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Alright guys im sorry but there was something wrong with the other thread so i'll post a link to the other one if you need to be cuaght up on anything. But this is the begining of Boken's empire on Earth.

#Chapter 1

The story takes place 2 years in the future and in that very short time Darkenterprise has became a household name. They are the creators of new Mutonian tech. The mutonian tek May be old to them, but it is very advanced for the humans. Beacuse they created Weapons the military has issued nearly all of the contracts with Dark Enterprise. Boken is sitting on top of Billions, But enough with the catching up we need to continue forth with the story.

We start with Boken's alarm clock blareing. Boken pulled out his .38 Revolver that he had under his pillow and shot the clock

"F&^%en piece of $h!t wakeing me up from a good dream."

Boken sat streight up and swon his body around to the right side of his bed. He placed both of his hands on his head and his elbows on his knees. He put his gun down on the nightstand that once held his alarm clock. Then Boken stood up and streched. he went on the tips of his toes and spread his arms as far as he could. He then yelled,

"RAAAA. That felt good."

Boken yawned and walked over to his closet. he looked at his wardrobe and decided to wear the clothes that he usually wears. he put on his black pants, then his white T, and finally the black leather jacket. He then walked over to this maniquin head, and a pair of maniquin hands. He took His shades from the first and put it on. he then took his rolex that was daimond studded from the hands, well atleast it apeared to be a diamond watch. what it really was was a comunicator between him, the house, his office, and his family, not to mention that the diamonds are really crystals that explode on contact. Boken walked to the picture frame. the picture was of his family. He Took a long look at it. He chuckeled.

"he he. Wow i really can't beleave that we came all this way. my family has been there for me through the worst. theres nuthing i could do to repay them for all the love they gave me, thats why i will be shure to give them the royal life onthis planet, but not before explotining Jono's ablity of an advanced intellect."

He raised the Picture and behind it was a safe, but it wasn't like anyohter safe. it was made from adamatium and you needed to do a code, use a Key, a finger print scan, and on top of that Boken must use Darkness to open it. after he opened the safe he pulled out the ledgendary and Most powerful Blade known to Mutonica, THe Boken Blade. He consealed it on his back. then he turned on the comunicator and talked to Chris.

"Hey bro do you know if Jono is done with the testin yet?"

"Umm i think so. Come down here and check it."

"K then stay still"

Boken did a shadow port, a teleportaion that happens from BOken's shadow to some one's shadow that he as already tastted alitle of its darkness. He placed his hand on his brother's shoulder.

"Alright little Bro lets see what Jono has."

When the walked into Jono's personal Lab they saw he was wearing a white lab coat and protective googles he was standing next to a machine marked S.P.A.T.  Jono flipped the switch and then you heard sreams of pain comeing from the pods. the Pods contained humans in it. they volenteered to be the first of Boken's soiliders. 5 minutes passed then the pods opened they opened and smoke exited from them. out came 4 humans that were genetically altered their skin became geen and they all got there best atribute amplified by 1,000,000. Jono took of his lab equipement and walked towards his Brothers.

"Tom i hope you like these guys, there the fisrt batch that survived."

"Ah Jono your a genius, i have a special job for these four later on. there going to knock over the 1st federal bank. im running a little low on under the Tabel money so this is a perfect opertunity to both test their loyalty to the Darks and their stregth."

"Well allow me to intraduce them Brother, the short one here is Iny. He has his speed increased. The next one and the Biggest fellow of the team is his twin brother Meany. He has super strength. he is stronger then three bulls, plus the potential to be stronger. The next one is our explosive master and a bit crazy. this is Miney. he is the youngest, but the most deadly, And last but not least we have the gun master and there eldest brother Carl. Carl has the ability to shoot blasts from his palms."

"Ah jono the S.P.A.T. Project is your best work yet. if this job goes over well, we'll increase the funding so we can create more and more super thugs for our secret army."

Carl spoke up

"Master Boken, when do you wish us to strike?"

Boken looked over at the 4.

"You strike at the stroke of midnight. are we clear?"

"Crystal Sir"

Boken left while the 4 prepared.

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veryyyyyy nice jobbbbb

loving the new charactersss i'm very interested

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thanks babe chapter 2 will be up either tonight or tomorrow night

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I enjoyed it as well (this is AZ), I've been waiting for a while and I like it :D

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yea sorrry tek bout the wait as i said before i had somethin wrong with the ld thread and it didn't let me make any new posts, under any account.

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#Chapter 2

The day fadded into the night and Boken checked his watch.

