones seemed to extend and thicken as well increasing his size by double. The mind control was slowly cracking as his power rose in his super sayian form. Hulk was slightly confused but not intimidated as he was still much larger. Hulk threw a powerful right as Broly threw a green energy blast. Both attacks hit and sent both foes flying backwards.
     Hulk was up first and Broly was right there with a right hook. Hulk blocked and countered with a right of his own into the sayian’s ribs. He then brought his defending arm across in a powerful hook, twisting his body so to increase its force with his legs and hips. Broly was sent flying miles back, collapsing two mountains before he stopped. The sayian yelled even louder, his ki jumping higher as he was closer to freeing himself from Leader. He flew back in at Hulk, three energy blasts leading the way, two hitting the ground around the brute disorienting him and third connected with his face.
     Hulk regained vision just in time to see Broly coming at him with a knee. Hulk accepted the blow and in stride tossed a head butt into Broly’s chest, sending him to the ground. Broly screamed again, his power rising as he levitated into the air. Leader fought hard to keep his control but then it happened. His mind control broke and Broly was free.
A wide smile spread across the sayian’s face as his Ki started to rise rapidly. He was now free and therefore had no limit. The sayian cackled manically as his aura began ascending, the power shook the earth around them and even blew the Hulk back a few steps. His body flashed and his muscles contracted and bulged several times increasing his size by four times, making him and Hulk even-sized. His hair was now golden-yellow and spiked out everywhere. His eyes were completely white as he entered his legendary super sayian form, the form Mercy had seen in Hell.
     The form in which every passing moment his ki rose.  
     Hulk looked even more confused this time and gave a punch which bounced off Broly’s chest. The sayian laughed and slammed his fist into Hulk’s chest, knocking him backwards into a mountain nearly one hundred miles away. Broly took a step in his direction, the ground cratered under his foot from the immense power his body was radiating.
Hulk let out a roar and leaped back into the fight, his confusion now replaced with pure anger. Broly kept smiling, his evil chuckle subsided. 
     Leader looked to Mercy and scolded, “What the hell have you brought here.”

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Heres the link to PArt II:

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Great set up! I like this battle!

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@Warcry80: Thank you very much, I had to do a bit of research to come up with a plotline, but was happy with it, more so than my Superman vs Goku story anyways. Thanks a bunch for the feedback =)
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**I'm still checking for responses on these Stories, so even if it says "Last Post 1 Week ago" or w/e, if you enjoyed it or have something to say, please say so, I am still checking these and will definitely respond when I'm on, thanks**

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This is getting awesome. BTW, all of your fanfics are awesome.
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@RadiantTheLight: XD
thank you very much, appreciate it much =)
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Good story, sir.