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People always assume that the sea is a two faced force of nature, with the power to both entertain and to destroy. It has claimed many lives over thousands of years, and people usually blame the Moon's gravitational imput for the sea's impotence. However, on this cold, winters night, the sea was rough and wild for another reason. Not because of the Moon, and not because there was a storm coming... but because she was there.

Although the slow, night-time breeze was slow and bitter, Katherine found warmth inside her heart which was able to warm her entire body. Her long, golden hair, which shone slightly in the dim moonlight, hung over her leafy green eyes, slung down her pale, slim face and past her bloody red lips, and eventually stopped halfway down her back, over her pink and white fluffy jacket. She was also wearing pink and white trousers and pink shoes. Katherine has a thing about wearing different colours on different days, and as it was Thursday, she was wearing pink.

Nobody else could be seen at the beach. It was a bitterly cold December night, and coming on to about 4 a.m. To any observer, it would be strange and difficult, trying to work out why Katherine was there and, most of all...

What she was about to do.
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