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(Cut to a shot of Lawrence waking up, disorientated, his hands tied with rope. He is in a tent, his shirt has been ripped off.)

The Phenomenal Phil Reed: Boo!

(Lawrence turns around, as Phil is laughing)

The Phenomenal Phil Reed: Good morning Lawrence. I must say, I am happy to see you. I feel like we could really suck some money with a guy like you!

Lawrence Talbot: W...Where is my father?

The Phenomenal Phil Reed: However, we're gonna want and get a real nasty disposition from you before the show. Make you look like a real savage. So, in light of that, and just to make sure you don't think about escaping...

(Phil motions to The Strong Man to grab a red hot stick, with a symbol marked "L" on it which has been smoldering in the fireplace.)

Lawrence Talbot: P...Please...Where is my father? I beg of you...

(The strong man jabs the red hot stick into Lawrence's side. Lawrence screams out in agony and pain.)

Lawrence Talbot: Where is my father?! Where is my father?!

The Phenomenal Phil Reed (Off-screen): Would someone shut him up?! We're gonna teach this savage some manners over the next month!

(A frightening montage is shown of Lawrence being whipped, tortured and burned to give him a mean disposition. He is shown eating slop and being drugged, laughing in his delusions. One vision shows Mercutio in the war in Tiber taking enemy fire.)

Mercutio (In-dream): I wouldn't survive an attack like that!

(The dream Mercutio laughs manically before being hit by a Wolf-Man. ANother vision shows Lawrence in the court room.)

The Judge:...Guilty, the sentence is death.

Lawrence Talbot (In-Dream): The only true justice is bloodshed!!

(Dream-Lawrence attacks the defending attorney. Suddenly, a flash appears across the scene, as Lawrence is seen at a wedding. He is wearing a grey tuxedo, smiling. He turns around to see a smiling Gwen Conliffe. Lawrence is about to tell her something, when Gwen shushes him.)

Gwen Conliffe: Whatever you were thinking...Never mind. It's the best day of our lives. Let's lavish in it.

(The dream flashes forward to the horrified guests circling around an area. Lawrence pushes through them all. He is horrified to see a dead Gwen Conliffe with blood going down her neck. Above her stands a man dressed in torn, bloody clothes. As he turns around, he has Lawrence's face, and the teeth and eyes of The Wolf-Man. As he pounces at Lawrence, he wakes up. Lawrence turns to his right, as he sees that Father John has entered his cage.)

Lawrence Talbot: Father! Oh father, I've never been so happy to see you in my life.

(Lawrence rushes Father John and hugs him tightly, crying.)

Lawrence Talbot: I love you Dad. I've just been so...

Father John (Whispering): Lycanthropy...

(Lawrence Talbot backs away.)

Lawrence Talbot: What?

Father John: Lycanthropy, a disease of the mind in which human beings imagine they are Wolf Men. According to an old legend which persists in certain localities, the victims actually assume some of the physical characteristics of the animal. I contracted the disease, if that's what it is, many years ago...In 1890. I am aware that Maleva told you that I killed her Wolf-Man son Bela all those years ago...

(A wolf-man howling is heard in the distance)

Father John:...But she didn't tell you the whole story. I camped my team deep in the woods. Before I left, Maleva asked me to take a small case of silver bullets with me. At first, I dismissed her requests as nothing more than a Gypsy's lunacy. But the stories were true.

(We hear the screams of dying men again, and the Wolf-Man's growls as Lawrence looks at his father in complete shock. Cut to a flashback. Father John is all alone and wounded. He can't move his legs, and he screams in pain. Suddenly, the Bela Wolf-Man appears. After a low growl, it charges Father John. Father John struggles for about 10 seconds to get the Silver Bullets out. As he is about to fire, the Wolf-Man hits him, biting his shoulder. A gun-shot is heard, as the Wolf-Man is blown backwards. Father John is revealed to be alive but sedated and greatly wounded. He uses a stick to help himself up.)

Father John: I told your mother of what happened to me. She became paranoid. She would be seen talking to gypsies every night, lurking the camps. Finally, when she realized my fate, she decided she was not strong enough...And took her own life. When she did, I considered doing the same...That was until Mr Conliffe insulted my beloved. What I said was true, I did become drunk and dumb...But I also became violent and vengeful...And the moon was full.

(Cut to a flashback, where a 8 year old version of Gwen Conliffe is seen crying under her bed. Zoom out to see the Father John Wolf-Man feasting on the body of Gwen's father.)

Lawrence Talbot: You're the reason why the Conliffes hate us!

(Father John sighs)

Father John Talbot: Yeah, I suppose I am.

Lawrence Talbot: I suffered for 10 years in that hell known as St Waggner and Siodmaks because of your lies! Because of your selfishness!

Father John Talbot: I can't tell you how often I've thought of that. Every day I thought of the decision I made. 22 years, I locked myself in that basement, my "house of God" if you will. I thought it was hell all those years. But every year I spent in seclusion, I began to notice that without fear of the beast the city wallowed in sin. Murder, sex, corruption. It was a snakes pit of sin and anti-morality. That's when I made a choice. Father John would have looked down on letting the beast out...But I was stronger than Father John now. I had the moral authority. The Wolf-Man was not a demon, not a beast from hell...But a weapon of God. And then 4 months ago...Was the first day of the rest of my life. Anyways, I found Jim's body in a cabin deep in the woods the next day...Eaten alive.

(Lawrence Talbot looks at his father in a look of disgust and infuriated anger.)

Father John: I know now it is a mistake to lock up the beast. Don't you think so Lawrence? I should have let it run free...Let God's judgement be done.

(Father John smiles slyly. Lawrence gives a growl as he tries and strangle Father John.)

Lawrence Talbot: I'LL KILL YOU!!!

(Lawrence's neck is wounded by the chains attached to it, and is jolted back. Father John begins to cry, yet also smiles.)

Father John: Very well. I see you are not as strong as I believed you to be. If that's the case, I'm sure you'll learn your lesson in good time. I do love you dear boy, which is why I will tell you to stay out of my way.

(Father John walks up to the window inside the cage.)

Father John: She'll be full tonight...The moon.

(Lawrence bursts into tears.)

Father John: And thus, we bid goodbye...My precious son.

Lawrence Talbot (Off-screen, as Father John walks away): I'll kill you...I'll kill you...I'll kill you! I'LL KILL YOU!!!!!!

To be continued...

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Poor Lawrence :(

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Poor Lawrence :(

Yeah, I just hope you didn't see the twist coming.

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@jonny_anonymous said:

Poor Lawrence :(

Yeah, I just hope you didn't see the twist coming.

Hmm I don't think so

I meant the one about Father John being a Wolf-Man.

Oooh yea I knew that was coming anyway lol

Damn. I do try and make Father John a little more likeable and sympathetic than in the 2010 version. He's crazy and selfish, but I tried to make him almost as sympathetic as Lawrence.