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Continued from here part 4

The Ranch

Chris, John and Betsy sit with their heads buried in books. Chris sat his book down, "So, what's the problem with this Corvin guy?"

John didn't look up, "Its complicated."

Chris sighed and looked back to his book as John looked over, "I destroyed the only written version of a spell he wanted to do."

Chris closed the book," That's it?"

"No, like I said its complicated."

Chris and Betsy were now staring at him intently as he sighed, "We aren't getting anything done until I talk are we?"

He waited a beat, "Fine, but to really understand, you need to know something about my power. See, magic or whatever you want to call it, is based on this energy that flows all through the universe binding it all together."

"Like the force, from Star Wars."

John shrugged, "Sure, whatever moves this along."

Chris and Betsy gave a nod as John continued, "Anyway, witches and warlocks have the ability to manipulate this energy but it comes at a cost. Every time we use a spell it takes time off our lives, it can range from a few seconds to instantly killing you depending on the power it takes. We've been finding ways around this for centuries, that's why we have things like enchanted items and magic potions and all that crap. One day my great grand father's grand father was trying to come up with a healing spell for a woman in his coven with a sick daughter.

The spell worked for the kid but the side effect was the mystical equivalent of a nuke going off, the girl had been rendered immortal but every bit of life for miles around was instantly gone including her mother. My ancestor was horrified and marked it away as a forbidden spell. It stayed hidden in our family spell book for a very long time until I caught the plauge and my father used it to cure me."

Chris' eyes went wide, "Like as in the Black Plague? So you're saying you've been around since the dark ages?"

"Yes, now are you gonna let me finish?"

He sipped his beer and started again, "The thing is, immortality is like a cheat code for witch power. If you can't die you can cast as many spells as you want without worry. Corvin had been obsessed with the spell since my grandfather drunkenly told him about it before I was born, Corvin had been sapping the life of others to keep himself going for years but the process was getting more difficult so he spent years trying to find the spell.

By the time he'd found me, he'd come to the point that only direct blood descendants would work for him. He didn't trust a twelve year old to do it so he personally trained me in magic, since he knew no semi competent magic user would ever even consider doing it and he couldn't do it himself. Problem was, while I was learning I figured out what the spell actually did. Once I learned that he'd been having children for the soul purpose of extending his life I figured he was absolutely the last person that needed it so I ripped the page out of the book and burned it.

Because of this he decided that I was to blame for the death of his children to come and swore a blood oath to kill me and anyone else in my blood line for revenge."

Chris and Betsy looked horrified, "He kills his own children to keep himself alive?"

John gave a nod, "Yup."

He then reopened his book and tried to go back to reading but Chris asked, "If you're immortal, how can he kill you?"

"I can't get sick or die of old age but I can still die."

He then noticed how dark it was getting, "Why aren't you turning?"

Chris looked out the window, "I don't know."


New Orleans

A vampire named Silas sits in bar as he watches the master of his clan finish a bottle of whiskey. Marley stares on as he speaks to Silas, "When do you suppose was the last time he was completely sober?"

Silas shrugged as the clan master, Maedoc dropped the bottle, "1495, I was sober for a whole week as I traveled by boat to the new World for the first time. Most miserable week of my life."

Marley sipped coffee, "Ever think of AA?"

Maedoc nods, "I keep ending up killing everyone at the meetings, it just became too much of a hassle to clean up. Where the hell is Corvin?"

The warlock seemed to just appear behind him as he asked. He looked down on the clan master and in a condescending tone, "What do I owe the honor of your visit?"

Maedoc rolled his eyes as he turned, "You don't need the guards, if I was going to kill you I would have already."

Corvin took a seat across from him and noted the stack of shot glasses, "Is there any liquor left in the place?"

Maedoc straightened in his chair, "You're going to back off the kid, I don't give a crap what you do with Mills or the pack of mutts his son has joined but the kid is mine. Am I understood?"

Corvin gritted his teeth, "He needs to pay...."

Maedoc cut him off, "Mills didn't kill those kids, you did so your revenge doesn't even make any goddamned sense but that's none of my concern and frankly if I had my way, you'd grow old, die and go to hell where you belong but its aside from the point. You touch the kid before I give you permission and I will personally see to it this whole damned society you've built comes crashing down."

Corvin stood causing his chair to fall behind him and looked as if he would lunge at Maedoc who seemed unfazed. He then eased up and sighed, "Fine, I've waited this long what's a little longer."

He then turned and left. Marley looked back to Maedoc, "You think that'll stop him?"

"Not at all, but it gives me an excuse to cut ties with Black Wind when he tries to go around me."

Silas nodded, "I take it, there's a plan?"

"Have I ever steered you wrong?"

Silas shrugged, "Well, there was the thing with Hitler."

"He was a crazy guy screaming in a beer hall, who knew they'd actually put him in charge of something?"


(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe: Nice Munich Putsch reference, seems like there is an even darker past to explore. Really like this tile especially when we get some backstory. It's always nice to have more then just the bare bones of the story.

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I read the bit about the "thing with Hitler," and immediately thought of a war comic cover with Nazi werewolves, but I couldn't find it. Closest I could find was this:


Added to my FF Long Box - Groups. :)

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@impurestcheese: Well, they are monsters. And not the sparkly kind that feel bad about being monsters so a dark past is a prerequisite.

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@joshmightbe: Of course if you're old enough to be part of history then chances are there are things in your past that aren't good.

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@joshmightbe: I am so glad you decided to start writing this again, continuing the story in a second volume was a fantastic idea! :)