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*translated from Japanese

This is usually the part where I tell you about my background, who I am, just to get it out of the way, but I am sitting in a hospital with a tape recorder talking to myself. They will get me to overdose on my meds most likely so I don’t have the time, let’s just get right into it, how I got into this situation.

So, I was on a mission in Peru, my ex-boss Mr. Sato wanted me to kill some guy, don’t remember his name, George Bush or something, he said he was somewhat important in North America. Anyway, I was on my way, and I saw a cute purse, honestly one of the most beautiful purses I’ve ever seen in my entire life, breathtaking, but not the point, the shopkeeper was an old lady, she reminded me of a Chinese voodoo priestess. I went ahead and got the purse, went along.

When I finally get to the target’s hotel, the same old woman was behind me in her trunk getting something out of it. I thought the woman might have just looked like her, but I saw that in her trunk there was a whole series of high class purses. I wondered how she had gotten there that fast of course I had went on foot, but I am pretty sure a normal walk to the car for her would have taken longer than it took for me to get there.

Nevertheless, I moved along to the target’s room, I’ll always remember it, because the room number was 666. I had heard rumors of the number 666 being demonic, but I’m an atheist, why should I care.

As I went up the elevator to the suite, I remember getting myself ready. I put my hair into a ponytail, changing into sneakers instead of my flats, and loading my gun. I preferred dual Beretta’s; they give it an extra kick.

When the elevator doors opened, I came in as if I was just a nearby person in a room next door, there were 2 guards, and they sort of looked like Agent Smith from the Matrix. As I acted as if I was entering my room, I shot both of the guard in the head before they could react.

I kicked the door they were guarding down, and saw an older gentleman with 3 ladies in bed, and 4 men, each wearing the same attire as the men I had just killed, pointing guns at me.

I had handled situations like this before, they were a piece of cake, especially with the P90 they entered into my blood system when I first joined the program. P90 was like steroids, but it was a sense enhancer, my touch, taste, hearing, smell, and vision were amazingly enhanced.

I could see that one of the guard’s shook, and that another had just eaten something heavy too.

I slid behind one of the chairs in the room, and threw a lamp at the guard that shook. The one that ate was too full and slow to even react to a kick to the face.

The last 2 were in tip top shape, physically and mentally, but they still had no defense against 2 bullets in their vital organs.

I saw Bush, guarding himself with his “girlfriends”. He thought that I wouldn’t shot them.

He was wrong.

As I left the hotel room, I climbed out the window, hopping that I wouldn’t fall of the side beam. Honestly that thing was as wide as my computer screen, which isn’t that big.

I was able to work my way down, and when I did, I saw the old woman outside, and she set up a station right across the street from the hotel.

My gut felt like I should shot the woman dead in the face, that she was nothing but trouble, but

I there was no justification, so I went back home.

I lived in an abandoned shaft, it may seem crappy, but it was home to her, computers set up all around the sides, TV’s in the very back, a living room and bathroom in the back.

I had to threaten many people to get what she had, but it was no problem for me. Thinking back on it, I was making $200,000-400,000 a month, I could have bought all of it, but I was a thief and a killer, I didn’t care.

Let me get along with the story, since I fear the nurses will be here soon.

2 days later, I am a festival, and guess who’s there.

The old woman.

So, I finally confront her.

“Who are you? Why are you following me!?”

The woman spoke in a frail, weeping voice “Thank god you worked up the courage to finally talk to me. I need your help Ayano.”

I hadn’t heard Ayano call me my real name since I was a child, it made me even more suspicious of the woman. “With what?”

The woman put her hands on me, her hands as cold as ice, goose bumps instantly appeared on my skin.

When the woman took her hands off me, a white light appeared in the night sky, something that I had never seen before.

The woman smiled “Follow the light. Help us, help us all. I shall engrave you with a tad bit of my power; it hopefully will make your journey easier. Goodbye Ayano.”

The woman disappeared, along with her whole station of purses, but no one noticed.

My eyes stayed locked on the white light, I jumped over booths and ran across rooftops, it was evident that the light shined on top of a large skyscraper.

Many thoughts ran through my head. All jumbled together, but I slowly focused on each. It was as if my brain had gotten much simpler and much more at ease ever since the encounter with the old shopkeeper, almost as if I got a new one.

After 20 or 30 minutes, I never was good at tracking time, I arrived at the top of the skyscraper, where a portal shined of white light, as soon as I was about to enter, a man walked from behind it,

He was quite stunning if I do say so myself, hair as dark as tar, skin as golden as a tiara, eyes as blue as clear water. His suit was classy and elegant, as if he wanted to ask me on a date in the most eye pleasuring way possible, but it’s not like she can date him. What if he isn’t who he claims to be, and he was just there to kill me?

I took out my Beretta, and aimed it at the man’s face “Who are you!”

The man laughed, as if a bullet to the face wouldn’t even faze him. “Please, put that silly thing way. My name is Michael Leighton, your guide.”

I put my gun back to my side, and calmed down “My name is Ayano, Ayano Mazuki. What is a guide?”

Michael slowly walked towards me, my heart pounded, I gulped, hoping that he wouldn’t noticed my strong attraction towards him “A guide is a person, or meta-human I should say that protects and guides a walker, you in this case, through the various journeys until you finally get to the Home of Spirits, in which I will free them, you protect me. Get it?”

My brain could barely understand what the devil he was saying, but I went along with it, his beauty distracted my judgment, as hard as I tried to make it not do so. “Yup. So I assume we go through this portal thingamigy?”

Michael walked into the portal, and I followed.

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@YoungJustice said:

I hadn’t heard Ayano call me my real name since I was a child, it made me even more suspicious of the woman. “With what?”

Very good, just this sentence didn't really make much sense. Maybe "I hadn't heard anyone call me by my real name since I was a child"

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There are a ton of errors in this, sorry guys.

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@YoungJustice: consistently good for a long piece.