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(Continued from Part 1, if you haven't read it, you MUST read Part 1 before reading this...)

(Continued from Part 2, if you haven't read it, you MUST read Part 2 before reading this...)

(An overhead shot of the cloudy sky, cut to Lawrence exiting his car with Father John. He joins up with Mercutio, who gives Lawrence a solemn nod. Cut to later in the funeral, where Father John is making a speech at the funeral. Lawrence has his head down, until he notices a woman. She has long, red hair, green eyes and a long black dress. She wears a large black hat and a headdress slightly covering her face. She wears 2 half-moon shaped earrings. She is Gwen Conliffe, the beautiful woman who mourned Jim's death in Part 1 and who was in the locket. Lawrence can't take his eyes of her for 15 seconds. Gwen looks back up at Lawrence, tears in her eyes. Lawrence hides his head with his homburg hat, turning towards Jim's coffin, carefully being placed in the grave. Cut to after the funeral as Lawrence approaches Gwen as she walks away.)

Lawrence Talbot: Are...Are you Ms. Conliffe?

(Gwen nods solemnly)

Lawrence Talbot: I am aware, your fiance was Jim. I...I grew up with him as a child, he was a good friend. Good friend and a good man. I have the utmost sympathies for your loss.

Gwen Conliffe: That's very kind of you...You know for a while I wasn't really sure whether he was dead. He'd been missing a week and some...Stupid, schoolgirl side of me clung on to the hope I'd see my Jim again. I suppose it's better to just know what happened to him...And move on.

Lawrence Talbot: Moving on is important, but it's okay to let the world pause for a moment at times like these.

Gwen Conliffe (Wiping her eyes with her gloved hand): I didn't catch your name.

Lawrence Talbot (Extending his hand to shake hers): Lawrence, Lawrence Talbot.

(Gwen Conliffe has a look of shock and horror in her eyes, stepping back.)

Gwen Conliffe: Did...Did you say...Talbot?

Lawrence Talbot: Yes, my father's John Talbot, local priest. I recently returned to Duncester for a few weeks after I...

(Gwen Conliffe steps back, as if she's looking at a monster. Then, she picks up speed and runs away.)

Lawrence Talbot: Ms Conliffe? Ms Conliffe, wait please!

(Gwen's driver is already driving away by the time Lawrence reaches the street. Mercutio follows Lawrence and put his hand on his back.)

Mercutio: So you met Gwen Conliffe?

(Lawrence looking at the ground, disappointed in himself)

Mercutio: Don't blame yourself. Talbots and Conliffes have had a bit of a rivalry over the years, goes back to our childhood days. You didn't start it and you sure as Hell didn't kill Jim.

Lawrence Talbot (Turning towards Mercutio): What was the rivalry over?

Mercutio: Who knows? It's rubbish if you ask me, far more important things to kill each other over than a mere feud of two households. Like the name of the Queen, or a beautiful wife...Or a good Spiced rum.

(Mercutio wanders of in too the foggy graveyard whistling "God Save The Queen". Cut to the Conliffe Antique shop where Lawrence walks in to see a woman with tied back hair, a white dress and wearing an apron on her neck. She is cleaning up the shop with a broom in hand. This is Jenny Williams, played by Kelly MacDonald. She looks up and smiles at Lawrence.)

Jenny Williams: Good afternoon. I'm Jenny Williams, Gwen will be back in just a minute. Just putting on her earrings.

Lawrence Talbot: Jenny Williams? You're engaged to Mercutio Muntford, am I wrong?

Jenny Williams: Why yes. We plan to marry in the Fall, neither of us are very rich at the moment, and neither of us have many preparations for the wedding. You know Mercutio?

Lawrence Talbot: Yes, I'm a friend of his. Lawrence...

Gwen Conliffe (Off-screen):...Talbot.

(Gwen Conliffe walks in approaching the register. Jenny looks back at Lawrence, and then back at Gwen)

Gwen Conliffe: I'm sorry for my behavior earlier. You were being friendly and I was too rude and backward to listen.

Lawrence Talbot: Don't be. As the locals say, it is easy to lose oneself in anger in these times.

Gwen Conliffe: Nonetheless...We can't have people at each others throats due to problems they aren't responsible for. If we do, we bring ourselves to the level of beasts.

Lawrence Talbot: You write poetry?

Gwen Conliffe: No, God I can't stand the stuff. But as my aunt says, I've been known to speak words of wisdom on occasion. So...Are you here for any particular reason?

(Lawrence is taken aback by the question, and mutters and blushes for a few moments.)

