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Los Angeles, California.

Spider Woman was standing in front of two men. Her hands were emitting bolts of bio-electricity and her muscles were stretched, ready to move and to hit her two enemies.

One of the men suddenly emitted a battle cry and jumped towards her, trying to hit her with a fist. Jessica immediately moved her hands, discharging a powerful energy explosion which hit the man, fling him away and beating him unconscious.

“You, sleep, now” she ordered to the other man. Her skin started emitting a dose of powerful pheromones, tiny odorless particles which surrounded the man, making screwing with his mind and disabling his conscious control over his own body. A few seconds later, the man fell on the ground, asleep.

Jessica put a finger on her ear, activating a transceiver.

“Luke, I’ve just defeated two guards” she said. “I’m going inside the building and look for the woman we need to find for our client”.

“Perfect” replied a man on the other side of the transceiver. “I and Danny will wait outside… Mary is coming inside, Jess”.

“Really, Cage?” she said. “You sent Mary for a stealth mission?”.

“She’s good with the stealth stuff” answered Luke Cage.

“But she’s crazy, y’know?” reacted Spider-Woman.

“She’s not crazy” he said. “Not at all”.

“Mmmh… Where is she exactly, now?”.

“Inside the building, with Shroud” said Cage. “Did you really think that I would have sent her alone?”.

“To be honest, I thought exactly that, Luke” replied Jessica while she started walking, moving across the dark building, making small to no sound with her precise movements.

Suddenly she heard a noise. Using her enhanced senses, she heard the heart beating of about ten people.

“I’m sorry Luke, but I think that they know that I’m here” she said. “Give me a moment to take care of these poor men”.

A few moments later, a group of men came out of the shadows, firing shots to the superwoman, who easily dodged them while sending a giant swarm of energy bolts to the men, making them scream in pain while their nervous systems were shocked by the venom bolts.


“She’s fighting now… they found out that someone was coming inside the building looking for the Stones” answered Luke.“How is she doing?” asked Danny Rand to Luke Cage. Both of them were on the roof of the high skyscraper where Jessica Drew was fighting. Danny wore his green and gold costume, and around his fists there were a transparent halo of energy. Luke wasn’t wearing a costume, but just a leather jacket and a pair of worn-out jeans.

“Do we have to intervene?” inquire Iron Fist.

“Nah, Shroud and Mary haven’t been found yet” replied Cage. “They’ll find the Stones and then we’ll be finally able to give them back to our client”.

“Do you really think that the Stones belonged to him?” asked Danny.

“I dunno if he told us the truth, but he’s going to pay a lot of money and we need them, y’know”.

“Yeah, I know… but I don’t want to be part of something bigger than us, Luke…” complained Danny.

“We’ll think about that later” cut short Cage, but, even if he would never admit it, he felt a bit scared about what they were doing.


“Let’s go!” shouted a guard to his teammates. “That super-chick is frying the others, they need support or…”.

Before he could finish his sentence, a giant gust of dark energy overwhelmed him, covering the corridor where he and his teammates where running, making impossible for them to see anything, absorbing the light of the environment inside his surface.

Then a strange noise of steel echoed inside the dark mist and the men started screaming in pain. When the silence wrapped the corridor again, the shadows disappeared.

Behind them, among the bodies of the dead men, there was Typhoid Mary, with a pair of katanas in the hand, stained with blood of the same color of her hair. Behind her there was Shroud, with his black mantle swaying around his body.

“We’re inside the building, Cage” said Shroud using his transceiver. “And we’re near the Stones, I can sense them”.

“Can I kill someone else?” asked Mary with a smile on her face.

“No, Mary” said Shroud while he pointed a door near them. “Can you open it, Mary?”.

“Why?” she replied.

“Because the Stone we’re looking for are behind them” answered the Shroud.

“There’s a person behind the door… I can sense his thoughts” noticed Mary while she walked towards the door, putting her hand on it.

