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(The following story takes place in the Walking Dead TV universe and revolves around original characters. On the off chance that a canon character does appear, it will not break the canon TV timeline. I'd love some feedback on the story, oh, and thanks for reading! -TheJester)

4:56 PM, Day 62 of pandemic, Dawsonville:

Nicholas pants, sweat sliding from his unkempt, black curly hair and down onto his face, forcing his glasses to slide down to the edge of his nose. He holds his younger brother up with one arm, while struggling to hold his double-barrel with enough aim to tag one of the many undead monsters sprinting after them, now roughly forty-five feet away. Nic's dog, a black German Shepherd, with mocha like color fur along his four limbs and down his nose runs alongside his master, who is obviously struggling.

"No, no, no, no......We've come so far!" Nic's eyes land on the mechanic's repair shop only twenty feet away. He can make it. He kicks it into overdrive and hauls his brother with everything he has left, one large garage door is open, the entire structure made of a metal, rusted and fairly dilapidated. But it will do, for their final resting place. Nic races, his hear beating. He bits his bottom lip, something he's done since he was a teenager when he was nervous, and his bottom lip was scabbed and ripped considering the amount he had been nervous in the last sixty-two days. "Come on Dex! Come on!" He screamed to his canine companion as he made it to the large garage. He threw his brother into cover quite violently, not that he had time to gently place his head down on the ground,and then quickly coaxed his dog into the garage before grabbing the huge sliding metal door and sprinting with it before it latched shut. He then used the large padlock hanging on it's handle to lock it.

"Good work...." He heard in a weak voice from behind him. His brother knew it was only a temporary fix, and so did he. This metal door would only hold them for so long, they knew this, because they had seen these monsters at their worst. And it wasn't pretty. Nicholas put his back to the metal door and slid down to the ground as the first zombie smashes against it from the other side. After that, it was constant. Smash, smash, smash, followed by an unearthly scream from one of the monsters and then some more crashing. These were the last sounds he'd ever hear. He came to terms with that fact as he stared at his brother, clutching at the gunshot wound in his lower thigh, forcing a weak smile at Nicholas. Jacob, his dear brother had always been there for him and now he had to be there for Jacob. But now, Nicholas found himself closing his eyes, and reflecting on everything.

11:23 AM, Day 1 of Pandemic, New York:

Nicholas burst through the door, his eyes wide, a small dollop of blood on his Pearl Jam T-Shirt. His tight beige jeans clung to his skin as he scanned the rooms. That's when he heard it, the screaming, from upstairs. He burst into action, dropping the brown duffle-bag over his shoulder and sprinting up the stairs. Right from the master bedroom. He jumped into the door, shoulder first and went straight through it, shards of white wood flying across the room. Another female scream as Nic turned his head, only to see Jacob's wife Susan cover herself in the sheets and Jacob's face show that of complete confusion.

"What the hell, Nic!?" He screamed, his features morphing into pure anger. Nic did hear screaming, it just wasn't the kind he was expecting. Nic looked down quickly to the ground and bit his bottom lip, digging the tip of his black Converse shoes into the carpet.

"We gotta get out of here Jacob. There's...A sickness, it just popped up, spread like wildfire, things are crazy out there...People are eating each other..." Nic stifled out, before looking back up at their faces.

"Is this some kind of sick f%&*ing joke, Nicholas!?" Susan screamed, pulling on a shirt. She stared at him, nostrils flared, expecting an answer, although Nic just stood there staring into her eyes from across the room. He was frustrated, he sprinted fourteen blocks to get them and get the hell out of New York. It was a hardcore danger zone. The people were already feeding on each other and the military was already at work in the city, killing the infected, and from the sounds of it this virus had spread across the entire continent, and there was word it had reached the rest of the world, so of course he was pissed off when Susan asked him if he was kidding, wouldn't anybody?

"Do I look like I'm f%$^ing kidding Susan!?" Nicholas yelled. They both knew he wasn't, it was mere minutes for them to be dressed and packed with one bag each.

8:47 PM, Day 3 of Pandemic, New York:

The bullets spiraled passed their heads, ripping through cement walls of apartments and shattering windows from stores and cars alike. The group of three sprinted does the sidewalk keeping their heads low. The street-lights were out and it was pitch black with the exception of the fires burning everywhere, and the spotlights from the constantly moving armored Military trucks, which had turrets mounted on. They were shooting anything that moved in the darkness, and this street that Nic, Jacob and Susan happened to be on was crawling. The grunting and screaming from the zombies echoed through the streets, even above the sound of hollow-points and standard bullets alike flied through the night sky, ripping through the flesh of the dead and the living alike. This was hell, the world had gone to $%^&. There were no rules, even by this point they knew the military couldn't do anything. This was the new world.

"JUST STAY LOW!" Jacob screamed over the cacophony of different sounds as he held his wife's hand and stayed behind Nic. "NIC! AN ALLEY! GO!" He yelled as the group sprinted into the dark alley. A figure stood their in the darkness, staring them down for a few moments. All three of them froze. This was it. The figure pulled up a rifle to Jacob's head.

