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The hunters quickly grabbed their weapons as the wolves gathered around the elder beast. Jack felt a cold chill down his spine thinking to himself, if he didn't know better he'd swear the thing was singling him out. The hunters opened fire as the creatures charged toward them. Some of the younger men began to panic when they noticed their ammo barely slowed the elder, this moment of hesitation was all the pack needed to get within slashing range.

Edgar slammed into the group tearing one man's head from his shoulders with his powerful jaws and barreling on trampling another two to death as he went. Robert pounced on a man trying to crawl under a truck to escape the elder. The two wolves who'd shown up with the elder shredded through the ranks killing left and right. Jack pointed out to Sam, "This is too organized, these things don't act like this."

Sam looked back as he loaded his gun, "Maybe the old ones do."

The older hunters tried to restore some order to their ranks but the wolves were being uncharacteristically methodical in their dissection of the enemy ranks. They pinpointed the most panicky in the group going in causing chaotic gun fire that forced the more level headed men to break ranks to avoid stray bullets. The hunters were completely unprepared for an organized assault from the generally near rabid beasts. As the fight went on Jack and Sam along with the rest of the more experienced hunters fell back to regroup as the pack finished off the younger men.

Beside a tree Sam noticed something odd, a wolf, shackled, chained and muzzled lying behind a tree struggling against restraints. The remains of the group became nervous as the field went silent. The wolves had forced the men into the woods, every bit of training they'd had told them that the woods were the absolute last place they'd want to be in this situation.

The men were picked off one by one, dragged off into the shadows. Their screams were all that was heard. Finally Sam and Jack stood back to back as the pack surrounded them. The elder came out of the shadows and growled to warn the others away from the men and then did something no one had eve seen the wolves do. The elder Johan stood up on his hind legs and forced himself back into human form in front of the shocked hunters. He then yanked the guns from their hands and threw Jack to the ground.

As he put his foot on the old hunter's throat he looked to Sam, "Run away and tell your people exactly what you've seen. Every detail. I want them to know what they have to look forward to from this day on."

Sam looked to Jack for options, Jack looked up and waved him on. The wolves growled as he passed but Johan's authority was absolute here. The old one then looked down on Jack, "You are the man who killed my daughter."

Jack grunted back, "She was a monster, its my job. Now get this over with."

A hateful grin spread across Johan's face as he knelt down, "I have something better in mind. You see that pup chained over there, he's someone you should know quite well."

He then looked over to the struggling creature, "Isn't that right Mathew?"

It growled hatefully in response as Jack furiously fought to get Johan's foot away. Johan chuckled as he continued, "You took my daughter, so I took your son. And tomorrow night he's going to finish what I started here."

Back at the house Chris and Betsy along with her aunts were just finishing cleaning up after the hunters as a truck pulled up. Johan stepped out and dragged Jack out behind him wrapped in chains. He pulled the man to the cellar doors and hurled him down then locking the doors behind him. He then yelled into the house, "Could someone toss me out some pants? There are things my daughters and Grand daughter don't need to see." Betsy ran up stairs and tossed some of Edgar's clothes down to Chris and told him to take them out.

Johan looked over the embarrassed looking boy, "You the pup?"

Chris nodded trying not to look at the huge naked man, Johan shrugged as Chris ran back in the house.

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@joshmightbe: Nice work, its getting grittier

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@batkevin74: Things are about to start getting rough for pretty much everyone involved soon

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I cannot believe I never read these before. This story is brilliant so far. Interesting, well written, and skillfully paced. I am very glad that we will be continuing this, and cannot wait to see where you take it next :)

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I smell a three-way brawl coming soon. I know your not done with the Vamps.

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@guardiandevil83: I'm going to continue this, just reread what I had here and I'll come up with a new chapter by Sunday.

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@joshmightbe: Man I gotta tell you, as a Werewolf-Guy, you've made me VERY happy! These things are filling the void until the return of Teen Wolf!

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I was going to re-read this chapter to orientate myself back with the series, but seems I missed this chapter. Sorry for that. I don't really have any notes. Just really enjoyed this.

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Mannnnn! Bringing in the elements that completely surprised the humans is sheer fricking gold! Loved this chapter!