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(Cut to a shot of the Victoria Palace, the title on the screening is

"The Phenomenal Phil Reed Presents: The Wolf-Man, 18+ Admitted"

In the background, we can see the full moon concealed by several clouds. We see several people chatting as they enter the theater. Cut to a shot of Lawrence beginning to wake up. He is strapped to an examining table by two chrome braces on his wrists. He begins to struggle before giving up. In the background, we can hear Phil Reed talking about The Wolf-Man. Cut to The Phenomenal Phil Reed.)

The Phenomenal Phil Reed: So, without further ado, I present to you...This savage abomination of nature...From the deepest jungles of the Congo...The Wolf-Man!

(The curtains open to reveal a tired, hopeless looking Lawrence strapped to the examining board, panting. He is wearing pants, a white undershirt, and nothing else. He is covered in bruises. A great applause is heard, with cheering and laughter. Cut to Gwen Conliffe and Mercutio pushing through people to see Lawrence. Gwen and Mercutio are stopped by a security guard.)

Security Guard: Madame, without a ticket, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

Gwen Conliffe: No, you don't understand! I know that man! You have to let him go, please, this is all some misunderstanding...

(Cut to The Phenomenal Phil Reed)

The Phenomenal Phil Reed: By day, our little savage takes the form of an ordinary human being. Being raised in the Congo, he might not be very bright, but he's perfectly harmless! But under the light of the Autumn Moon, as the lunar panels are activated he undergoes a hideous transformation! Luckily, these here braces are made of a chrome steel, to keep our hungry little friend from making a mess of things! No reason to lose our heads!

(The audience laughs, as does The Phenomenal Phil Reed. We can see the Strong Man who branded Lawrence laughing insidiously. Cut to Lawrence Talbot, panting and crying.)

Lawrence Talbot (Whispering): Stop it...Stop it!

The Phenomenal Phil Reed: I'm sorry beast...We can't quite hear you! Speak up!

(A look of anger and rage passes over Lawrence's face.)

Lawrence Talbot: You...Moron! Tonight I will kill all of you!

(Phil Reed and the audience laugh)

Lawrence Talbot: I WILL KILL ALL OF YOU! Please do something about it!

(The Phenomenal Phil Reed motions to the lunar panels above Lawrence. They are flipped so they are facing Lawrence. Cut to a shot of Lawrence Talbot himself, staring at Gwen Conliffe. Cut to Gwen Conliffe, staring at Lawrence. She is crying, shaking her head. Cut to the window above Lawrence, as it opens, the full moon's light reflecting on Lawrence.)

Lawrence Talbot: Kill me...Kill me!

(Lawrence Talbot begins to shake, screaming in pain. His eyes begin to cloud, as they slowly turn to wolf's eyes. His head leans back, as teeth begin to bloodily burst out of his mouth, filling it with blood. Cut to a shot of his hands, claws bursting out of his fingers, a long with a set of wider, longer, hairy fingers. They are matted in blood. Cut to Lawrence's face, as his skin begins to burst and peel, revealing a blood covered, hairy underside, covered in wrinkles. His ears begin to stretch out, his feet begin to molt, a new blood covered, wide set growing out of them. Screams and gasps are heard in the audience. Mercutio has his mouth open in awe. Finally, The Wolf-Man's face has finished it's transformation. It roars at the audience. The audience laughs, until we see The-Wolf-Man break one of his braces. It flies towards the audience, as audience members begin to clear the area. The Wolf-Man breaks the second brace, and get's up, his back and torso growing 9 inches. He growls as he throws the examining table into the audience. The Wolf-Man turns to The Phenomenal Phil Reed, who backs away in terror. Eventually he is cornered by The Wolf-Man.)

The Phenomenal Phil Reed: No...No! Wait...Wait!

(The Wolf-Man roars, and with one sweep, we see a shadow across the wall of Phil's head flying across the theater. Phil's lifeless body drops, as The Wolf-Man howls. Gwen is now covering her mouth in terror. Mercutio is crying intensley.)

Meructio: Oh Lawrence...Lawrence...

(The Wolf-Man charges forward and leaps out of the window, smashing the glass. He begins to run across the roof tops of London. As Mercutio exits the building, Gwen holds on to him.)

Gwen Conliffe: What...What was that thing?!

Mercutio: I...I don't know. Don't worry, everything will be fine

Gwen Conliffe: How will everything be fine Mercutio?! How?!

(Mercutio pauses for a second before entering his car. Cut to The Wolf-Man stampeding on top of the London rooftops. Finally, he jumps on a stone Gargoyle. The full moon is clearly visible, as are the London Bridge and Big Ben. Looking down on the city, he raises his head, letting out a blood curling howl. He howls again before jumping on the ground. As he hits the ground, London citizens gasp in horror. The Wolf-Man surveys them all before letting out a roar. The London citizens scatter in horror. The Wolf-Man pounces on one citizen, biting his neck and killing him instantly. As he begins to eat him, a Trolley almost hits him. The Trolley crashes, as The Wolf-Man jumps out of the way. Cut to Mercutio, aiming his military issue rifle at The Wolf-Man, a Mauser-Vergueiro. He turns the safety off and fires at The Wolf-Man. The Wolf-Man is uninjured by it, barely being affected. The Wolf-Man growls before pouncing into the trolley. He slashes the necks off two civilians, and is about to feast on them, before two shots are fired into the Trolley by Mercutio. The Wolf-Man jumps out of the Trolley and runs away across the street. Cut to Mercutio firing another shot, as The Wolf-Man begins to climb a building. The shot hits The Wolf-Man but has no effect, other than getting a guttural growl from him. The Wolf-Man quickly climbs the tall building. Cut to later, when The Wolf-Man has climbed to the top of the building. We zoom out to reveal that he is hanging on to the hands of Big Ben, as he has reached the top of it. As he looks down from Big Ben, he let's out another howl. Cut to a shot of Gwen Conliffe, looking at Big Ben, tears down her eyes. Cut back to The Wolf-Man, as he jumps down from the tower into the ocean. The shot fades into the next day, as as we see Lawrence waking up underneath London bridge. As he wakes up, he looks in the water at his reflection. He sees himself covered in blood and dirt. A flash of The Wold-Man is seen, as Lawrence backs up in fright. Lawrence let's out a whimper before bursting into tears.)

To be continued...

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I'm glad that Phill guy is dead, he was a jerk

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I'm glad that Phill guy is dead, he was a jerk

Yeah, tried to make that kill pretty satisfying. :)