"Are any of you infected, bitten, anything!?" The soldier hollered over the still far-to-close sound of war going on only a street over. The three of them were in shock, especially Jacob, seeing as though he had a gun in his face.

"N-N-NO! We're all fine sir!" Nathan pointed out, forcing a smile in the darkness. It took a few moments for the soldier to lower his weapon, he was obviously in shock too. He was trained for war, not this. No-one was ready for this. Although he did finally lower it before turning.

"Come on! Let's go!" The soldier yelled, breaking into a jog, and they soon followed him to another armored vehicle where he loaded them in and crawled in afterwards. "We've got a base set up, we've only found a handful of other civilian survivors and our forces here in the Big Apple are dwindling." He pointed out as another soldier started to drive the machine. "We've got multiple choppers waiting at the base where we're pulling out of New York. We've lost the fight." The soldier looked down at his mud crusted and blood covered boots.

"But...Where will we go?" Nic asked, hesitant, but curious. The soldier looked up and stifled a dry cough before smiling.

"The entire country is apparently ravaged, but they've got a safe haven in Atlanta, Georgia. A whole colony of people where they've already started plans to rebuild and take back the country. We haven't lost this battle yet, baby!" The soldier yelled before uttering a victorious 'woo'. All three of the misfits, blood covered, tired and hungry began to laugh. Maybe they were gonna be alright....

5:42 AM, Day 4 of Pandemic, On Chopper over top of forest near Allenstown:

"We're gonna be fine, hun." Jacob assured his wife as he rubbed her belly. Nic took note of that action, as it was odd for his brother, never had he seen his brother rub his wife's belly but then shrugged it off as nothing. He was in a good mood. In light of recent events, everything as fine as far as the apocalypse went. Atlanta was their land of milk and honey.

"What's that Chopper 2?" the pilot asked over the walkie-talkie. All-in-all there were three choppers in this cluster, that was all they had to spare, and that was all they had room for. They were all put onto Chopper 3, where as the soldier who brought them here was on chopper 1. They had later found that his name was 'Corporal Jordan Smithe'.

"It....tssss...." Came the walkie-talkie. The pilot gave a small chuckle and lifted the talkie to her mouth.

"Could you repeat that Chopper 2?" She asked, holding it in waiting.

"it....IT....Tssssss.....HU....tssss" The pilot furrowed her brow and listened for a few more moments, although it was nothing but static. She looked into the back of the chopper and saw two soldiers looking quite stunned at the ordeal, three ravaged passengers and a father and daughter. The daughter held a black and mocha colored german shepherd in her clutches, petting it profusely. The pilot forced a fake, worried laugh.

"We must be getting broken up-" The pilot was cut off abruptly by screaming over the walkie-talkie.

"IT HURTS!" Came over the talkie in a distorted voice, followed by more screaming. Chopper 2 curved and flew into their chopper. Metal-on-metal. The sound itself was terrible, but then the blade from the other chopper ripped through the interior of theirs, slicing the daughter in half and releasing the dog from her clutches and throwing it into Nic's. Every passenger screamed as they went down, blood and debris flying all around them....

2:24 PM, Day 4 of Pandemic, In forest somewhere near Allenstown:

Nic's eyes opened to complete carnage. Smoke still billowed into the sky. They chopper had impaled itself on a large tree and went all the way down to the base of the tree. Everyone was dead, everyone but Nic, Susan and Jacob thankfully. Who were both already woken but laying, groaning in pain. Nic struggled to his feet before the German Shepherd leaped into his arms. Nic examined the dog's tags, seeing only one word engraved....'dex'.....

"You guys okay?" Nic asked his confidantes. Jacob looked up at him.

"NIC!" He screamed. "NIC!" He screamed. "NIC!" He screamed. NIC!!" He screamed.

4:58 PM, Day 62 of Pandemic, Abandoned garage in Dawsonville:

"NIC!" His brother screamed yet again, as Nic's eyes opened. He sat up against the now heavily dented door, but amazingly enough, there was no smashing or screaming from the undead. Was he already dead? Was this heaven? "Did you not just hear that?" Jacob asked in amazement, now full of life, yet still clutching his wound.

"No...What?" Nic asked, Dex barked at the door profusely as Nic pulled himself to his feet and stared at the dented sliding door.

"The gunshots! There were like twenty of 'em! Then just a bunch of smashing...But not against the door." Jacob informed, seemingly in amazement, his mouth agape.

"Ya, that would be us....You gonna let us in so we can help you, or you guys just gonna stay in there and wait 'till the rest of the munchers come for ya?" Nic quickly opened up the sliding door to see a fairly large man, standing at roughly 5'11" holding a blood covered baseball bat and smiling over top of a pile of certainly DEAD zombies. Behind him, a large black escalade with multiple men holding rifles.

"Well hey there" The man with the bat said,giving a smile.


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