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12 BCE Germania

The allied tribes looked on at the gathering Romans with growing impatience. Toward the back many of the men were more nervous about the men from the North that King Arminius had sent for. These men adorned in bear skin sipped a special drink to help them work themselves into a frenzy before the battle. The Romans had dubbed them Berserks, warriors whose ferocity in battle was second only to wild animals and monsters from folklore.

One stood taller than the rest a man named Aegir, who was the closest to a leader this group had. He held a large ax that many of the men here could barely lift, let alone swing in battle like Aegir.

As the sun set the Roman legion and begun hurling burning oil toward the Germanic army as their infantry rushed. The Berserks roared as they entered the battle. Aegir charged into the Roman ranks dodging spears and blades easily and tossing shield bearers away like twigs. He killed at least a dozen before taking his first wound.

Howls rang out through the forest but the chaos of battle had drowned them out. Aegir barely noticed when men from both armies began screaming as a third force appeared. Finally out of the corner of his eye he saw the massive wolves rushing into the battle. To most of the soldiers this was pure horror but the Berserks saw them as just another target. Aegir stood his ground as one rushed him. He swung his ax cleaving the head from the beast and turning to face another burying his ax deep into its skull and picking up a dropped sword to continue his fight.

When even the wolves became wary of the largest of them leapt in, a massive black furred creature with silvery grey hair streaked in. Aegir yanked his ax free from the skull of a fallen beast and glared at this creature as it charged. Aegir missed on the first swing but brought up the handle smashing the beasts jaw and knocked out three teeth. It roared and grabbed Aegir by the arm with its half broken jaws and viciously yanked him off his feet before going in for the kill. He drove his teeth into the man's shoulder but before it could finish it was caught by several arrows in its side.

Aegir had passed out from blood loss and was left for dead on the field. He woke when as the sun hit his eyes and above him stood a tall Celtic woman named Bryna. She looked over to some others, "This one still lives."

She looked down on him and asked his name. His mouth was swollen so he slurred his answer a bit causing her to repeat, "Edgar?"

He sighed, "Close enough, could you help me to my feet?"


Present day

Edgar and Robert sit in the car waiting for Chris and Betsy to get out of school. Edgar looked at Robert impatiently tapping on the steering wheel, "You'd think you'd have developed patients by now."

Robert glared back at him, "If you hadn't gone and stirred things up with Wade it might be a little easier to relax."

Edgar rolled his eyes, "You have nothing to worry about, Wade never kills before sundown. claims he doesn't like to see our human side when he does his job. I think its just his excuse to keep his battles more interesting."

Robert shook his head, "That may be, but the dozen or so younger ones looked pretty eager to fight regardless."

Edgar then pointed, "Look, Betsy and the whiny pup are out. Happy now?"

Robert started the car, "Over joyed."

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Great work. Love the origin of Edgars name.

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@wildvine: The one who turned him will come into play in the present fairly soon.

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in case you're interested

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Nice origin! Only problem was the below line that really doesn't make sense. But good job, consistent :)

@joshmightbe said:

To most of the soldiers this was pure horror but the Berserks wasted saw them as just another target.
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@batkevin74: Basically its saying that while everyone else was running away screaming Edgar and his fellow Berserks just kept fighting because they were pretty much in full on battle rage mode.

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@batkevin74: Also there was a huge typo in there my bad

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@joshmightbe: No probs :)

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Li'l bump for this one (and i'm so glad you incorporated the history into the main story. really gives it an epic feel)

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@feebadger: working on chapter 11 at the moment should be up soon

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It's "patience," not "patients" - saw that in a previous chapter too. You have a tendency to leave words out as you get into exciting parts. All your chapters could benefit from a re-read and edit. The Aegir/Edgar thing was a nice bit. This is a really great story.