"Ah Showtime."

Boken then walked from his liveing room to his bed room. He then opened the giant sliding door and walked out on his balcony. From there he could watch the city. His balcony was about 25 stories above ground. He saw a car move from the parking lot from across the street. The car was a Black Ford Crown Vic. Inside the car was the 4 brothers. Carl was driving miney was in shot gun, and the twins were in the back. The Bank was three blocks away. Meany popped his head in the between Miney and Carl. Now as i forgot to mention before carl is the brains of the suit, but Meany is the idiot.

"Dahhh, When are we goin to get there Carl?"

"Soon my little Brother soon. I can already feal them begin to fear us. Now go back I'll tell you when to get out.'

Carl was driving around the bank and then they found the back door where Boken place a bag with the begining of the teleportation machine that they have been workin on. So far it could only transport things that were not living. the only way that they can get Boken the money on a hundred percent garuntee. Boken needed everythin to go perfect beacuse this is the unvaling of his army. The four got out of the car and walked to the door. Carl turned to his brothers

"Iny this is a simple grab and dash. Take the bag and take the money and get out asap. Meany if you would be so kind."

Carl Pointed to the door.

"Dah Ok Carl your the boss."

Meany ripped the door off and set the alarm off. Carl yelled.

"F&%$. I didn't count on that. Iny get the money Miney start the car."

and like a Bolt of lighting Iny went in and took al the money. people had no idea what the tiny blur was that took everything. the three remaining brothers got in the car and began driveing out. Carl touched his earpiece.

"Iny Meet us in the next town over."

After 10 minutes the brothers got back together.

"How did it go?"

"It went  acording to plan.'

"Ah good job little brother."

Iny got a crazed look across his face and then he jump and took carl down. He then pulled a knife and placed it at Carl's neck.

"Who you callin Little?"

"OH im sorry iny i was implying little as in younger."

"YOu better have."

"Well we better be heading back to the Boken's HQ. He'll determin how well it went."

All of a sudden Boken walked out of the shadows.

"There will be no need to go to Boken for he has come to you. YOu four have been a great addition to my army. please acept my humble offer weekly spat treatment to make you stronger and a salary of 100,000 a month."

They all said in unison

"We Acept"

Excelent, Said Boken with a twisted grin on his face, Welcome to the New world order,

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soooooo good

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thanks next chaper will be up soon

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I liked it as well, but just out of curiosity, will this be a story about Boken or moreso focused upon the crew?

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well the first couple of chapters are mainly placeing everything in order for the next big rival. His new rival will be more powerful then Drackath and possible stronger then Boken. But yea this chapter was mainly about them the next 1 or 2 will probably be the same, But once the new rival sows up things will smooth out

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Boken said:
"well the first couple of chapters are mainly placeing everything in order for the next big rival. His new rival will be more powerful then Drackath and possible stronger then Boken. But yea this chapter was mainly about them the next 1 or 2 will probably be the same, But once the new rival sows up things will smooth out"
ah, I see, well, I guess now I'm just going to have to be really excited for the new rival :D
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yrs he has a close relation ship to Boken and whole new reason for wanting him dead.

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good work B

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thanks Tj

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#Chapter 3

Boken returned to his office. He went to his bookself and pulled out the green book. no the bookshelf didn't turn into a secret passage way but the book was very imposrtant. The book was an ancient text that would help the present Boken know how to control there powers better. Boken had learned nearly everything that could help him, But he needed to think of when he had a son of his own. perhaps he dies while his son is still in the womb. He needed to know that there was a way that his son could know how to control the never ending power that comes with the Title Boken. Also since Boken's son will posses all the powers of the Bokens before him, includeing his father's power. If you thought that him being able to push pass his fisrt transformation just alittle, imagine what his son will be able to do. Boken then began to chant under his breath. To any normal person all is was was mubling, but to a Boken what he was speaking was the Language of Darkness. the Language is the key to the Boken's book. The only way the book can be read is with the language, with out it all you see is blank pages. Boken finished his page that regestered how to control your hatred so that the blade can stay in it's true form even in the light. all of a sudden a streak of flame passeshis window. Boken quickley shut his book before finishing the final and most important section about controling the blade. He opened the window and yelled at the fire starter.


"Sorry tom its just i know how caught up you get when your wrighting in that book of yours and Jono has something that you need to see."

Boken breathes heavaly for a second then pinches the thing between your two eyes(Not shure whats that called) and begins to rubb it. He regained composure. he readjusted his shades and talked calmly to his brother.

