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Chris and Betsy sit across from each other at lunch. Chris had been quiet for most of the day, He broke the silence with a question, "So vampires are real too?"

Betsy nodded as she swallowed, "Yea, we have a bit of a deal with them. We stay out of the big cities, so they stay out of the small towns and rural areas. That one last night was probably a young one."

Chris looked back to his tray," So are we like, at war or something."

She chuckled, "You watch too many movies. Think of it like lions and tigers, no real issues so long as they stick to their side of the jungle."

Chris nodded and went back to his meal.

After school Chris went back home, he sighed deep before opening the door. He knew his mother was furious about him not being home for two nights, he hoped maybe the trauma of his week might soften her a bit but he knew better.

"Where the hell have you been, young man?"

His head dropped, "I'm sorry, I got caught up in some stuff. I didn't miss any school, I didn't get arrested."

Her eyes narrowed, "That isn't the point. I know you've had a hard time but that's no excuse to disappear for days without so much as a phone call. And whose Betsy?"

After around an hour of berating and guilt trips Chris finally made it to his room where he hoped to get a little sleep in before what Hektor told him would be the worst of his three day cycle. He looked over at his guinea pig and noticed it had done its best to hide in a corner of its cage when he entered the room. He looked down at the rodent, "What? You mad at me too?"

He had been asleep for a couple of hours before when his first pains hit. He jerked himself out of bed and went for the door. He struggled not to fall down the stairs as he attempted to hold back the change. He was almost at the door when his mother noticed he was trying to leave.

"Oh no you don't, you're staying home tonight." She had a very stern look on her.

Chris trying his best to maintain his composure, "Mom, please I need to go."

She shook his head, "Your girlfriend will have to wait til tomorrow, now get back to your room."

Chris grunted in pain, "Mom, seriously you don't understand I need to go right now."

She stepped in front of the door," No........What's wrong with you? You're shaking."

Chris fell to the floor in agony, "Please ge.. get out of the way."

She started to speak but her jaw dropped open as her son's body began to shift, she was too scared to move as Chris growled out, "Please, run."

(To be continued)

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I love this.

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@joshmightbe said:

"You watch too many movies. Think of it like lions and tigers, no real issues so long as they stick to their side of the jungle."

Very good, and yeah why can't monsters just get along :)

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Awesome work. I do like the idea of an uneasy truce between the creatures of the night.

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@wildvine: Well I just didn't want this to turn into another werewolf vs vampire story so pretty much they both exist, and they both recognize the other as a potential threat and competition so I figured some kind of understanding between the two made sense. They're clearly not on friendly terms, they just won't go looking for a fight.

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@joshmightbe: Love the Lions and Tigers analogy. FanTASTIC cliffhanger ending. I love reading work where you can so clearly feel the love the enjoyment of the writer in creating his world. Loving this series.

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@feebadger: Thanks, hopefully I can do the pay off justice. Next chapter I'm introducing a few new characters to up the threat level and I'll be working in the flash backs where I can make them stick with the narrative flow in future chapters.

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I love the deal, as it enables you to keep werewolves and vampires separate, but my thought is that the human side is going to play into it, and people are going to want to live where they want to live. Not everyone would immediately fall into the rank and file and toe the line. ...I guess they'd have a plan for those kinds of problems after a few hundred years though.