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Continued from here V2 part 2

Glasgow, Scotland

A man in a well tailored suit answers the cell phone laying on the table in the center of a massive stone walled room. Marley is on the other end. The suited man called Silas looks over the table where a man who appears no older than 18 slumped over the table next to an empty bottle of whiskey, "The boss went on a bender again."

Marley sighed, "Well it is Wednesday. Any chance you could get him up."

Silas walked over to his chair and kicked the leg. The hung over vampire looked up, "This had better be important."

He snatched the phone away and listened to Marley's explanation, "I'll be on a plane in an hour."

He then tossed the phone back to Silas, "Remind me again why do we deal with these f**king witches, nothing but trouble the lot of them."


The Ranch

The women run out on the porch in time to see Robert launched through the barn door with Edgar following a second latter with Chris on him in his wolf form trying to tear Edgar's throat out. Edgar held Chris' mouth away as he tried to force him off.

Robert looked to the porch, "Go get the horse tranqs."

Betsy headed for the door, "How much you need?"

Edgar roared, "All of it."

Edgar then put his foot on Chris' chest and pushed him off and made it to his feet as Chris came back. Edgar punched him hard in the face sending him down briefly as Edgar shouted at him, "Calm the hell down."

Chris rushed back but Edgar slammed him down to the ground and put a knee on the back of his neck to hold him down and yelled, "Could you move your ass girl?"

Betsy ran over as John and Hektor pulled up. Hektor looked over Edgar and Chris, "What the f**k is going on here?"

Chris then noticed John and seemed to go berserk and managed to throw Edgar off and went to charge but Robert and Hektor managed to tackle him and Betsy jammed a large needle into him which slowed him but didn't put him down. John then made some hand gestures and whispered something that cause the roots from the surrounding trees to come up from the ground and tie Chris down.

Hektor then looked to Edgar, "You got an explanation?"

Edgar shrugged as Robert answered for him, "He was mad as hell in the barn punching sand bags and he just kept getting more pissed, then this happened."

John stepped over, "I take it this is unusual?"


A few hours later

Betsy looked out the window at Chris, "He still hasn't turned back."

John sighed, "I have an idea, not sure if it'll work or not but its worth a shot."

Hektor gave a cautious look," What?"

"We need to talk to his wolf."


"Well, I need to summon a demon."


The pack stood around nervously as John scrawled a large symbol a few feet from Chris and then laid out a large circle of salt to be safe. He then began chanting for several minutes before the symbol lit up.

As they waited for something to happen Hektor came over, "You realize magic doesn't work on us?"

"Its not really magic, kind of a grey area thing."

A flame burst up and a creature emerged. It turned and half roared then noticed John, "Crap, its you."

Edgar looked slightly disappointed at the small stature of the creature. It looked around at the group annoyed then back to John, "You can't mind control wolves, trust me I've tried."

"Can you read them?"

"Depends on what your offering."

Betsy whispered to Bea, "Does he want our souls."

He sighed and turned, "Wolves ain't welcome in Hell."

He then turned back to John, "And we both know you're heading down any way so your souls are worthless as far as I'm concerned."

Hektor cut in, "My pack will owe you a favor."

"No questions asked?"

Hektor nodded then the demon rubbed his hands together, "Who am I reading?"

John and Hektor moved revealing Chris in full wolf form. The demon looked to John, "Let me guess, your kid?"

"What's that got to do with anything?"

The demon chuckled, "Okay lets get started before nightfall, I'm in no mood to get eaten. John you're coming in with me. A familiar voice helps and it'll be hard enough getting in his head as it is without a second wolf to worry about."

John reluctantly stepped into the circle with the annoyed demon, "Prepare yourself warlock, this is gonna be bumpy."

(To be continued)

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Great story this chapter, but wowwww (with the emphasis on the "ow") does this chapter need some commas. Lots of run-on sentences in the first half in need of some punctuation.

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A new chapter will be up shortly. Had a busy week but I'll get back to work on this today.