"Did Jono tell you what its about?"

"Yea he said he found somethin out there."

Chris pointed to the sky.

"It couldn't be Mutonian could it?"

"Why are you askin me Tom, Jono has all the answers."

"Alright I'll be there in a second."

Boken then teleported to Jono's shadow. He placed his hand on Jono's shoulder and Jono jumped out of his seat yellin.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH,. Ah Tom, Why did you have to scare me.

"I didn't mean to Jono, but i heard you fond some thing."

"Not something Tom, Someone."

"Some one who?"

"There on a mutonian ship about 3 million miles out. The ship also bears the Royal seal on it."

"A relative!!! Can we make contact with them?"

"Im trying but our tech isn't that advance here im gonna need to re wire something here."

Jono opens the control panel and goins in up to his chest.

"Damn it Jono every second we waste is a second the could be-----"

"Done now we can talke to them."

Jono crawled out and pressed the mike button.

"Care to do the Honors Tom?"

"Certanly Jono. Attention ship of the Planet Mutonica. This is Krad Mot state your name"

it sounded a little fuzzy but they heard

"Mot, Mot is that you. Thank Boken that your still alive its your cousin Krad Reber."

"Reber! Stay cool man were on our way to bring you home"

Mot turned to Jono.

"Turn on the tractor Beam."

Reber's ship began to be pulled toward earth. Reber callled his sons Calipso and Goldeye. they came to him and they all watched as the planet became clearer and clearer in view. all of a sudded a sick and twisted grin went across Reber's Face.

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blantly the happiest one yet....cept for that little bit at the end

i still LOVED it tho

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thanks chapter 4 will be around soon since im home for a while.

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#Chapter 4

As Reber's ship came into the dock boken waited at the end. The hatch of the ship opened and and some smoke poured into the room out walked Reber and his two sons. Boken walked up the ramp.

"Cousin Reber its been to long."

Boken embraced Reber. Reber and Boken used to be as close as family could get. I mean they were both born in the same month. There fathers were even Identical twins.

"Ah Mot, how has life been since the explosion."

"Well you see its been goin well. I have my health, my family, and a new empire that im creating here on this mud ball. we must eat. Come cousin the planet's cuisine isn't as good as mutonica's but we must make do."

"Ah thanks you Mot, but before we got you remember your nephews right."

"Oh yes my how much you two have grown"

"Yeah they grew beacuse there was some kind of time riff. before they were barely todlers now there Sirhc'c age."

"Wow cousin thats good i gusse. Atleast you can worry less."

"No a father can never worry less about his own flesh and blood."

"Thats true. oh and before i forget Jono bring the traslator."

Jono brought Boken that sirenge type thing filled with american blood. after it was administered to the three they all left and entered Boken's limo.

"So is this how the people of this planet manuver from place to place?"

"Ah no, only the extremely wealthy."

The arrived at the resturant. The name of it was Vintage. They placed there orders. Then they ate, drank and were merry. Then on the ride home Reber uses some sort of pyskick connetion with his sons to tell them to show Mot there true Power. Boken was haveing a great time laughing and drinking, untill he met eyes with his nephews. you see calipso had a green eye and a blue eye, whyle goldeye had you guessed it a yellow eye. when they turn on there true power they have a hynotic trace that leaves you with a chill runnin sown you spine. they all  went back to the mansion and Boken placed them in the guest rooms. When Boken walked to his room all he could think about were those eyes. He couldn't think about it then, but he could feal the presence of pure evil. Meanwhile Reber was staring at the ceiling of his room luaghin hystarically. His plan was going flawlessly.

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yay!!!! good job i loves itttt

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OOC: I'm sorry thats its been a while since i last posted but i've been busy with life and my head was getting filled with my other character Knights rather then Boken well lets pick up where we left off.

#Chapter 5

Boken had a strange dream. He could see the Hand of darkness, as you may not recall is the weapon of the Darkhonest. He was aprocimately 5 years old and his father was standign before him. he then said something that stayed with Boken

"Ah Mot, my first born son. Mutonica is your nation and it is your duty to defend her and your clan. You either live by the sword or on the sword it, is your choice"

Boken then remembered as the sword passed from his father's hand to his. the darkness control that Boken had was incomplete thus the sword transformed into its normal state rather then the 3rd states that all Bokens can achieve with no problem. the dream sped up a few years where he reached the age of 7. on Mutonica you begin learning your trade at that age. Boken was taken by his father to the court yard where his father began to take off his amour. he stood infront of Boken and said.