Lawrence Talbot: Well, since I'm here...Perhaps, I'll buy a cane!

(Lawrence and Gwen walk over to the cane stand.)

Gwen Conliffe: How about this one, solid gold top?

(Lawrence looks for a little and shakes his head)

Lawrence Talbot: No, I don't think that'll do.

(Gwen Conliffe looks a little longer, picking up another one.)

Gwen Conliffe: How about...This? Little dogs head, humor often helps with tragedy.

(Lawrence's eyes wander off to a cane. The handle is Silver Wolf's head, snarling, with an exaggerated snout. He picks it up in a sweeping motion)

Lawrence: I like this one. Never seen a cane like this, where did you find it?

(Gwen closes her eyes to think for a little, snapping her fingers when she get's the idea)

Gwen Conliffe: That particular item belonged to a Gypsy woman...Maleva. According to her, the cane belonged to her son. When he was murdered, she said that "the burden was too much to bear." Must've been some Gypsy thing...You know how they are.

(Lawrence Talbot looks at it some more, fascinated by the design. His expression only shows curiosity)

Lawrence Talbot: If you're trying to scare me away, it's not working...I'll take the cane.

Gwen Conliffe: That'll be 10 pounds.

(Lawrence Talbot hands Gwen 30 dollars, with an extremely slight smile. She looks up with a look of curiosity, as if Lawrence is a puzzle to be solved)

Gwen Conliffe: That's quite a tip.

Lawrence Talbot: You deserve it...After everything.

(Lawrence leaves the shop with the cane in hand, tipping his hat to Gwen and Jenny. The camera cuts to Gwen, who pauses before turning around slowly. Camera cuts to Lawrence sitting on the couch at his father's Rectory with his Silver Wolf Cane. Father John has just finished reading a book.)

Father John: Interesting cane Lawrence. Where'd you buy it?

Lawrence Talbot: Conliffe Antiques & Jewelry. Yes, it's definitely unique.

Father John: Reminds me of the legend of the werewolf

Lawrence Talbot (looking up at his father): Werewolf? What's that?

Father John: That's a man who against his will takes some of the physical characteristics of the wolf at each full moon. How does the poem go? "Even a man who is pure in heart, and says his prayers by night...

(Father John closes book)

Father John:...May become a wolf, when the wolfsbane blooms, and the autumn moon is bright.

Lawrence Talbot: So every full moon, he bites and snaps and howls at the moon?

Father John: Yes, and even worse than that sometimes.

(Lawrence Talbot scratches his chin slightly. His eyes open in realization.)

Lawrence Talbot: Wait...Gwen said that the cane belonged to the son of a Gypsy, that he was murdered...And Jim's locket was apparently sold to him by a gypsy

(Lawrence get's up and grabs his coat and homburg(

Father John: Lawrence, calm down! It's probably a mere coincidence, the two murders probably have nothing to do with one another!

(Lawrence searches the drawers frantically before finding a revolver and a small pack of bullets. He opens the chambers and places a bullet in each, before sliding the chamber back)

Lawrence Talbot: I know...But until any more information becomes open, it's all that we have.

(Lawrence walks to the door to exit, but is stopped by Father John.)

Father John: Lawrence!

(Lawrence turns around to his father, pausing)

Father John: Lawrence, be careful. There is not an ounce of doubt in the deepest recesses of my mind that the murderer was a man. No doubt a madman. Now, the moon is full tonight, and these...Lunar activities have been known to increase violence in the mentally disturbed. If you're going to take that revolver, you better be prepared to use it. Despite what you think of me, I don't...

(Father John slightly tears up)

Father John:...I don't want to lose you.

To be continued...

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@spideyivydaredevilfan26: Nice use of drama all around. I can't wait for the next chapter, as I recall that was were the first action scene takes place.

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@dngn4774 said:

@spideyivydaredevilfan26: Nice use of drama all around. I can't wait for the next chapter, as I recall that was were the first action scene takes place.

Yeah, we're finally gonna get some Wolf-Man action in part 3. :)

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Starting to heat up now :) Must say i am enjoying the pace at which this is being written it makes me want to read the next chapters straight away.But will save the final chapters till tomorrow.Once again well done for a very entertaining read :)

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@chaos_prime said:

Starting to heat up now :) Must say i am enjoying the pace at which this is being written it makes me want to read the next chapters straight away.But will save the final chapters till tomorrow.Once again well done for a very entertaining read :)

Thanks man. The werewolf attack actually takes place the next chapter, so you're in luck. :)