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Chris watched in horror from inside the beast as it tore into his mother. He begged himself and any god who would listen to make it stop. The call was unanswered as the wolf did his will. He ripped flesh and shattered bones as Chris screamed on the inside. The relentless assault was over in mere minutes but to Chris it felt like hours. After it was over the wolf smashed its way out the door and ran for the open field behind the house to find more food.

2 hours later

Hektor was worried that Chris hadn't shown up but was unable to see to him because his cycle was beginning. Betsy was the only member of the pack not turning that night so it was left to her to see where Chris had got off to. After checking out his usual haunts she went to his house. She stopped a few yards from the place when she saw several trucks parked outside with many rough looking men wandering around. She slid behind a bush when she realized these men were hunters. Her eyes filled with anger but she knew going in would just get her killed.

Inside the house

A large bald man leaned over what was left of Chris' mother. He brushed his hand through his beard as he looked over the scene. His name was Jack Wade, He was in his late forties, old for a hunter. As he looked around a young man walked in with a disgusted look on his face, "Monster killed his own mother, I'm gonna enjoy killing it."

The older hunters gave him dirty looks as Wade began to speak, "The wolves are no more evil than a bear, they kill because they're hungry and don't make distinctions. Meat is meat. Remember most of these people are just as much victims as their prey, this is a kid who had one bad night. Our job is necessary but I don't want anyone on my crew that actually enjoys what we do."

The young man went silent when he noticed the scowls of the rest of the crew. Wade then ordered, "Protocol 5." and the rest of the men went to work cleaning the scene. The young hunter shook his head, "I don't see why we spend so much time covering these things' tracks."

Wade replied, "You've been a hunter what a year? When was the last time you had a good night's sleep since you found out about these things?"

The young man tried to remember but Wade finished, "That's why."

The next day

Chris woke up in Hektor's back yard, the wolf had met up with the rest of the pack and followed them back to the house. He woke up to the site of Robert cleaning a gun on the back porch not taking his eyes off the gate. Chris silently hoped he had a bullet for him as he sat quietly on the lawn. Betsy came out and tossed him some cloths, "Look I know you're in a bad way but we need everyone on their feet today."

Chris stared blankly at the sky, not listening to Betsy, not looking at the cloths. Robert looked to Betsy, "He can't hear you now. Ain't nothing you can say or do about it. Just get him in the house."

Edgar stepped out and walked over to Chris and smacked him across the face, "I don't give a damn how you're feeling boy, hunters are coming."

Robert and Betsy gave Edgar a hateful glare but Chris looked up asking, "Hunters?"

Edgar nodded, "Humans that are coming to kill you and the rest of us."

Chris lowered his head, "Let them kill me, I don't care."

At that Edgar grabbed him by the hair of his head and yanked him to his feet. He then brought a long blade up to Chris' neck, "You really ready for that boy?"

Hektor practically roared as he stepped out of the house, "Take your damned hands off him, or I will."

Edgar let Chris go and Hektor ushered him back into the house.

Chris slid his pants on and sat down across from Hektor, "Are you gonna tell me to get over it?"

Hektor opened a beer, "No, I want this to burn into your memory. For the rest of your life, any time you feel like you have the beast under control, or that anyone around you is safe I want you to remember exactly what you did last night and know, three nights a week you're a bomb waiting to go off."

As Hektor left the room Chris felt tears well up, he couldn't get the image of his mother out of his mind, her terrified face would haunt his dreams forever. He then dropped his head and cried.

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Oh, Chris' poor mum! Great chapter though, love the introduction of the hunters and am intrigued to see how Wade develops. One thing; is it three times a week that Chris is a bomb waiting to go off? That just seems a lot!

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@feebadger: Basically I have it set up so they have weekly cycles, for 3 nights in a row the wolf takes over. In most werewolf stories they turn once a month and yea its a problem but it seems pretty easily managed, In this I wanted it to be a huge life ruining problem.

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@feebadger: I'll space it out as much as possible in the narrative so it won't feel so excessive

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Missed this one somehow.

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@wildvine: It happens, 9 and 10 are up as well

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Yeah so, this one was truly horrifying. Way to raise the bar.

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@wildvine: 9 and 10 are more for character development than scares but 11 will get back to business

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I couldn't imagine bearing a memory like that. I think it'd cave a person in to suicide or deathwish type actions.

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@cbishop: This memory is going to screw with him but he's good at hiding it for now

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