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Freddy Krueger #1

Freddy Krueger #2

Freddy Krueger #3

Freddy Krueger #4

Art by Mrfuzzynutz

"It was too late.

Nothing could save her now."


"Fredrick Charles Krueger, you have made your decision. Rise and receive your robes of honor."

Freddy stood up off of his knee before the Dream Demons, he felt a searing pain as light wrapped around what used to be his right hand before disappearing and revealing a clawed glove. His clothes had also changed. While earlier he'd been in his pajamas, he was now wearing shoes, Jeans and a striped jumper. All of them covered his burnt and scarred body. The hat he was wearing showed enough of his burnt face that it'd still scare the crap out of someone if you saw him.

"Why are these my clothes?" Freddy asked.

"You tell us. We peered into your mind and pulled out a certain memory you had. Something about a movie we believe?"

Freddy closed his eyes to concentrate. Well he would have if he still had any eyelids. He seemed to remember the film from when he was younger. It was the first film he'd seen Johnny Depp in.

"Enough. Your new powers allow you to strike at people within their dreams. Anything you do to them in the dream will happen to them in real life."

Freddy frowned. His heart wasn't really into it.

"Look despite what I said earlier I really couldn't care less about revenge. Couldn't you just let me live instead? I'm sure there are all sorts of people on the internet willing to obey you."

The Dream Demons faltered for a moment. Freddy waited patiently for them to answer him.

"Make our presence known on your world Fredrick Krueger and you shall live, Torture the ones who caused your death to happen. Kill the children who destroyed your life and family. Paint the walls of your house with their blood."


1428 Elm Street

Nancy Thompson had been against the idea from the start. It had been two weeks since Freddy Krueger had "disappeared" sleeping in his house was not going to be fun. She quietly cursed her friend who'd created the dare in the first place. She walked through the door and tried to open it without touching the graffiti she'd sprayed on it a few days ago. After everyone had dumped Krueger's body in the lake she'd spray painted messages all over the house. Thinking back on it dumping the body in the lake wasn't the best idea. What if he somehow came back as a zombie and started hacking horny teenagers to death with a machete? Phrases like "Freddy Krueger rots in hell" and "Jack Burrel has a new bar mate" surrounded her as she walked into the hallway. Deep down she felt a pinch of regret for what had happened.

It was too late.

Nothing could save her now.

Nancy jumped as she saw what looked like a shadow dart away from behind. She pushed this out of her mind and walked into what used to be Kathryn Krueger's bedroom. She slowly sat on the bed and laid her head back. Her eye's closed as soon as her head hit the soft mattress.


5 minutes later

Freddy Krueger's smile was a mixture of satisfaction and horror. Nancy's body lay on the ground. Her heart was slightly beating inside her mouth. Freddy had no idea how that was possible. Her intestines had been ripped out and had replaced the curtains at the window, her arm had slowly been peeled away from her body. Her rips had been broken and stabbed into her lungs. If anyone found her they'd have a tough time trying to not vomit. Freddy had a couple of times, her cries for help had filled the house and possibly echoed down the street. Chances were someone was trying to wake her up right now.

Too Late.

Freddy winked at the reader before disappearing into the air. Nancy was his first murder. There was much more work to be done.


??????Freddy Krueger returned to the dream world drenched in blood. Many children had died, nearly everyone in Springwood had been at his execution. Which meant nearly every child had to die. An eye for an eye as some old geezer had once said. The dream demons would be pleased with his work.

"Greetings slave. We have watched with great pleasure your first attempt at artwork." The Demons said as they appeared around Freddy.

"I've done what you asked for! I've done far more then that! Now I want MY side of the bargain! I want to live!"

"Tell us Charles why did you choose vengeance over Justice?"

"You know how I lived! Justice got me nowhere in life! I want revenge!"

"Justice? Since when have we allowed you to follow Justice? Ever since you were born we've been watching you, moving you along you along the path we wanted. Killing your class hamster was just the beginning"


"The Hypnocil. Did you think you were our only follower? The man in charge created it just for you. A side effect of the drug is random blackouts. During these times of weakness WE took over."

Freddy's melted heart stopped.

"All those missing disappearances, all those "ridiculous" rumors about you... they were true. We never left you Freddy Krueger and we never will. This act you've commited, killing all the children in Springwood has finally pushed you over the narrow edge between good and evil. Welcome to OUR world!"

Freddy screamed. He knew there was no chance for him now. He'd been doomed from the start. Everything had been pushing him since he'd been born. Everything had been planned from the start.

"Now go slave. Go and spread our name across this planet! Serve your rightful lord and masters!"


Springwood Orphanage would be closing down soon. There were no children left. Every school would be closing too. The insane asylums would have enough patients for years. Freddy Krueger materialized in the dormitory. It was just how he'd left it. The dead bodies still lay in their beds with their throats slit. All except one. Kathryn Krueger lay asleep. Quietly Freddy walked over and knelt by her side. She wouldn't awaken for many hours to come. Freddy had made sure of that. Freddy was making sure she was having the best she'd ever had.

For without dreams. What are we?

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Nice work!

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I like it a lot! I enjoyed all the twists and subversions, I especially like the end as well, great line about dreams used to great effect here! Thank you for sharing,

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@tommythehitman: Hmmmm you went oddly metaphysical here at the end...I get the self referential but honestly, not overly sold on your ending. I don't know...it's okay, just not what I was expecting is all

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Oooh --

There was not only no chance of redemption for him, but he had been stringed along like a puppet the entire time --

What a deliciously dismal ending though. Poor Kathryn -- in some ways he managed to protect her but at the cost of not truly living. Sad and eerie.

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@lykopis: Thanks. But who says it's the end?

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@lykopis: Thanks. But who says it's the end?


You just made me very, very happy. I sometimes think I get too invested in characters, lol! So -- YAY!


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@tommythehitman: I cannot believe I missed this first time around. This is such a brilliant ending, you have done wonderful work on this series and it is almost a shame to see it end. You obviously put a lot of thought into it, and it really shows. Well done, mate. you should be proud of this :)

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