“We will take care of him” said Shroud. “Now you should hurry up and…”.


With a simple thought Typhoid Mary sent a telekinetic flux to the door, unhinging it and sending it flying away.

“I opened it” noticed Mary.

“I see, I see” said Shroud walking inside the room with Mary. But before they could react, a giant beam of energy hit both of them, throwing them against a wall.

“Oh, so you are the one who came here for the Stones”.

A man was standing in front of them. He wore a tuxedo and had a tube on his head and an eyeglass. Between his hand he kept two shining stones.

“I’m Count Nefaria” he said. “And if you came here to obtain the Moonstones, then you will have to fight for them”.

“Oh, f*uck off, crazy man!” exclaimed Typhoid Mary and with a simple gesture made the air in front of Nefaria explode in a storm of flames. “Hehehe”.

But a few moments later the flames trembled and disappeared, leaving Count Nefaria free. He wasn’t impressed by the attack.

“I’ve got some natural powers, girl” he explained. “But the Stones give me the power to manipulate gravity… your stupid attack didn’t last a chance to harm me”.

He waved his hands and a shining force field surrounded the two, encapsulating them and making impossible for them to move.

“No!” said the Shroud trying to fire a pair of daggers of shadows, but the force field didn’t let them go out.

“Now let’s go and let’s meet your friends on the roof” he sneered and a few moments later Nefaria and the two guys inside the force field started flying towards the ceiling, which collapsed when the Count waved his hand.

A few minutes the three were finally able to reach the roof, surrounded by shining bolts of energy.

“Oh.My.God” exclaimed Luke Cage while Iron Fist, behind him, focused his chi around his fists, ready to fight.

“I think that I’ve caught your friends inside my property, gentlemen” said Nefaria. “And if you want them back, I’m sorry to say that you will have to fight for them”.

He moved his hands and a giant energy wave hit the two, throwing them away and making them fall from the roof, too fast for them to react or to try to avoid the attack.

“Oh, I was expecting a better fight… it means that I will have to kill you now”.

After saying that, the force field around the Shroud and Mary started emitting energy lightning and the two shouted in pain.

To be continued…

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Sorry for the grammar mistakes that I may have made, I'm not English lol

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Can't believe it Irishlad and I had been working on this for weeks and we get pipped at the post. Good work though an interesting if almost gratingly familiar team.

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@veitha: "A few moments later, a group of men came out of the shadows, firing shots to the superwoman, who easily dodged them while sending a giant swarm of energy bolts to the men, making them scream in pain while their nervous systems were shocked by the venom bolts"

That extraordinarily long sentence is your only real problem. Other than that I enjoyed this, especially the Shroud and his patience with Mary. Nice to see some lesser known heroes being hired...though you haven't told us where this is taking place, nor who has hired them to retrieve the Moonstones....curiouser & curiouser :)

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Moonstones? Hmm I wonder if it could be Baron Zemo or I don't know maybe Moonstone herself. If it is I have a problem I didn't tell her to do it.

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@4donkeyjohnson: thanks for the advice :) I'll change that sentence as soon as I can... you'll find out where they are and who hired them in the next issue :)

@impurestcheese: thanks :) I'm sorry if I have stolen your idea... but do you use Moonstone in another title? If so I'll have to change my plans lol

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@veitha Really good! I hope Irishlad accepts this into the Mayhem world. Also if my story (Bullseye) gets in I think we're gonna have to discuss Typhoid Mary since she appears right after Shadowland.

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@veitha: Cool, I like Count Nefaria. Though not overly sold on Typhoid Mary being a good guy, hopefully it's genuine and not one of them "oh curses you betrayed us, we should've known" moments. Is this in NYC? And how much to hire the heroes, I may have an idea...bwhahaha

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@batkevin74: thanks :)

This is not Marvel Mayhem anymore, I'll write something else for Marvel Mayhem and leave the Heroes for Hire to Irishlad :)