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(Cut to a prostitute walking nervously in the streets of London. Her name is Mary, played by Samantha Barks. As she walks away, a group of men surrounds her.)
Thug #1: Where are you going, beautiful?

Thug #2: We would love to get acquianted!

Mary: I'm off duty now, leave me alone.

(The third thug brisks his hand across Mary's leg.)
Thug #3: Come with us, we promise it'll be quick!

Thug #1: Gypsy whore!

(The three begin to tug at Mary, untill a rock hits the head of Thug #1. It knocks him to the ground.)

Thug #2: Who's there?

(Thug #2 is hit by a rock as he is knocked to the ground too. The rest run away. As Mary turns around, we see Lawrence emerge from a alley way. Mary smiles.)

Mary: Normally, I only do this as a last resort job. But I could make an exception for you, you just saved my life after all.

Lawrence Talbot: That won't be necessary. I have a woman of my own...One who I haven't exactly confessed my feelings for yet. All I request is safe passage to Duncester.
(Mary extends her hand and shakes Lawrence's)

Mary: Name's Mary, part time whore and single mother.

Lawrence Talbot: Lawrence Talbot. I feel like we have a lot to explain.

(Cut to Lawrence and Mary in a brown tent next to the street.)

Lawrence Talbot:..And that's how I ended up here.

Mary: Awfully trusting for someone I just met...

Lawrence Talbot: Don't have much of a choice. I'm a wanted man.

Mary: Through no fault of your own. Your father did this to you, you didn't kill those people.

Lawrence Talbot: I appreciate the sympathies, but I know what I have to do. After I visit Gwen, I have to see my father.

Mary: You know my mother was a gypsy. She told me these stories when I was a child. Thought it was nothing but a tale for naughty children till the papers came in. The story goes that The Wolf-Man can only be set free by a loved one.

Lawrence Talbot: You mean there's a cure?

Mary: I didn;t say cured. I said "set free". If the infected is killed by someone who does not love them, they will return a Wolf-Man in the next life, doomed to murder the ones they love.

(Lawrence closes his eyes sobbing. Mary perks Lawrence's face up.)
Mary: Do you hate him?

Lawrence Talbot:...No. You'd think after everything my father did. The lies, the murder...My fate. I'd hate him with a passion like the fires of hell...But I don't. I don't know why on Earth I don't, but I still love him. But stronger than my love is the desire for redemption...To set things right.

Mary: You're a good man Lawrence. You didn't deserve any of this. We travel by Caravan. I'll steal it in the night and take you to your love.

Lawrence Talbot: But you'll get in trouble, you could be killed.

Mary (Laughs): This isn't living Lawrence. Finding someone who loves you, despite the inconveniences and the tragedy. Someone who will stand by you when no one else will...That's living.

(Cut to later that night. Mary pretends to be asleep before opening her eyes. She quickly throws of her blanket and rushes into the nearby caravan. Lawrence, who is in the caravan, throws of his blanket and tosses his whip to Mary. Mary takes it and whips the ground, the horses whinnying as the run at full speed. We see Mary's pimp wake up and chase the caravan, cursing at it and throwing a beer bottle before giving up. Cut to the next day, when the Caravan finally stops at Conliffe Castle)

Mary: Before you go, I want you to promise me something.

Lawrence Talbot: Anything.

Mary: I told you I was a single mother. I have a baby named Olivia who is living in St Waggner's and Siodmak's. When you speak with your lady love, be sure to tell you about this baby. And if you can...Try and adopt her as one of your own.

Lawrence Talbot: You want your daughter to be raised by a monster?

Mary: I want my daughter to be raised in the house of a man who is pure of heart. Not in a den of whores.

(Lawrence sighs)
Lawrence Talbot: I promise I will ask Gwen if she would be so kind as to take your daughter in.

(Lawrence kisses Mary's hand, as Mary tears up. She get's the horses ready as she rides away. Lawrence looks at Conliffe Castle and runs toward it at full speed.)

To be continued...

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Another good onr

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Another good onr

Thanks, the next one is my closest to perfect yet. :)

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good stuff, pretty solid