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(As Lawrence walks out of into the lawn, he is greeted by several angry looking villagers. Leading them is Matthew, Father John's assistant who spoke with him just before Father John brought Lawrence back. Lawrence backs away with a look of worry and terror, some of the men hold guns.)

Lawrence Talbot: What is the meaning of this?

Matthew: I've heard some...Rumors, Mr Talbot. That you were bitten by some kind of wild beast 16 nights ago?

Lawrence Talbot: Leave me alone.

(The villagers slowly start to walk towards Lawrence, and quickly grab him.)

Matthew: I won't let you endanger the people of Duncester. The wolf-man's bloodline must be severed.
Lawrence Talbot: Wolf-man? What are you talking about? My father's going to hear about this!

Matthew: You're father doesn't know I'm here. We'll just say it was a little hunting accident. Shooting buck in the wild.

(As the villagers try and pull and drag Lawrence, he struggles. Lawrence strikes one of them in the face, knocking him out. As another tries and restrains him, he bites his hand. Suddenly, a gun shot is heard. Gwen Conliffe emerges from the forest, rifle in hand, smoke from the barrel. She points it at the villagers)

Gwen Conliffe: Get off my property!

Matthew: Ms. Conliffe...

(Gwen shoves the barrel of the rifle at the chin of Matthew. She turns the safety off.)

Gwen Conliffe: I swear on my parents graves. If you don't let go off Lawrence and get off my land, everyone of you will die on Conliffe soil. Get out!

(Matthew backs away slowly, the rest of the villagers following. Lawrence turns towards Gwen, who rests the rifle on her shoulder as she walks away)

Lawrence Talbot: You a good shot with that rifle?

Gwen Conliffe: Didn't really need to be at that range, but you can call me Britain's Oakley with this rifle.

(Cut to Lawrence at the river underneath the stone bridge. He picks up a rock and skips it. A gunshot is heard, as we see Gwen Conliffe practicing her shot on clay pigeons. After shooting 3 clay pigeons, Gwen sets the rifle down and walks near Lawrence.)

Gwen Conliffe: Lawrence...You alright?

Lawrence Tabot: Yes...

Gwen Conliffe: I'm sorry...I feel...So responsible for what happened to you. If I hadn't given you that lead...

Lawrence Talbot: No...I need to stay. Whether or not I feel comfortable about my life in Duncester

(Lawrence picks up a rock and skips it)

Lawrence Talbot: It is a part of my history.

(Lawrence picks up a rock and offers it to Gwen.)

Gwen Conliffe (Laughing): No...

Lawrence Talbot: Try it...

(Gwen takes the rock)

Gwen Conliffe: I can't...Make it skip like you.

(She throws the rock as it simply splashes in the water.)

Lawrence Talbot (Doing a skipping motion: You have to flick it...

(Lawrence gives another rock to Gwen. He takes her by the hand to show her the motion, guiding her almost.)

Lawrence Talbot: When you throw it,turn your wrist up and whip it. Wrist up and whip it.

(Lawrence and Gwen look at each other for about 3 seconds, not a word is said, but Lawrence blushes. He backs away, his hand behind his back.)

Lawrence Talbot: And...And make sure you swing your hips.

(Gwen throws the stone and it skips. She laughs as Lawrence claps, congratulating her.)

Gwen Conliffe: What's it like in New York?

(Lawrence is about to answer, but when Gwen turns around, he sees a flash of what looks like some kind of barely seen monster holding Gwen's dead body. A roar follows, as Lawrence jumps back.)

Gwen Conliffe: Lawrence...What's wrong?

(Lawrence is silent for a moment before smiling.)

Lawrence Talbot: Nothing, probably just sick that's all. I hear the gypsies know all about illnesses, I think I'll visit Maleva tonight to talk to her about it.

To be continued...