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Continued from here Volume 1 part 18

A vampire called Marley sits in the back of a club, the place is packed and noisy but he'd found a quiet corner. As he watches the crowd a man sits down next to him. Marley looks over to see the warlock called Henry Corvin, "You're late."

Corvin shrugged, "Couldn't be helped. I assume you've found him."

Marley nodded, "We found his kid, but there is a complication."

Corvin sighed, "What kind of complication?"

"I sent a few of my men to find him but his home town seems to have a wolf pack, one of them got tossed but he did manage to find out the boy has been turned. I had the others stick around a few days to see if John showed up, he killed a blood hunter when he did. That's an impressive feat."

Corvin noted a strange expression on the vampire's face, "You seem preoccupied."

Marley shrugged, "Its the blood hunter, it raises a bit of a question about Mills' kid."

Corvin's curiosity was piqued, "Go on."

"Well, your kind can't be turned but when you have regular human offspring they're fair game. Only problem is when you turn them into a vampire you get a blood hunter. The question is what happens when one gets turned into a wolf?"

Corvin had a note of concern in his voice, "And what does this have to do with me?"

"Usually the wolf pack would be enough to take us out of the picture but the clans want to find out how much of a threat this boy might present."

Corvin was now visibly angry, " I don't need your involvement."

Marley chuckled, "Its cute, you think you have a choice."

He looked on Corvin as the warlock attempted to hide his anger, "Before you say something you'll regret, how many of those covens do you think you could hold together if it were to get around that my clan wasn't backing Black Wind anymore?"


Six months later

Chris stands in a field in Montana where the pack had been living for the past few months. He had a black eye and blood dripped from his lip as he stood glaring at Bea who had a bored look, "Is that the best you got?"

Hektor and Edgar looked on the training session. Hektor shook his head, "I thought you were teaching him to fight?"

Edgar nodded, "I'm checking his progress."

Edgar then fought back a chuckle as Bea punched Chris hard in the gut causing him to drop to the ground. Hektor rolled his eyes,"He's done for today."

He then yelled to Chris, "How you doing kid?"

Chris grunted, "Oh, fine. I love getting my ass kicked by a girl."

Hektor walked over to help him up, "That girl could have killed you any time she felt like it. Just be happy you still have a head."

Bea had an indignant look, "Next time I get called girl, I'll fix that."

Hektor and Chris just nodded and headed back toward the house. Hektor pulled a note from his pocket, "Your dad is coming back tomorrow. He sent you this to apologize for taking off."

Chris shrugged, "I'm used to not having him around."

Chris then took the note and waded it up before tossing it in the wood pile. As they entered Betsy looked annoyed, "So Edgar's still letting Bea use you as a punching bag?"

Chris nodded, "I'm getting better, it took her three whole minutes to completely humiliate me today."

She shook her head and gave him a kiss on the head, "Next time, just knock the damn viking douche on his ass."

Chris straitened up a bit, "Easier said than done. One the bright side we got the house to ourselves tonight."

Hektor wasn't sure how he felt about that.


Enid, Oklahoma. Hunter's Home Office

Jack Wade walks down a hall with a man in a suit. His name is unknown to all but the highest positions in the Hunter organization. Jack likes to call him the Suit. The Suit shows Jack through a door, "Your request was a bit odd but I managed to convince the council it was a good one. In fact I suggested something similar a few years back. Our targets have been pulling back alley deals and making alliances for centuries, it never made much sense to me to have hunters specialize so much. Don't get me wrong, you're very good at your job. I just think maybe you'd be just as good going after vampires or witches."

Jack nodded, "So I got my team then?"

The Suit nodded back, "Its only temporary but yeah, I assume Sam is with you along with Steve. I also managed to get you a couple of witch hunters, a demon hunter and even wrangled a troll hunter just in case. There is a condition though."

Jack sighed, "Always is."

"The council wants the Mills boy delivered alive, the vampires are worried about him and we need to know why."

(To be continued)

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Updated the library, back for a read later.

In the meantime....bump! ^_^

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I just got in town defenitely reading this going home on the bus from the train station.

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Finished. This was just as great as the first set in Vol 1 keep em coming!

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I'll say it again: Made. For. TV. Terrific stuff. :) ...except that now I'm caught up and have to wait for a new chapter. :(

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I was wondering if you would bring new monsters into the mythos, then I read "troll hunter". Gave me a geeky thrill. You know, having more fairy tale-esq monsters in this world.