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Continued from here Part 17

As the pack gathered in the kitchen Johan began to speak but Hektor cut him off, "We have some problems. The hunters know where we are and they're good and pissed. I'm betting some time in the next few days we'll have every one of them in the state kicking down our door."

Robert spoke up as he looked through the fridge, "So, slash and burn?"

Hektor nodded, "We're gone by tomorrow."

He looked over to Chris, "You're heading back home, grab the essentials. If you have a bank account, clear it. Toss your phone and anything else that can be tracked."

John stood up, "I'll go with you."

Chris looked a bit uncomfortable but Betsy offered to come as well. Hektor looked her over, "You're turning tonight, Bryna will go. Everyone else you know what to do, get moving."

As the others left Johan grabbed Hektor by the arm, "And what are you going to do about Edgar?"

"Not a damn thing, as far as I'm concerned you took Wade's kid so you're even. Now take your damn hand off me."

Johan growled a bit as he replied, "He killed my daughter."

Hektor growled back, "If you knew Lill at all you'd know she'd be disgusted at being the excuse for what you did. You're lucky I don't kill you for disrespecting her like that."

As the two glared at each other Bea walked in, "If you two are done measuring we got work to do."


As John walked in the house Chris stepped back with Bryna, "What do you know about a guy named Corvin?"

She had a bit of a look of realization, "He's a warlock, head of something called the Black Wind society. Its a collection of witch covens, pretty much an army. He's got a pretty infamous feud going with your dad. I don't blame the man for not wanting to stick around any place too long with that hanging over him."

Chris was still quite angry with John but he was beginning to understand why he left. Chris stopped at the door way and stared at the spot where he'd attacked his mother. John looked back, "She doesn't blame you."

Chris and Bryna looked confused as John explained, "This was my first stop when I got here, her spirit was still lingering. She was more worried about you than anything. I'm not surprised, that woman could forgive anything."

Chris' anger flared again, "Don't talk to me about her. You want to help that's fine but you don't get to bring her up."

John nodded as Chris marched past him. Bryna gave him a shrug and they went to work.


As they finished loading up Chris' things Bryna looked around to make sure there were no witnesses, "Time to finish up."

She'd explained that they'd need to get rid of the house to remove anything the hunters could use to get a scent. John looked to her as she went to the trunk of the car, "Leave the gas cans, two house fires at once may look suspicious."

Chris sarcastically asked, "How do you plan on disappearing a house?"

John gave him a weary look as he pulled a small pouch from his pocket and poured some powder into his hand. He then whispered something toward it and held up his hand as he blew the powder toward the house. The house suddenly blew away as if it were made of ash. John looked back, "No one will even remember a house stood here."

Chris looked back and noted there wasn't a single trace that the house had been there. It just looked like an empty patch of land. Chris still suffering from a momentary bout of petulance scoffed, "I still remember."

John sighed, "That's because you're a wolf. Kid, I get that you're mad. You got a right to be but can you turn down the asshole teenager bit for a minute."


The pack members who hadn't turned were standing outside Hektor's house along with Johan and his daughters Bea and Romy. Johan and Hektor seemed upset as Chris, John and Bryna pulled up. Johan looked over Chris, "You better be worth it boy."

Chris watched as Johan hopped in a truck alone leaving Bea and Romy. Hektor looked to John, "An enemy of a pack mate is my enemy. If Corvin is hunting Chris he's gonna have to come through me to get him."

Chris seemed stunned at the statement, Hektor had known him just over a week but was prepared to fight an army if need be for him. He then looked to Romy and Bea. Bea gave a grin, "We ain't gonna let our little sister's only daughter get taken out by a witch."

Bryna was happy to have her sisters stick around. Chris on the other hand was beginning to feel like a bit of a burden. Hektor noticed the strained look on his face, "You're pack now boy, your problems are mine now."

Hektor then tossed a lit pack of matches on the gas soaked rags forming a wick to light up the house. He then ordered, "Load up, we got two hours till dawn and some pack mates to pick up."

(End of Volume 1. Will be continued in volume 2, coming soon.)

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Really good. But sadly so short.

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Why aren't more people reading this? This is an excellent series.

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@wildvine: Thanks. I just posted part 1 of volume 2

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@wildvine said:

Why aren't more people reading this? This is an excellent series.

@wildvine: Thanks. I just posted part 1 of volume 2

Links! It needs links! The later chapters have links to previous chapters, but not to next ones. Fix that, and people will read. I just plowed through chapters 2-18, because I had the Horror Inc library to keep bouncing back to. Trust me on this though: if you do back/next links, you will increase your readership. Do that and link to a library page each time, they'll easily read at least three chapters before moving on to something else. The way this is paced though, I'd bet they'd read more. I've had really good success with links though.

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I have to agree, front links would speed things along.