"Son you are powerful. i sense much darkness within you, but unless you can cut me with that blade your training is incomplete. no show me what you got."

So Boken drew the weapon that he has been training iwht for the past 2 years and aimed it at his father. He didn't know it now but this was the second important moment of his young life. he would swing his blade at his father, not having much control over it but he didn't care. he kept going at him.


Boken didn't like hearing that and he snapped he unleashed his power that remained dormant for years. he was able to make the blade turn into its second form. he came so close to hitting his father that he cut the front of his hair about 1/4th of an inch.

"wow Mot. you've already turned your blade into its transistion phase. its only a matter of time till you cna assume my blade."

the two laughed and walked out but Boken felt a dark presence, a rather jealous presense.

Boken woke up and swung his legs to the ground. he placed his elbows on his legs and  his hands on his head.

"The hell was i thinking about that for."

then his sword appeared in his hand without Boken calling it.

"Thats Bizzare. i never knew that my sword had a mind of its own."

Boken Got dressed and left his room to meet with his family. he saw his cousin Reber in the Kitchen.

"A Reber. i take it you slept well last night?"

"Like a new born Infant."

"excellent help yourself to whatever food you like i need to talk to jono excuse me."

Boken went to Jono's lab and waited there. he comtemplated about his dream and what could of caused him to have it. he also thought how could my sword travel to me on its own will. what Boken doesn't know is that the blade doesn't posses just a mind, but a soul as well, and not any soul but all the souls of the 999 Bokens before him. they were trying to warn Boken of that dark presense that he felt at age 7. He knew something was wrong then but he was to blind now to see it infront of his very eyes. The blade may have the souls but they can not speak. if they need to comunicate with the Boken it is through a thing called the Dark Scape. a dream land where the souls can comunicate to the living with the Dreams and recreatements of memories. Boken was suppose to learn this from his father, unfortunately Egroeg  forgot to mention it before the great Ralos Rebellion. I hope Boken learns what the souls of the departed are trying to warn him about before something bad happens. mean while Reber talked to his sons.

"Boys be sure you get a good look at your Uncle today. The power of the eyes that your mother passed down to you must be used to its fullest extent"

they both replied simutaneously

"Yes Father."

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only the last bit was a smidge confusing (then again it could be because i dont feel well)

whose talking???

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Reber and the final Yes father was his sons, Calipso and Goldeye

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when I have the time I'm going to have to (re)read all 5 chapters so I can remember what was happening but I'm sure it was a good post you just made :P

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lol thanks man i know its been a while, (5 months) since i last posted and i appologize but ill be better with these next chapeters coming up. i was trying to find a good trasitional chapter so here it is

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Su hermano mí, impresionante post. Sin embargo, mantener el conocimiento de que su yo en DL
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Boken was waiting for about a half hour before Jono popped out of his new project. The S.H.A.R.P. as it was a pod that was suppose to put animal attributes into regular people. much like Lex Luthor's metagene treatments, Boken wanted his army to be able to survive any terrain/ any one that would be able to fight back at them. the first three survivors of this trial walked out with Jono.

"hey tom, i was just about to call you to show you the newest task force on top of the four brothers. these ones seem more promising then the others."

"well tell me there abilities brother."

"this fist man is Eddie Turago, He has the ability to transform into a shark, and everything in between."

"i would like to be called Shark Bait."

Boken looked at him and said

"so it shall be, and the others?"

"This one over here is noose. He doesn't have a real name he was abandoned since birth. he got the nickname noose because he use to hang his victims. he has the ability to transform into a snake."

"How many have you murdered noose?"


"Well then you have no problem getting your hands dirty then do you?"

"not at all my lord. i took this job inorder to get my hands dirty."

"Excellent, Jono the last one."

"this man runs the local pipe gang around here. he is a Mr. Robert Mane. He didn't want the power to transform, but he wanted to be spliced. he is permanetly half man and half Lion."

"Ah going with the strength and agility of a cat, but with the face that you can never forget. How many members are in your gang Mr. Mane"

"We have around 150 scattered across New York and about 50 in this general area."

"Can you get them here for treatments?"

"I will My lord."

"Excellent  i wish for you three too stop by the spenzoli crime family. they haven't payed me for my weapons i gave them. I want my weapons and the money i rightfully own. retieve this for me and we will nagotiate what your wages will be is that understood?"

the three replied

"Yes My Lord"

"excellent, come jono cousin reber is waiting for us."

The two brothers left while the three animal powered villians left to fing the spenzoli's hide out.