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(Gwen walks into the door of Conliffe Castle, as she enters, she sees Uncle Landis. Startled, she reserves herself. Uncle Landis has a sad expression on his face as he hugs his niece)
Uncle Landis: I'm sorry Gwen. Nobody could have predicted what happened.

Gwen Conliffe: So the weddings off?

(Uncle Landis and Gwen stare at each other for about 7 seconds. Gwen shakes her head, backing away.)
Gwen Conliffe: It's not off, is it?
Uncle Landis: Gwen...

Gwen Conliffe: I should have known! All you care about is yourself!

Uncle Landis: Gwen, please! Please, just listen...

(Gwen runs upstairs crying, shutting the door of her room. Uncle Landis begins to cry as he walks out the door of Conliffe Castle. As Gwen enters her room, she hears a rustling in her wardrobe. She turns towards it, walking slowly. She places her hand on the handle of the wardrobe, and as she turns it, Lawrence falls out. Gwen stares at Lawrence in horror.)

Gwen Conliffe: L...Lawrence? Lawrence, what have they done to you?

(Lawrence shakes his head, tears in his eyes. He looks up at Gwen.)

Lawrence Talbot: I am what they say I am...I am a monster. And so is my father...He killed Jim..And your family too.

(Gwen looks at Lawrence, crying as she covers her mouth. Cut to later, as we see Lawrence making a cross across his chest. He is wearing his coat, homburg and Silver Wolf Cane. He is praying. Gwen turns to Lawrence, sitting down with him.)
Gwen Conliffe:...I...I can help you.

(Lawrence laughs sarcastically, holding back tears)
Lawrence Talbot: There's no help for me...

Gwen Conliffe: If such things...Exist...If they are possible...Then, everything is...Magic...And God. I see you've found faith. You told me God gave you little reason to believe. Why are you finding faith in him now.

(Lawrence smiles, his eyes watering. He kneels on the ground before Gwen, his head facing the ground and holding her hands.)
Lawrence Talbot: You're right...There was a time when I had lost all faith in God. I thought him to be as imaginary as the stories of Wolf-Men and curses...And in my hopelessness it may be difficult for someone like myself to find faith. But then I look at you...The joy you've brought to my life...The solace you've brought to me in my time of tragedy. And when I look at you...

(Lawrence looks up at Gwen.)
Lawrence Talbot:...When I look at you I know that there is a God...Because he is what brought you into my life...What brought you into the world, a shining light in the darkness.

(Lawrence kisses Gwen's hands.)

Lawrence Talbot: George is the luckiest man on Earth to have a woman like you. For I'd have given anything I owned...To have known you in another life. I must face my father and amend his wrongs.

(Lawrence walks away, down the stairs. Gwen is in shock over Lawrence's confession. Gwen stands up.)
Gwen Conliffe: Lawrence!

(Lawrence turns to Gwen.)

Gwen Conliffe: Please let me help you...

(Lawrence looks down and sniffles before looking back up at Gwen, smiling brightly)

Lawrence Talbot: You already have.

(Cut to Lawrence walking on the lawn of Conliffe Castle. Thunder can be heard as the sky becomes grey and cloudy. Cut to Gwen running downstairs and outside to Lawrence.)
Gwen Conliffe: Lawrence...Don't..Just..Just stay here with me! Stay here with me!

(Gwen grabs hold of Lawrence's arm. She grabs both of his arms and torso. Lawrence looks back at Gwen with a confused look. We hear deafening thunder in the sky. A heavy rain falls on Lawrence and Gwen. Gwen laughs nervously through her tears. Suddenly, she grabs Lawrence and kisses him. At first, Lawrence is taken aback, but eventually, they kiss passionatley in a slow-mo shot as the rain slowly falls on their shoulders. Cut to Lawrence's face, as we see him closing his eyes as he kisses Gwen. As he opens them slightly, a tear runs down his face. Cut to a later shot, as we see Lawrence and Gwen in bed together, kissing and naked, though we don't see any graphic nudity. Both are crying as they make love. The shot slowly passes through time. Cut to the following morning, as we see Gwen waking up alone. A note is seen next to her bed. As she reaches to grab it, a knock is heard on the door. Gwen pauses.)
Gwen Conliffe: Coming, just need to grab some clothes!

(Cut to Gwen opening the door, wearing a long, black Victorian dress. As she opens it, she sees Mercutio standing at the door, his eyes puffy and red from crying.. He is carrying his Mauser-Vergueiro)

Mercutio: Ms. Conliffe...

Gwen Conliffe: Mercutio...What is the meaning of this?

Mercutio: Gwen, we both know what we saw last night. I love Lawrence like a brother, but I love my country more. You and Lawrence seem awful...Close. So naturally, you would be the first to know where he is.

Gwen Conliffe: Get out...

(Mercutio coughs, before approaching Gwen closer, grabbing her.)
Mercutio: Gwen, your intentions are nobler. You think you can save him, and if I could I would do everything in my power to do so but...You can't.

Gwen Conliffe: Get out!

(Mercutio snaps his fingers as two men grab Gwen's arms and begin to take her away.)
Gwen Conliffe: Leave him alone! Get your hands off me! Get your hands off me!

(Mercutio's eyes begin to water as he searches the room. He sees a mirror with a shadow of a human like form behind it.)
Mercutio: Lawrence, this hurts me more than it hurts you. Please, surrender!

(No response. Mercutio is now beginning to cry heavily as he points his rifle at the mirror, turning the safety off.)

Mercutio: Lawrence!!

(We hear a gunshot go of, as Gwen screams in agony, crying hysterically.)
Gwen Conliffe: NO!!

(Cut back to Mercutio, staring at a statue that was put behind the mirror. He hangs his rifle on his shoulder as he leaves the room and walks away. His comrades follow him. Gwen is in shock, breathing heavily as she walks back into her room. She picks up the note and begins to read it, as a montage is shown of Lawrence walking across the countryside.)

Lawrence (Narrating): My dearest Gwen...I love you more than life itself, which is why I cannot bare to put you into any more danger. As you read this, I will be tracking my father, until I finally face and confront him. In case we do not see each other again, I have 3 requests. First, If our actions have resulted in a child, I request that you travel to America by boat. It would not be safe for him to be raised in such a violent environment as Duncester, Second, on my visit, I met a prostitute named Mary, in the buisness out of necessity, not intention. She told me of a baby daughter she was forced to send to St Waggner's and Siodmak's. Her name is Olivia, and I implore you to take her in as your child. I realize this request may be difficult, but it is for the best. Finally, and this may be the most important request of all, I have entrusted a ring to you in the cupboard of your wardrobe. We may never be officially married, but if that is impossible, take the ring as a token of our matrimony. Goodbye Gwen, I must make amends to save my soul and that of my father's

To be continued...

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Thanks...Lawrence confronts Father John in the next chapter! :)