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Haddonfield, Illinois, 31st October 1978...

"Trick or treat! Trick or treat! Give me something good to eat!"

"How is he Doctor?" Sheriff Leigh Bracket asked as he sat inside his police car right outside the Myer's home.

Dr Sam Loomis calmly walked outside through the front door. Several police officers were stood on the front porch.

"He appears to be in a state of shock. He's still holding the murder weapon in his hands." Loomis said as he opened the police car's door and sat inside.

"Have you found out why he did it?"

"As I said he's in a state of shock. He's not speaking at all. He's not even removed that clown mask he was wearing."

The Sheriff sighed before stepping out of the car. He turned towards the Myer's house before calmly walking towards the door. The boy was sat on the couch in the front room. The TV was blaring a movie named "John Carpenter's the Thing." and the boy seemed to be transfixed by it.

"Son." Bracket said as he walked into the room. The child payed him no attention. "Michael. Do you know what you've done?"

Again Michael paid him no attention.

The Sheriff sighed sadly before turning towards the nearest police officer.

"Son. I need you to call up Smith's Grove. Tell them they're going to be getting a new inmate pretty soon."

"What's his name sir?" The Officer asked.

"Michael Myers."


Smith's Grove, Illinois, 1993...

"There's no hope for him Mary." Dr Loomis said with sad eyes.

He was stood with Michael's mother as they both looked into Michael's room through a two way mirror. Mary Myers' life had changed a lot since her son had brutally murdered her daughter Judith Myers. Since that terrible night Mary had, had a divorce from her husband Frank Myers. She'd later been found trying to commit suicide after the family house had been demolished.

"Don't tell me something like that." Mary said. "You can't give up on Michael Doctor! You... YOU JUST CAN'T!!"

Loomis frowned as he looked away from Mary.

"I met him fifteen years ago." Loomis said sadly. "You weren't there that night. You were out... partying or something? The night when Michael killed his sister the sheriff told me there was nothing left. No reason or conscience. No understanding of life or death, good or evil, right or wrong. I met your six year old child with these blank, pale, emotionless face and the eyes... the devil's eyes. I've spent eight years trying to reach him. I spent another seven trying to keep him locked up."

"Why?! Why?! Why not try and help him?! That's your job isn't it?! Hell you published a book about him! Why won't you help my so-"

"Because he's not your son Mary. I've been trying to keep him in here because I realized what was living behind your son's eyes was... evil."

Loomis glanced up and looked startled. Somehow Michael was staring right at him through the two way mirror. Loomis moved his hand to the right and sure enough Michael's eyes followed it. He was seeing through the mirror...


Haddonfield Memorial, 2001, 27th October...

"We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of yet another of God's sacred sheep. Mary Myers was not an example of a perfect human being. However she was not an exactly a horrible person..."

Loomis frowned as Mary Myers' coffin was lowered into the ground. He was surrounded by a small crowd of people. All of them were neighbors. Mary had died of pneumonia. Nobody knew why she'd spent so much time in the rain. Nobody wanted to ask. Frank Myers was no where to be seen. Loomis glanced at Michael on the far right. He was surrounded by several armed guards and his feet were cuffed together.

"Sam. It's been awhile." Bracket said as he walked over. The years had not been kind. Bracket was limping and had gained quite a bit of weight since Sam had last seen him on that dreadful night. "How goes the testing?"

"I'm not sure if he's actually insane..." Sam said cautiously.

Bracket frowned.

"Well what else could it be? The kid hasn't spoken for nearly 23 years. Either he's a mute. A really good actor. Or freaking psycho as they come."

"I've not been able to find anything that gives Myer's an excuse for turning insane. I think he's just... evil..."


Smith's Grove, 4 days later...

"It's been a long couple of decades Doctor." Nurse Laurie said as she sat down next to Sam. "So after tonight you'll be leaving Smith's Grove for good?"

Sam smiled as Laurie passed him a coffee.

"After tonight. Michael will be shipped to a maximum security asylum to live out the rest of his days." Sam said with a smile. "I've had enough of this place to last a hundred years."


Michael's Cell...

Michael sat down on top of his bed staring past the wall in front of him. Outside his cell door was a lit up Jack O Lantern with a smiley face carved in.

"Did you hear about that accident they almost had with the nurse?" A voice from the hallway asked.

Michael turned his head slowly towards the cell door.

"I know right! Who the hell gives a REAL fork to a mental patient in the first place?! Hell... who turns their back to a mental patient?!"

"Who the hell knows..."

Two guards stood outside Michael's cell while one fumbled with his keys.

"Time to go freak!" A guard said as he opened the cell door. "Your judgment awaits!"

Michael stayed perfectly still. The guard winced with annoyance.

"Hey! Didn't you hear me?! I said-"

The guard walked over about to hit Michael in the back of the head. Michael's hand pulled out the knife he'd smuggled in and quickly stabbed the guard in the throat.

"HOLY SH!T!" The other guard yelled as his friend collapsed on the floor. Suffocating in his own blood.

Michael turned slowly towards the guard. His size dwarfed his.

The guard placed his hand on his pistol but it was too late. Michael grabbed the man by the shoulder and stabbed his knife into it causing the guard to squeal in pain. Michael's great escape had begun...

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Love that Loomis qoute. To this day, it still gives me chills.