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The sun was still visible as Chris Mills and his friends stood outside an abandoned prison. Jack who Chris had never really liked stood behind him Chris telling him, "Go on punk, its just a gate."

Chris stared at the rusted and broke down old gate, "I'm more worried about the tetanus shot I'll need from touching that."

Jack pushed past Chris and pushed the gate to open it causing it to fall with a heavy crash. Chris and the rest followed him in. At first they were cracking jokes and having some horse play causing Chris to point out," You know this is the beginning to a slasher movie waiting to happen."

Chris walked off on his own a bit when he noticed a section filled with mattresses and looked as if several people had been staying there.

As the sun went down the group gathered in the prison courtyard still making jokes but as Chris rejoined them they started hearing loud screams at first, then the screams turned into growls.

Jack turned to the group, "I think its time to go". They all started quickly walking toward the exit but the growls seemed to come closer making them break into a run. Just as they got back to the main building something leaped down from the wall above blocking their path. It was a huge wolf like beast. Jack was snatched up by the beast who bit into the side of his head shattering his skull.

The rest of the group turned and ran another direction. Four more of the creatures appeared as they ran in the first open door they found. Chris heard his freinds screaming behind him as they were captured and dragged away. He wanted to help them but his fear was too great. He ran into a solitary confinement cell and slammed the door behind him. He looked out of the small flap in the door and watched as two of the beasts fought over the remains of one of his freinds.

He curled himself into a ball on the floor trying his best to keep himself quite as the last of his freinds begged for help. One of the creatures stopped sniffing the air catching Chris' scent. Chris whimpered by the door as the creature started slamming against the it. He screamed as its head burst through the door. It had knocked out one of its teeth in its aggressive attack to get through the door.

It drove its teeth into Chris' leg as he tried to crawl away. The blood from the creature's wound seeped into Chris' injury. Suddenly there was a loud crashing noise from outside. The creature's jaws instantly loosened and it yanked itself free of something on the other side of the door. Chris spent the rest of the night huddled up crying in the corner as he heard the creatures trying to get past what ever had fallen to block the door.

As the sun rose the creatures seemed to leave. He started to ease up but the sound of sniffing outside caused his horror to return. He then heard the sound of stone shifting and the door swung open.

A middle aged deputy poked his head in the door with his dog wandering in. He yelled back to the others,"We have a live one."

Later he was told that there had been a series of brutal wild dog attacks in the area. Chris accepted that as what happened assuming the size and power of the creatures was all in his head. Some hallucination brought on by panic.

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe: I thought, mainly coz I initially misread the title, that this was going to be a story about vampires (The Hunger by Tony Scott) Great start

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@batkevin74: that thought occurred to me after I wrote it but I figured I'd stick with the title since it wasn't too cliche' and its points to a relatively important plot point.

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Great Job! If I were in Chris's position I would have probably done the same.

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@NlGHTCRAWLER: Most people would, and I wanted to show he wasn't some badass hero type just a kid at the wrong place at the wrong time

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"You know this is the beginning to a slasher movie waiting to happen." Noice!!!

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@tomdickharry1984: 4 more chapters are up so far

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Nice job. Love that there's action from the start

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Cool, i'll chek it out hopefully today :P

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@joshmightbe: Wolf bump

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Okay, I've officially read the first chapter now, so only 18 to go to catch up to Volume 2 lol. I've been meaning to get to this for awhile. Seems like it's going to be a fun read.

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Poor auld Chris...

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Awesome chapter! A few punctuation and spelling mistakes here and there, but otherwise, a fantastic start and I can't wait to see what will happen to Chris!